Accidental Ohana ♫ ♪ Tony | Nancy | Jai

Unable to take the loneliness any longer, Tony goes looking for friends and accidentally stumbles onto finding a family.

Rated Mature for language, sexual innuendos, and really corny puns.

"Tonight you're gonna' go down in flames, just like Jesse James!" Tony belted out with glee as the last of the meth lab exploded with an echoing boom, lighting up the night sky and setting off nearby car alarms. In the distance, the cops were already on their way as sirens gave away their location to him. Ah, the sound of justice. He loved it. He couldn't get enough of it. A natural high that would never get old to him, it was.

After floating up to the roof of a nearby building, Tony sat there with a satisfied expression, admiring a job well done, the below fire dancing in his big green eyes and shimmering along his blue hair. Cupping the end of his cigarette so the wind couldn't steal the lighting flame, he hummed happily to himself, seemingly content for the moment. As both the drug dealers and cops arrived on the scene at the same time, he couldn't help laughing at his perfect timing. No deaths, but plenty of arrests going on at the moment.

After mentally patting himself on the back, gaze drifted elsewhere, toward home. It wasn't a home exactly, just a house. A lonely house. Sure, he had everything he could ever have wanted there, but it would be nice to be able to share it with others. Real family was out of the question, of course. Perhaps making some friends might be in order? Not that he hadn't tried before, but that went terribly, horribly wrong. Right then, he decided that this time he would search for someone like himself - someone with abilities and amazing fashion sense!


A week of searching eventually led Tony to Langley, where he then proceeded to keep an eye on the friend candidate in question - Nancy Downs. She supposedly had abilities like him and it could clearly be seen that she had a killer wardrobe, so it was worth a shot. The next hurdle was how to go about meeting her? Not just meeting her, but hanging out together. Well, Anthony Ferrari was anything but subtle, so one day while she was at the grocery store, he made himself at home... in her home.

With Playstation 4 controller in hand, Tony relaxed in the fluffiest recliner he'd ever had the pleasure of sitting in, in front of the biggest TV he'd ever laid eyes on. Feet propped up and food beside him on a tray, this was the good life for sure. And he might have even gotten into the wine cabinet. Looking around, he could tell this wasn't Nancy's decorating. He knew she had a fiance among many other facts, thanks to his enhanced hearing. Hopefully this plan worked and her fiance wasn't in the mob or this could get real dangerous real fast. Tony liked danger though.

As the door opened, he hopped to his feet to help with the groceries like a good friend would do. "Hi. I'll help you with those. Hope you don't mind, but I bought you a Playstation 4 and tested it out for you... along with some of your food. The Playstation works great and your food is safe to eat. I'm Ferrari, Tony Ferrari, and I fight crime," he said in his friendliest voice, getting right to the point before she could scream or call the cops. Now time for puppy eyes and a bright smile to seal the deal. "I like your piercings, by they way." Oh, and a little flattery never hurt.

The End

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