Accidental Ohana ♫ ♪ Tony | Nancy | Jai

Jinx was out of cat food, and she had no idea what her and Jai were going to do for dinner. It was a last minute rush of heading to the grocery store and getting everything they needed for food and other necessities. It was already bad enough that Jinx had hidden the car keys when she wanted to leave the house to get the food. But the poor girl doesn't get the attention like she should. Nancy may or may not have also gotten some toys for her little furry huntress too. It's going on 6pm now and Jai was probably to be home any minute now. That's what Nancy got for procrastinating and stopping to get some more candles and incense too. It was a sale though! So by the time she returns home she has more than two bags of groceries in the trunk of the car. Now she's sitting in the driveway of her lovely home. 

The new objective was to make sure Jinx was fed properly, make sure the water dish was full, start dinner, then rearrange her altar to a new liking. She couldn't wait to see how the new candles would look next to the other things. The keys slightly jingle as she takes them out of the ignition slot and continue to make the sound was she twirls them around her fingertip. As she gathers what she can of the bags of food and etc. she softly hums one of her small chants she whispers at her altar. While Nancy continues to hum as she walks to the front door, she notices that the door is already unlocked. Jai must of parked his car inside the garage. Hopefully he wasn't too hungry. After all she had planned on making sure the cat was fed first. Nancy slightly struggles with the bags in her arms, but succeeds on opening the door especially now that the keys weren't needed. She sighs before yelling out to her fiancé. 

"Jai could you start the oven? Jinx needs to be-" But she stops shouting when the grocery sacks are taken from her. A man, slightly shorter than Jai but taller than herself is speaking a million miles per hour. At least for poor Nancy's perspective. A playstation 4? He ate their food? His name is Tony? He fights crime?? She tries to take it all in at once, which was a bad idea, because now she has a headache and all she wanted to do was feed her friggin cat. But Nancy hears that, Tony, she thinks he had said his name was, liked her nose ring. "Er, thanks?" She tries to smile at Tony but probably ended up looking like she had a stroke or something. Nancy hated strangers. And this stranger was in her house, eating their food, and making himself comfortable. But she will admit that his sense of style was wicked, and his eyeliner was quite on spot. But she'll never say that to him now. 

"Where is my husband?" Nancy knew it was probably a tad to early to start calling Jai her husband but she already saw him as one. Plus it was just really fun to say that she finally has a husband. "And my cat?" She starts to get slightly paranoid until just then she feels the fuzzy comfort of her black cat rubbing up against her legs as if to say, 'welcome home', purring happily. Nancy sighs with relief and leans down to stroke Jinx's back gently. "Look," Nancy starts with another sigh. "Can you at least help me put away these groceries? I have to get my cat fed and then start dinner." She scratches under Jinx's chin and hides a smile when the feline continues to purr. 

"Think you're up to the task?" 

The End

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