Alana has never been very good with the changes in her environment. The only thing she seems to love more than anything is the great outdoors. She is often trapped in her own world without ever saying a word to anyone but her sister and her mother. Her mother wants to take her camping in hopes that she will somehow open up and escape that little world all of her own. Will the camping trip just be a disaster? What sorts of things will she run into?

I sat out in the backyard as I rocked slowly back and forth. It was a beautiful day outside, even if it felt really muggy and gross. I didn't real mind the humid Maine weather that much, but it was one thing my older sister Olivia couldn't stand. The sounds of cicadas buzzing all around never once affected my sensory processing, especially when I usually couldn't stand them.

Sitting in my lap was my iPad, which I used as a journal. I also used it as a communication tool because I refused to speak normally to others. I had no problem talking to mom or Olivia when we were at home, but I did mind a lot when we were out in public though. You see, I happen to have an invisible disability that affects the wiring of my brain everyday.

Basically, things that are no big deal to you are an even bigger concern for me. I'm the one that everyone refers to as bratty or spoiled because I couldn't handle the noise in Walmart. Or the one they think is acting out of control when things don't go as I originally planned. Bottom line is, I can tell you that I'm nothing like the poster child for my disability you see each and every day.

The End

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