Thoughtful Thinking

          The summer breeze swept around me as I walked along the school sidewalks. A few scattered leaves were picked up with the breeze. As I walked past a window, I saw my reflection. I had spindly legs covered with dark jeans, a Sgt. Peppers t-shirt, brown hair with the tips dyed teal, and my face...well lets not talk about that. I had slightly tanned skin and brown eyes. There was a picture of a koi fish on the toe of my converse that I had drawn. It was second period, so high schoolers were flooding out of the building. My next class was study hall.

          Three people sat at my table. Mae, my friend Amelia, and a boy named Ryan. I had nothing to do so I let my mind wander. I thought about pathetic things. My social life, my grades, where I was going for lunch, selfish things. Shouldn't I be thinking about how every six seconds, a baby dies from malnutrition, and how many Americans don't realize just how good they have it? I certainly didn't realize. Ive been alive for fourteen whole years, and what have I done for the world? Nada. In most of my classes, I was a lonely, quiet, bored blob that always did it's big homework assignments at 11:00 the night before it was due. Despite all of this, I usually got decent grades. The best thing I had done in the 5,112 days I had been alive was to pick up some peices of trash and serve at the homeless shelter. I dont-

          *Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!* The bell interrupted my thoughts. I packed up my junk and headed towards the art building. As I walked into the classroom, the smell of art supplies and the light blue walls made me relaxed and calm.

          Once the last bell rang, Mrs. McDougal announced that we were working in pairs.

          "Okay. In this bucket, there are cards with different famous artists' names written on them. Pair up and sit with the other person that gets the same artist as you."

          Everyone grabbed from the bucket, and chaos erupted.

          "Hey! Who got Calder?" someone shouted across the room. I had drawn Picasso, and was looking around for someone holding the same card.

          "Do you have Picasso?" said a voice from behind me. I turned around and saw who was speaking. It was the boy that I talked to before scienc, James.

          "Uhhh...Yeah. Picasso." He tried to hide his smile.

          Everyone sat down at paired up desks and the teacher started to give us instructions.

          "In your pairs, pick out an item for both of you and do a sketch of it. You will be timed for 5 minutes. Go to it."

          I got up, got a pencil, my sketchbook, and got a plastic frog for us to sketch. All of the pairs got to work as Mrs.McDougal turned on some alleged music that was supposed to be "inspiring."

          My frog didn't look too bad, but I wouldn't call it good. I looked over at James' drawing. His frog was definitely better than mine. I watched his pencil tip and it seemed like he was a machine as he drew. His movements were precice and sharp, but not jerky. He was so entrancing that I laughed out loud. It wasn't loud enough for anyone but the kid next to me to hear it. She gave me an annoyed look and turned back to her paper.

          Just then, the alarm rang, and everyone stopped sketching.

          "What were you laughing at?" James asked as he passed his drawing up.

          "What? Oh. Nothing. My drawing was just bad."

          "Mmhm. I saw it already. It was better than mine, so you need a better explanation.

          "Uuhhh...Yours was like the goodness of my drawing times three. So that explanation is still legitimate."

          "Ha ha. Yeah right. You were probably laughing because you remembered some time when you were eating sushi and you ate half of the glob of wasabi and you started crying and drank a bunch of milk or something."


          "Nevermind. Have you ever eaten wasabi?"

          "No way. I don't like really spicy foo-"

          "Okay. Now we are going to start on your self portraits. You had the weekend to think about which facial expression you will you use, so I hope you have one. Take some of this paper and a mirror and get to work. I'll be coming around to help."

          Everyone got their supplies and sat back down.

          "What expression are you drawing?" I asked James.

          He opened his mouth a little so his lower teeth were showing and he looked up and to the side. He squinched up his eyes so it looked like he was about to sneeze.

          "What are you going to do?"

          I stuck my tounge out and scrunched up my face like I sucked on some sour lollipop.

          "Nice," said James. We got to work. I propped up my mirror and drew the outline my face and some basic shapes of my eyes, nose, and mouth. The bell rang and everyone packed up.

          "Where are you going for lunch?" asked James as we walked out of the classroom.

          "I don't know. Maybe Dairy Queen."

          "You wanna go with me?" I was surprised when he asked this. I didn't really know him that well, and I wouldn't be able to ask someone to walk with me because I was too shy.

         "Ookay. Sure."

The End

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