Epilogue: The OperativeMature

She was a chameleon amongst the myriad of footsteps. And nobody would suspect her. None of them were near. She moved like a needle, threading and weaving through the crowd until she found it.

It was as tall as she was. Its pale slate door was numbered 336 and the lock upon it had a blue dial. The surface was blank.

Curious, she thought. Blue, not purple? A boy. Calling in an anonymous, indirect, sworn-to-secrecy favour like this surely has to do with a boy. She reached into her pocket, and pulled out a folded paper. Then, she leaned up to slip the paper between the top of the door and the tiny alcove.

Then, a teaching assistant approached her, having caught her in the act.

She froze. Though it was only the first day of his co-op placement, she recognized him.

He smiled at her, flashing white teeth below his brown buzzcut and spiked bangs.

"Mr. Cartier," she said, looking down. "I was just..."

"Delivering a message. There's nothing wrong with that," he pronounced. Then, he glanced behind him surreptitiously. Having seen nobody that he feared to see, he brought a hand up to smack a piece of paper across the blank surface of locker 336.

She watched as his hand smoothly pressed the tapped edges down against it, first at the top and then at the bottom. And when he finally removed it, she spoke, "Look inside?"

It had been written in bold, black, capital letters.

"He'll walk right past it without that. He carries his locker's contents on his back, much like a turtle."

"I don't know who you're talking about, sir."

"Ah, good. It is best that the operative does not know the significance of its missions," he said mysteriously and then walked away.

"Tell me!"

He spun on his heels, squeaking, and then smiled again.

"I want answers, sir."

"We engineer the securing of my replacement."

"Mr. Cartier, I don't know what you're talking about."

He winked at her, "Neither do I." And then he walked away.

Baffled, she too walked away. "I bet it's a corpse," she heard someone whisper. And then she was gone, away from the scene of what she hoped was just an innocent mail delivery.



C'est la fin.

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The End

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