Chapter 53: Armed and DangerousMature

Narrator: Ashley Foreman


I put my ear to the door, the one door I knew would open if I dared to turn the knob, and heard the sound of Jason resorting to self-indulgence. That was the only logical reason as to why I was hearing three men moaning. The extra two, I assumed, were coming from his computer, as it was doubtful that he had company. And either way, I was trapped.

He'd foiled my plans. I could see the shadow of what he'd kicked into the door, leaving me with only one exit. Sooner or later, he'd have to let me out. But by then, things would be too far gone for me to stop.

I braced myself, ready to daringly invade his privacy and sprint to the door of his room before his hand was even off his filthy dick. But then I stopped myself, as I heard that door open.

"Aww, man, what the fuck!? I thought we had agreed, do that in the fuckin' bathroom, man. Geez, I don't need to see that shit!"

It was Henry. He'd entered their room, and certainly wasn't happy.

"Sorry, I thought you'd be busy with --"

"Turn that off, the last thing I need burned into my eyes right now is a pair of fags getting in on."

"You couldn't get rid of her date, could you?"

"Jason, what the fuck are you talking about?" Henry asked, as the sounds from Jason's PC came to a stop.

"Crystal's got a guy over. The bastard kicked me in the nuts."

"Damn. How can you even -- no, I'm not even gonna ask. Screw him. I swear, I'd be tapping that shit if he wasn't around."

"Cock block's the word."

"Didn't I tell you to take that into the bathroom?"

I lunged into the shower, and closed the curtain.

Jason came in, a second after. "He's gotta come out sometime."

"Yeah, and when he does, I'll pound his head in."

"Good," said Jason, and I heard him sit down on the toilet on the other side of the curtain. He probably knew I was still here. He kicked the door closed on Henry, and then all I could hear was his heavy breathing and the quiet slapping of his foreskin against his glans.

I began to feel nauseous. This creep was sickening. Slowly, I tugged at the zipper of my purse, trying not to make a sound. Once it was open just far enough, I began to reach for my pepper spray. It was cruel, given that his genitals were exposed and that he'd already been kicked, but I had no choice. However, I'd rather use it as a threat than actually spray. I imagined the amount of pain he'd be in if I sprayed right now would be quite overwhelming.

"Jason," I spoke through the shower curtain. "I've got my wasabi pepper spray at the ready. If you do anything sketchy, I'll spray it. You're going to let me out of here. Now. Unless you want to be in even more pain."

The End

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