It was finally time for our trip. I jumped up and down from excitement as I flapped my arms wildly at my sides. I couldn't wait to get to the campground we would be staying at for two weeks either. We pulled onto Seawall road when I could see a glimpse of the ocean. I became more intrigued by it until we got closer.

Eventually, we passed the ocean and came to Seawall Campground. I followed mom inside the ranger station to get our campsite. I started flapping my arms from happiness again, making the female ranger smile. I don't think she realized I had a disability of any kind, at least not until mom showed off my card. It was an access card she got for my disability, which allowed us a discount at most national parks.

"Is there any way of getting a campsite with a lot of space? My oldest daughter loves being able to run around," she explained to the ranger.

"Of course," she nodded while giving us a big smile. "Place this sticker into your window so we know you are campers here," she said after handing it to mom.

"Thank you very much," she bowed her head and headed back to the car.

Mom placed the sticker on the windshield inside. We headed to our campsite where both her and Olivia set up camp. I swatted away gnats and mosquitos with a frown, only for mom to spray me with some organic bug spray. The huge 8 person tent she got was finally set up, but she was now blowing up our three air mattresses.

"Here you go," she smiled at me after placing one of them inside.

I made my bed with my favorite comforter and pillows. I also slept with a stuffed teddy bear giving to me by my dad. He passed away in a car accident a few years ago, and it was still hard for us sometimes.

Mom managed to care for me pretty well on her own. You'd be surprised who good she handled my disability. I began running around the big campsite while squealing and flapping my arms.

"What are we going to do after all of this?" I asked without looking at mom though.

"I thought we could head over to Hills Cove Visitor Center. They have a huge 3D map that you would love. However, you can't touch it and are allowed to look only," she said to me with a stern look on her face.

"Okay," I nodded at her, without understanding what she meant.

I couldn't wait to see what she was talking about though. It seemed so awesome that they had whatever it was. I just wish I could have a visible picture of what she was trying to explain.

"I think we should start heading out now," she said once we loaded the SUV up.

It wasn't long until we pulled into a parking spot. We got out of the car and headed inside the visitor center. I squealed from excitement as I ran towards the massive 3D map now. I leaned over to touch it too, but the rangers didn't like this at all.

"Alana, I told you not to touch it!" she scolded me after yanking me away.

I started screaming and sobbing uncontrollably because she touched me like that. People looked at me while shaking their heads in disapproval. No one realized I was melting down over being grabbed by her.

"You need to teach that girl to behave a lot better than that," one woman said while scowling at us now.

Mom just ignored the rude comments and tried to make me understand. I continued hitting her as she held my wrists together. People gathered around us as the scene started to unfold. I began getting overloaded by their sudden presence. It wasn't long until she hugged me from behind in a tight hug.

This slowly calmed me down as I sat on the floor. I rocked backed and forth while humming in a monotonous voice. It took me some time to settle my emotions, but I managed to pick myself back up again. I looked at the map, only to fear trying to get too close to it now. Mom noticed it when she tried leading me closer to it.

"You can still look as long as you don't try to touch it," she said to me. "Isn't it beautiful?" she asked me once I nodded.

Olivia was more intrigued by the books they had. She had no interest in a useless map since she happened to be a total bookworm. I started to jump up and down while flapping my arms from excitement. It wasn't until I noticed an activity book for a Junior ranger program. I really wanted to take part in doing it, but I wasn't sure if they would let me.

Mom went over to one of the rangers with a smile. "Um, excuse me... is it okay if my daughter does the junior ranger program? She has special needs as well, and it would be hard to explain to her she's not eligible for it," she explained when the ranger smiled softly back.

"Your daughter is very welcome to join. The books only offer an age range because that's the level the books are at. It doesn't really mean we only take them between those ages," she said with a nod.

"Oh, that's good," she chuckled and bought me a junior ranger book.

The prize for completing it was an official junior ranger badge. I squealed with excitement again as I jumped up and down. I had already flipped through it a dozen times to see each activity it wanted me to do now.

"Does she have to do it in a certain order?" mom asked the female ranger.

"Not at all," she shook her head and continued smiling. "She just does what she can, turns it in and gets her reward for her efforts," she said as mom looked at me.

We decided to head back to camp for some lunch. I had a ham and cheese sandwich with nacho cheese Doritos and a can of cold sprite. Mom never allowed me to drink caffeine, considering I was already hyper enough as it is.

The End

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