Chapter 56: Damp Secrecy & IntimacyMature

Narrator: Crystal Jennings


CJ remembered he hadn't gone to the bathroom earlier, and so he interrupted our making out to empty himself. I could hear him cursing, through the door, as he struggled to piss with a full erection. I found the notion amusing. He took the time to wash his hands and apologize for forgetting. Then, we quickly returned to what we'd been doing.

We rolled around, fully clothed, kissing each other.

Every garment he took off me, slid across my body at an agonizingly slow speed, as he kissed and caressed me with untamed abandon. He was toying with my impatience; I knew it.

I loosened his belt, and then pulled at his pant legs from the foot of the bed as fast as I could manage to. I wasn't being as gentle, and so I laughed as it pulled his erection down to be parallel against his legs. I knew that was painful for any guy, as Greg had warned me, but I also knew better than to fuss over physically hurting CJ. In fact, I swore it made him grin at the same time that he winced.

Now, we were both in our underwear. He had a shabby pair of plad boxers, while I was wearing the lingerie I'd bought just for tonight.

"I feel under-dressed in more ways than one," he mused.

"Good," I said, as I slid myself up along his body. He was leaning back against the wall of pillows, nearly seated. I yawned, stretching my arms up.

It was as infectious as I intended, and he yawned as well. Then I pounced, pinning his arms down against the back of the headboard with my left hand while I grabbed the handcuffs from the bedside table with my right hand.

He fought against me playfully, and so I had to put a lot of my weight onto my left arm while I cuffed him to the headboard of my bed.

"That was not a wise thing to do," he said, trying to sound mysterious.

"Yeah, but it'll keep you from putting your hands on the back of my head and pushing me down against you."

"I wouldn't dare."

"That's what Greg said. It didn't stop him," I told him, and I knew my comparison stung. He was snickering at me. "It's almost reflexive. Trust me, you would."

His arms moved in what must have been a shrug.

"Maybe once you get used to the feeling, I'll consider doing this without restraints."

"You don't trust me?" he laughed.

"No, I don't. I almost choked once. Even though that was a very different man, I'm not taking the chance just yet." I didn't want to be thinking about Greg at a time like this. Eagerly, I pushed him out of my mind as I kissed CJ on the forehead.

He nipped at my neck.

I continued to kiss him down the right side of his face, as his legs rubbed against mine. I paused halfway and whispered in his ear, "I trust that you'll return the favour."

"Consider the fair trade agreement signed," he whispered back.

I continued my way down his neck, kissing his flesh so passionately that he leaned his head back and moaned softly. I could tell by now that he was going to be a very vocal lover. My arms made their way up his back, crossed against each other, and then rubbed at his shoulders. The embrace was pushing my breasts against his chest. It felt tranquil.

"Mmmmm..." he hummed.

I let go, and descended to his chest. I licked my fingers and worked gently at his nipples while I kissed my way down across the middle of his chest in a zig-zag pattern. I left a wet, glossy trail of saliva. But I wasn't getting much of a response out of him that way, so I moved down, putting my hands on the bottom of his rib cage and kissing at his understated abs as his breathing moved his chest in and out, in and out. Now, I was getting a reaction.

I dropped my hands lower, around his sides, and his body jolted in surprise. It seems I'd found a sensitive spot. I moved my hands up and down his chest, tickling and rubbing, occasionally grazing my nails against his skin.

He groaned, and I felt his dick, beneath his boxers, pressing firmly against my collarbone. The fabric felt wet, and I surmised that some pre-ejaculate had soaked through it.

I continued to kiss at his lower chest, and touched him in the sensitive spot I'd found just below his rib cage with my left hand, while I lowered my right to rub beneath my panties at my swelling folds.

A moan escaped us both at once, and then I moved both hands free to grasp his legs.

They were covered in curly, light brown hairs, unlike his chest hair that was thin, short and blond apart for the thicker, darker trail leading down to his pubic hair.

I dug my fingers into the underside of his lower thighs, and he gasped in surprise. Then, I slid my hands up along the outer sides of each leg, until they were beneath his boxer shorts. I looked at the soft, blue pattern of intersecting, perpendicular stripes, and the wet blob around his glans.

It was surprising, since most men only produced a drop or two of precum when aroused. And it certainly didn't smell or look as if he had prematurely ejaculated.

Curiosity got the best of me, and I pulled them down and off his legs. My eyes were on his penis, which I now doubted my ability to fully swallow. It wasn't a freakshow or anything, but it was roughly an inch and a half longer than Greg's. What surprised me more was seeing the clear collection of drops that had collected on the purple glans of his penis.

"You've made me really wet," he said.

"CJ, I think that's what women are supposed to say," I teased.

He shrugged, as much as he could given the placement of his arms. Then, he looked at me seriously. "Pressure, moisture, and rhythm."

"Huh?" I said, as I grabbed his dick in my right hand, holding the shaft below the head. I noticed there was room enough to grab it with a second hand below. It looked somewhere between circumcized and uncircumcized, but I didn't ask.

"They're the three things necessary for a good hand job or blow job. Pressure, moisture, rhythm. Now, I can't tell which you're attempting. If it's oral sex you're giving me, I suggest applying the pressure with a hand at the base of it, rather than with your jaw."

I nearly interrupted him, about to point out the obvious fact that I had done both before. However, his advice seemed like it would be useful, given how much my jaw had hurt in the past. "Where did you learn so much about --"

"I read," was all he said.

"Well, I guess that's better than learning from pornography," I mused. And then I brought my mouth onto it, just around the glans, with my lips curled over my teeth. As I sucked at it, breathing through my nose, I curled my left hand's index finger and thumb around his dick just above his balls. My right hand bent backwards, behind my back, and unstrapped my bra. Then, I flung it off the bed and used that hand to move the skin of his shaft up and down.

"Ohhh... that feels so great, Crystal."

I lowered my mouth a bit more, giving my right hand less room to work with. Breathing deeply through my nose, I tried to relax myself and attempt to take it as far as I could. If not today, then another day. It was just a matter of practice. Just how he'd have to learn his way around me, improving with practice.

I pulled off for a moment. "Warn me." And then I went back down, even further. I was almost as far as I'd ever taken one before.

The puckering sound of me coming on and off him clearly excited him as his dick flexed and he moaned lightly. "Okay," he answered after a moment. His voice became devious in tone, "Oh, I'll warn you all right."

I watched his expression as I came almost all the way off, and then plummeted down as far as I'd ever gone. His breaths became deeper, more audible. His eyes were closed, his mouth was open, and he looked very much at peace.

I sped up the pace, then, not daring to go further down. My right hand was given very little room to stroke, and was only using two fingers and a thumb.

He started to groan, but didn't arrive at a climax.

I continued, for many minutes, slurping loudly up and down his penis. His arms flailed in the cuffs and occasionally his hips bucked lightly, but he didn't warn me or shoot.

I was miffed. It hadn't taken this much effort before. But before, it had always been with someone else. Except, Greg hadn't been a virgin. CJ, by nature of being a virgin, should have arrived at a climax sooner. It's not like he was one of those numb, unfeeling guys who couldn't get off from a blowjob; because he was clearly reacting quite strongly to my ministrations.

I decided, as he called out my name, that I had to be bolder. Remembering how I'd made him feel at the hot tub, I uncurled my lips, and dug my nails into his shaft. I knew what the typical response would be: crying out in pain and kicking me away. It was a risk, but it paid off.

"Wooah! Yeah, that's it, do that again!"

I pressed the knuckles of my right hand into his prostate, below his testicles. My left hand tightened as much as it could. And I went down farther than I ever had, taking in his entire dick. Then I withdrew, grazing the entire shaft with my teeth as slowly as I could.

He was making lots of noise, then. Groaning and moaning. Tremors shook his legs.

Then, as quick as I could, I went back down as fast as I could. The nails on my right hand dug into his prostate and the nails on my left hand curled mercilessly into the base of his dick, spread like petals.

"Oh shit, get off!" he yelled. I wasn't sure if that was his warning, or if I'd hurt him.

I backed away, looking at his face. His jaw was gaping and he made a quick intake of breath. Then, a clear liquid, which certainly wasn't ejaculate, sprayed out across his chest all the way up to his neck.

The smell overwhelmed me. It certainly wasn't urine. It wasn't yellow. And the scent, the powerful scent of it, was something akin to his sweat. It was flinty, laced with indescribably odd smells I couldn't compare to anything else. It didn't smell like ejaculate, but if I had to guess, I reckoned it was laced with pheromones. It smelled intoxicating.

I wasn't even touching him anymore, but his hips bucked and his cock jerked of its own volition, spraying him a second time. Some of it hit him in the face, and his chest looked soaked.

"What the fuck!?" I said, breaking the stunned silence and noticing the tiny drops on my headboard, wall and pillows.

"Prostatorrhea," he said. "Copious amounts of pre-ejaculate."

"As in, the droplets that form at the tip of a guy's dick?"

He nodded.

It seemed surreal. I frowned, "Well, you're certainly different. Not that that's a bad thing."

"You're not put off by this?" he asked hesitantly.

"I dunno. Right now, it's just really surprising," I said. I looked down at his abs, where I would have expected a pool of ejaculate to be, which I would have licked off. But instead, there was a pool of liquid in his belly-button, which was an outtie, and I decided to lap it up anyways.

I watched the look of surprise on his face as best I could, while moving my tongue up along his abs. With my arms on either side of him, I could feel it dripping onto the bed.

"I can suppress it, if you want. Otherwise, your bed is going to be soaked."

"You've got more of that in you?" I was disbelieving.

"I'm pretty sure. And unlike ejaculating, it can happen almost immediately right afterwards, as you just saw. It also seems to prolong ejaculation, and I've no idea why."

"And this is your dirty little secret?"

"Yeah," he admitted. "I wasn't confident enough to tell you."

"So you showed me, without warning!? You're lucky I didn't assume it was piss!" I exclaimed. "It actually tastes good, though. A lot better than ejaculate."

His face was red, as he realized how irrationally he'd handled things. "The condition is rare and apparently harmless. But I've had a hard time finding information on it, because it's so rare and seldomly documented. Unlike spermatorrhea, though, it's not life threatening."

"Things that rhyme with diarrhea," I said, shaking my head.

"I can usually control it better than this," CJ said. "But I guess I'm just too turned on."

I smiled, putting my hands back on him, exactly where they were.

It wasn't long before my chest was as soaked as his, and both my hands and his dick were heavily lubricated with it. I imagined it must be rather dehydrating for him. I was surprised at how much there was. It seemed almost supernatural.

It got in my hair and my face. That intoxicating scent was everywhere, and my bed looked like it had been left out in the rain. A lot of it shot right down my throat, and it felt like I was drinking from him. It was so odd, so out of the ordinary... so very thrilling.

"We're both going to have to shower in the morning," he said, between groans.

I had two hands grasping him firmly, and my mouth over his glans. His glans was the one part of his dick that I knew better than to graze with my teeth and nails. I let my hands work unforgivingly fast, not worrying about causing foreskin to bleed given how lubricated things were.

He was looking hungrily past my neck, at my dripping breasts.

To distract him, I decided to go back down on him all the way, which I was barely managing to do. The second time I did it, his hips jerked, pushing against me, and he shot a load of something down my throat. He didn't say anything, so I assumed it wasn't ejaculate, and kept going.

On the seventh pull-back, he yelled, "Now! Ah- ah - ahhhh...."

I shoved my lips half-way down and felt something more viscuous and salty shoot into my mouth. He throbbed in my hands, and I coaxed the last of it out by hand.

And his erection didn't go down afterwards, as I expected. It stood, waiting for more. However, it was his turn no longer. I brought my hips up onto his and leaned over him.

"That was fantastic," CJ told me, as I leaned to the side to grab the key from my bedside table.

"Are you sure you've never had that done to you before? It took you an awful long time to--"

"Never," he said. "That was a new experience. All of this is."

I fiddled with the key in the first cuff, "Does that happen when you're masturbating?"

"Sometimes. It's messy, but I've learned to control it most of the time. It makes it a lot more pleasurable, too. And time-consuming."

"I'd imagine," I said, as the last cuff came off.

CJ brought his hands down and rubbed at his wrists. Somehow, he casually ignored his raging erection. "My turn!" he exclaimed.

"Don't you mean my turn?" I asked, as he fondled my left nipple too delicately.

"I suppose you could call it that. Now, are you going to instruct me, or let me learn on my own?"

I spread my legs, lying down beside him. "I dunno. Feeling you learn on your own might be rather amusing," I chuckled.

"May I drink that glass of water on your bedside?" he asked.

"Sure," I laughed, "I'm certainly not thirsty. Yet." The taste was still in my mouth, mixed with that of his ejaculate which I had swallowed. And I sniffed the air. I wasn't sure what to make of it, as the scent was opalescent.

He went into the bathroom, filled the glass again, and drank it slowly. Then he closed the door and took another piss. "Oowww..." he exclaimed, from behind the door. "Stupid erection."

I laughed, as I lay back against the pillows with my arms spread across them. I looked forward with anticipation as the bathroom door opened, knowing that what I was about to feel might be as far as we'd go tonight.

The End

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