Acacia Burns

A girl finds a friend who has an interesting view on life. -2 chapters

          The chilly morning air slowly crept into a room through tiny cracks under the doors and windows. It crawled throughout the silent house and slinked through a door into a still bedroom. Probing tendrils spread and finally found a sleeping girl under her covers. I slowly gained consciousness, rolled over, and scrunched up my legs. Then i opened my eyes and glanced at the clock, which read 6:15. As i stumbled out of my room, I was hit by a wave of shock from the frigid air and cold floor. I rubbed my freezing foot against my leg to warm it up.

          "Morning, Acacia," called a voice from the kitchen.

          "Morning," I replied.

          "Do you want an egg?"

          "No thanks."

          My dad and I ate in silence for the most part, except for one question about whether I had lunch money or not. After I finished my bowl of Lucky Charms, I showered and dressed.

          "Bye!" I shouted as I grabbed my iPod and longboard.

          "Bye! I heard from the back room.

          I laughed silently. My dad and I didn't often have long conversations. Not that I'm complaining. I didn't understand why most people considered lack of dialouge awkward. For me, conversation was the uncomfortable thing. The things I said never flowed, and were often just the wrong thing to say. I usually just smiled and tried to pretend that I wasn't a social klutz.

          As I reached the High School entrance, I picked up my skateboard and turned my iPod off. It was the third week of school, so we freshmen finally knew what we were doing. Some people from my old private school, St. Joseph's, were by my locker. My longboard really wasn't that long, so it fit in my empty locker. None of my old school mates noticed me, so I went to find a group of my friends.

          "Whot did?"

          "Jake Patterson," said Liz in a high-pitched voice.

"Asked you to homecoming already?"

"Yeah. I know, amazing, right?"

          Their conversation went on for a while like this and then most of my friends left; heading for their first class. Only Mae stayed behind. My friend had hazel eyes and shoulder-length brown hair. She was pretty short and fun to be around. You could tell that she was the kind of person who always had a ball in everything they did. It seemed like she was on a search for something better in life; hoping that there was more to the world than lies, violence and unavoidable doom.

          We talked for a little while, but she left before the bell rang because her class was on the other side of the campus. I had nothing else to do, so I went and sat outside of my first period: science.  Someone else apparently had the same idea, and was sitting on his backpack by the classroom door. I copied him and sat on my bag. He and I watched a boyfriend and girlfriend go through a loud, emotional breakup.

          "You fickle, undeserving cad!" screeched the nerdy girl, "I hate you; you never listn to me or care when I say something, all you want to talk about is the Broncos and the Rockies. What about me? Don't I matter?!"


          "No, Matt, its over. Don't ever call me or talk to me again. In fact, don't even look at me!" The girl stalked off, fuming; the guy shrugged his shoulders, and walked toward some friends.

          "Wow. That was the most impressive breakup I've ever seen," the guy next to me commented.

          "That's the only breakup I've ever seen," I said, amused.

          "Ha ha. You fickle undeserving cad. That's a good one"

          The guy was wearing dark jeans, a black shirt, converse, and had black hair. It was long seemed to swirl around his face. His features were sharp, and he had mety chocolate brown eyes.

           "Isn't it funny just to step back and watch people? If you really look at what they're doing, and listen to what they're saying, it's pretty ridiculous," said the boy.

          "Yeah. Its like we're all in some frenzied TV show, where someone hit the fast-forward button, with some crazy circus music playing in the background."

          He smiled then slowly turned towards me.

         "What's your name?"

          "Acacia." I stopped for a few weconds, trying to think about what normal people would say next. "What's yours?" I asked.



The End

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