Chapter 49: The Towels are UselessMature

Narrator: Penelope Lee

Yeah, so I’m lesbian. I get it. I am attracted to girls. So I’d appreciate it if you would stop rubbing it in my face, whoever is up there. The lesbian mothers, the company of two girls my age, plus another one on the way?! That’s enough!

This evening, I was supposed to be at my desk, studying for that math test on Monday, and tonight at almost one am, I was meant to be under my sheets, sound asleep. In lieu of the would-have-had comfort, I am sitting here on the cold bathroom floor.

Juliet’s mothers had gone upstairs with a DVD in their hands, although in my head their eyes weren’t on the TV screen. I was disgusted at the fact that that was the only scenario running through my head. I desperately did not want to entertain myself with personal thoughts resembling lesbian porn. I turned on the water tap, concentrating studiously at the clear rushing water. I poked it with my finger, interrupting its steady flow and causing it to comply with my interference.

I noticed how it did not feel wet under the water, and only once you take it out, your skin acknowledges the change. That was how being lesbian is like. Being under the water, would be staring at another girl, feasting your eyes on her breasts, the curves, and the smooth skin of the legs. Then you stop and think, and you notice you’re a girl gawking at another.

Don’t blame me; I was only doing what a lesbian is expected to do. You can’t deny that Michelle possesses a fair-looking figure, with a attractive facial features and—this is sounding too… analytical. The following, I wish could be referring to Brad Pitt or Edward Cullen – hot. There, I’ve said it. This is the “drying” bit. After your nerves and skin have granted that the finger is wet, your mind accepts it as a fact, and you dry it in act of coming to terms with it.

Michelle is hot. To me, at least. Normally, if someone was to think this, they would be jumping up and down in knowing she was single. However, I wish differently. I wish she was taken, even married so that no matter how or who was attracted to her; she’d be off bounds.

We’d been talking before I came here about Juliet’s moms. And God, how unawkward it was – of course, this was before I turned my attention to her figure – she would make remarks worth commenting on, and made a subject already so sensitive (more so, for me) and made it as easy as talking about the last Kyle XY episode. As it was happening, my mood was uplifted and it felt like a slumber party, as all girls experience. But now – now, it scared me.

You know, at least after you’ve dried your finger, the wet feeling goes away. With this? With this, no matter how much the towel rubs at your skin, visible or not, you can feel it. And soon enough, you feel the water circulate throughout. 

The End

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