Monica: Art

“Hey?”  I jolted as the girl peered over my shoulder. She was at least a head bigger than me in height, and had dark chestnut hair, exactly the colour of the seed of the same name: reddish-brown. From what I could see of the girl from being so close up to me, her eyes were also the same deep brown but with streaks of amber dotted around in them, just like the paper that was placed onto her easel.

The girl flashed a sparkling-white grin at me. “I’m Jasmine…and you’re…?”

“I’m Monica, and yes, we do appear to be roommates.”

Jasmine giggled, a happy sound that was like a gushing waterfall.

“Not doing much on your picture?” She said.

“I’ve no idea what to do…” I replied, looking round for Mrs. Blackwell. She was not in sight. “Unfortunately, our teacher isn’t helping much.”

“Hmm…it seems she’s not interested in new people…”

“Well, what do I do?” I snapped, shoving the blank canvas onto my own easel, and glaring moodily at it, just what I needed on my first day!

“Just trust in your heart, create the picture from your true mind and soul…”

I raised an eyebrow at Jasmine’s words.

“What? It’s something my grandmother used to say. She was an artist too…and my favorite person…”

“And it’s the logic you’ve gone by, is it?” I kept my eyebrow raised as I looked over at Jasmine’s abstract lined canvas. One glance between us, and we were in fits of giggles.

“Don’t doubt genius, okay?” Jasmine managed to stutter.

The End

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