Academy of Art

Whoose story do you want to write at this school of art? =]

                                                                   Epilogue                         A group of about f fourteen to fifteen-year-old girls stood in a circle out on a green New Jersey field. A slight breeze side swept the grass as the warm sun beat down on the blue lake that trickled next to them. The trees scattered around the open field waved to them, making it the perfect September’s day. All the girls listened intently to the petite woman standing in the center of the circle.              “Hello, my name is Sandra Chiders.” She began. “I am the creative writing teacher here at New Jersey’s School of Art, or for short NJSA. You are all here today because you stood out among the many that applied here and you’ve shown that you have the creative ability to earn a scholarship to our school.” Sandra paused, there was a chorus of “Woooos” and than she continued on, I on the other hand I am here to tell you about your new school.”             “ As you all probably know NJSA has classes in Painting, creative writing journalism, Acting, singing, dancing, photography, fashion designing, and any other kind of art you can think of. Our boarding school is open to creative students from twelve, like you, to eighteen. So you guys are once again at the bottom of the food chain! I’m going to give you each an envelope each one has your schedule, room number, room key, lunch card and pool pass in it. Keep all of this information private and safe. The first year building is to your left and I will see some of you in class.” And with that Sandra walked away leaving all the girls to open their envelopes, wonder who their roommates would be, and wonder what a lunch card was.
The End

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