Chapter Four

The Oracle Eye were the leaders of the several hundreds of branches the Red Gryphon Academy had stretched across the world. In fact, they were like the main heart of the Academy itself, because it was they who decide what happens to a student, and whether he deserved to get into the Red Mark classes, which were classes for special mages to hone their abilities. Eight powerful people, at least four mages and four demon hunters, from all over the world made up the Eye.

Coincidentally, even Reinhard was one of them. So his way of doing his job was always taken seriously.

Alice frowned. So they know of this event. Well - they always had to know. Why else would the name "Oracle Eye" be given to them. They were supposed to oversee all students in the Academy.

She sat up to ask a question she really wanted answered. "When you interviewed her, did you get her name?"

"Of course," said Principal Reinhard, slightly startled and yet amused at the same time by her question. "She remembered her name. It was Alyssa. Sound familiar?"

Like my name and an extra syllable, Alice thought, but didn't say so.

"Do you remember anything that she told you about. Maybe something about herself or something she said to you while you were on your way here?"

Alice was beginning to feel a little irritated about the principal's questions and felt like walking out already. But knowing that it was normal to be suspicious when someone goes missing and about the fact that Alice, the rescuer for Alyssa, was the only other person who knew of the missing girl's identity, it was better to hold her tongue.

"No, I don't know anything about her," Alice said. "All the while when I got back here from hunting demons, she was out. So I can't talk to her. She didn't say anything at all either."

"Is that all? You even had no communication with the girl when you visited her for the past week that she's been at the infirmary?"

"No, sir, she hasn't woken up." Alice tried hard to keep her tone level, but the empathy was laid over her words.

"All right, all right, I see," said Reinhard, picking it up; well, there was Reinhard's talent as an Oracle Eye member; the fact that he could pick up anyone's tone of voice and read their emotions.

"So if you're here talking to me, then that means you're also speaking for the Oracle Eye, aren't you?" she said.

"That's right," said Reinhard. He finished the last of his cupcakes and dusted his hands as he sat up straight the way a principal would when facing a student sternly. "We want you to join us in searching for the young girl, Alyssa. We know she's hiding somewhere in Academy. We'll need your help to pick up her aura and bring her back."

"I guess that could be dealt with," said Alice. "And I'm to begin now?"

"If possible, Ms Hawthorne, please, do," said Reinhard.

Alice nodded. "Well, it's easier said than done. I'll get going now."

"Will your parents be okay with it? I think your sister will be here. She'll be alerted when she returns, since she herself is also a Knight."

Alice remembered that Pamela had gone on a date with her boyfriend already. They might not be back till evening.

"It'll be okay. And if I called by mom first, she won't be worried. Now, then, I'll excuse myself."

She got up, inclined her head slightly in a polite but slight bow, then left the principal's office.

Time to work.

The End

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