Chapter Four

"What can I get for you?" said the pasty Dairy Queen lady.

          "A six-peice chicken basket please," said James.

          "Anything to drink?"

          "I'll have a medium limeade," I said

          "I'll have a Sprite. And two kid-size cherry dipped cones."

          "Okay. That'll be six dollars and fifty-three cents."

          I opened my wallet and started to hand the lady my money, but he pushed the cash back into my hand and paid. I sighed in exasperation. Once we got our food, we went to sit down.

          "Thanks," I said.

          "Don't mention it."

          We devoured the heavenly chicken and greasy fries.

          "What class do you have next?" he asked as I started on my ice cream cone.

         "Ugh. Don't remind me again. I have Geometry. What a waste of my precious time and energy. What do you have?"

        Just then, two of my friends walked in. They were a boy and girl named Michelle and __________. Michelle stealthily whispered to __________ and pointed at our table. I quickly turned my head away from them.

           "Do you know them or something? Why are doing that?" asked James.

          "Doing what?"

          "I noticed that when you are nervous, you cross your arms and put your head down." I uncrossed my arms.

          "They are my friends." James looked very unconvinced that I wasn't nervous.

         "Why don't you invite them over?" I thought about this, then decided it would be alright. I knew that James was testing me to make sure that I was okay, so I waved at them then walked over.

The End

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