Fighting The Darkness


Louis POV


I stare blankly into the darkness. Darkness had circled around me like soldiers, holding me captive. Suddenly, a sharp pain flashes through my heart, I'm struggling to breathe. It’s as if the oxygen had vanished, leaving me there to die. Ugly. Worthless. Stupid. My eyes held their blank stare, yet my body ached, every word like a stab in the heart. I shouldn't feel like this, I should be used to this now. Yet, each word seemed to be killing me; it was as if it was ripping my heart into little shreds till they disappeared.  Smoke started to disperse from the non-existent ground, revealing a bright light. The bright light, blinded my vision causing me to squint. I let my curiousness handle me for once, letting it lead me closer and closer to the light. But something pulled me back; I was jerked back, as if I were a magnet. The dark, demon of death, had me imprisoned in its jail. I had served my time, I needed to leave. But a part of my mind, growled, as if angry, that I would ever think of leaving. Leaving this prison of darkness. I looked at my wrist, shuddering at the sight of my deathly pale scars. The scars sketched across my body, as if an artist had done it themselves. I scowled at them, angry with their presence.  Tears had found their way down to my cheeks; I blinked furiously trying to get the tears out of my eyes. I gasped sharply, as I saw words appearing, quickly creating a wall around me. Ugly. Worthless. Stupid. All those cruel words were expanding in size, greatly, till they were towering over me. I growled in anger and annoyance, as I glanced again at the light. I would get out, today; I will be free, free from this hell. Furious, I placed my hands against the towering block of wood. My muscles tensed, as I started to push against the obstacle. I pushed hard, thrusting all my weight against it, sighing in relief as it fell to the ground, slowly dispersing into the ground as if it were dust. My eyes trailed around, placing themselves on the light that still shone brightly. I scrambled towards the light; afraid it would leave me in the darkness. I would get out, finally. Why? Because, I am a warrior. Warriors will find their way to fight their way out. I am a warrior, a fighter with battle scars to prove my fight. 

~Dream Over~

My eyes flutter open, letting the sunlight blind my vision. I can hear the melodious chirps of the birds, the loud yet calming alarm tone. My lips spread, letting out a smile. A smile, for the first time in years, I smiled a real smile. I enjoyed the warmth spreading through my body like wild fire, the happiness and hope rushing through my veins up to my brain making me feel light-headed. I had escaped, I was free, my wrists were no longer adorned with the shackles that I had used to wear. As soon as the smile wears of my face, I recall an old yet beautiful memory.


I ran, running till my feet felt as if they were on fire. I smiled through my tears as I realized I was at my secret hideout. It was my secret hideout, it was place I could let go, forget reality and immerse myself into a lovely fantasy. The smile left my face quickly, as I noticed an intruder. I was upset but more confused. Nobody had known about this place. How had this boy found it? I peer at the young boy sitting on the dark grey rock, his head in the clouds, not a care in the world. His long chestnut brown curls tickled his face, enveloping his face as if giving it a hug. His eyes were a beautiful jade green, but now they were glossy, lost in thought. Tears were streaming down his face, like mine. He looked about 9, a little younger than me, considering I was 12. He didn’t look in the state to be yelled at but I didn’t care he had stolen the spot, the only place I could escape and go to paradise. My face contorts with anger and I storm up to the curly- headed boy still not aware of my presence.

“Hey!” I yell, grabbing the boy by the shoulder, turning him to face me. His eyes are blank, for they hold no trace of emotion. He stares at me blankly, oblivious to the world, to me, to everything. He looked so lost, so broken, I almost felt bad at yelling at him. He was just like me, a lost and broken boy, He was just looking for shelter, and a place where he can hide from the hell they call the world. I smiled wearily, flashing him an understanding look. He finally seems to notice me, his eyes soften. He smiles at me, tears trickling down his cheeks.

“I’m sorry...” he looks down, embarrassed, his cheeks flushing pink.

“It’s okay. I’m Louis, what’s your name?” I introduce myself, trying to engage myself into a friendly conversation.

“I’m Harry.” Harry said, smiling at me, causing me to return the favor. The rest remains a mystery. It was a magical night, where a lovely friendship had just bloomed. A beautiful bond, between two lovely young boys, had bloomed. Happiness had bloomed from misery, sorrow and darkness. For happiness always finds its way through darkness. 

The End

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