Chapter 58: Faking It Too WellMature

Narrator: Ashley Foreman


"How low can your voice go?" Jason asked abruptly, in a rushed and panicked tone. Clearly, he was a hedonist who didn't like pain in any way, shape or form.

"Excuse me?" I was baffled. "Explain, now, or I spray."

It had been a long time since he'd say, "Let me think", and now that thinking would hopefully pay off.

He reached under the counter and grabbed a large piece of new soap, still wrapped in clear plastic. "Slip this into the crotch of your jeans, make your voice as low and sexy as you can, and pretend you're my latest fuck."

"What!?" But as I said it, I realized his plan would work. "You want me to pretend to be a transsexual?"

He nodded, "Just try your best not to let him see your face. It's far too feminine."

I smiled, drawing at a compliment that probably wasn't intended.

"Hold your shoulders out a bit if you can, try to make your shoulders seem broad."

"You think pretty well, pretty quick, when threatened," I told him, as I combed my hair with my fingers so that it fell in curtains that veiled my cheekbones.

"Err... thanks," said Jason. "Now go, walk right through the room, discarding me like a used toy, and give Henry some nice innuendo as if you want him too, to justify using that exit, rather than the way you came in. He'll assume I phone you up to help me, and let you in the door from the hall."

"That works perfectly. But what if he takes the bait?"

Jason laughed, and dared to look at me as if I was stupid, causing my index finger to tremble tighten against the trigger-button almost enough to spray. "Trust me," said Jason. "He won't. Provided your voice is deep enough."

"Very well."

"You okay to improvise?" he asked me, as he reached for a canister of shaving cream and dabbed a tiny bit on his finger.

"Yeah, I'll manage."

"Good, now hold your face still," he instructed. Then, he brought his finger to the edge of my mouth and dabbed the shaving cream at the side of my mouth. "You just blew me. That's the cum."

I winced at the notion.

Then, he started to moan, loudly "Ohhh, man.... oh, Mandy... suck me off, bitch! Oh yeah! Who's my little face whore?" And then he slapped against his own bare ass.

Now, oddly enough, I was amused. I leaned back against the door of the bathroom so that my behind was visible to Henry, as Jason continued to pretend that I was pleasuring him. I put four fingers in my mouth and then pulled them out suddenly, making a loud wet noise. And then I faked a gagging noise. "Oh, Jason, I can't take it all. You're too big!"

In front of the spray bottle, his half-erect penis jerked suddenly in reaction to my words and their low, husky tone. It seemed as if I was fooling even him.

"What the fuck..." Henry muttered under his breath. All he could see was my wide-hipped but, poking out the slightly open door.

"Just take it, bitch. Take it all," Jason commanded, sternly but with a subtle and flamboyant lisp.

I jammed my hand into my mouth again, in and out, trying to make it sound real down to the minute details.

"Ohhh..." Jason moaned, closing his eyes, as he began to jerk himself off.

"Aahh," I managed to blurt as my hand came out of me.

We kept that part of the act going a bit longer, and I pushed more of myself out of the door.

"Oh, shi-ii-it... all the way down, baby, I'm gonna cum!"

I shoved half my hand into my mouth, making sure to audibly gag on it, while my other hand stuffed myself with the bar of soap

And then, Jason reached a climax and shot an actual load of jizz onto my blouse. In reflect, my finger pushed down on the bottle, and pepperspray fogged out, around his turgid flesh. Quickly, his orgasm turned to howls of pain and his face contorted in agony. But Henry couldn't tell the difference; between neither pain or pleasure, nor man or woman. I made my escape as Mandy, the woman, mostly, who was once more of a man, and who gave such wonderful oral sex that she left her lovers screaming long after she had left the room.

The End

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