Chapter 48: Getting A Kick Out Of ThingsMature

Narrator: Jason Pope


She waved at me politely, oblivious to our failing machinations. As I noticed that there was someone following her, I got my hopes up. But, it wasn't Greg. The figure was taller.

Ashley darted past me, into the bathroom, our bathroom. It was fortunate that we left it unlocked. How foolish of her... Crystal's bathroom was right across the hall from it!

She was probably going to realize her mistake, given the copious amounts of black and brown pubic hairs on the floor surrounding the toilet.

I opened the door to the room I share with Henry, just a bit, and took the door-stopper from beside the door frame. It was a wooden wedge. I kicked it firmly into the crack beneath the hallway's door to our bathroom, so that her only exit was the door that led directly into our shared bedroom.

Crystal was unlocking her door. "I'll be about five minutes," she said to the guy behind her. "Then you can come in."

I watched him smile, and then resumed checking him out. I was hoping, from the looks of him, that she'd made the same mistake again. It seemed she had a prediliction for such men.

His jeans weren't baggy, but they weren't tight either. However, his sweater was tight. The collar was folded down and the zipper was open enough to display a silver choker, a quartz wire-and-string necklace and, unfortunately, a tiny cross necklace as well.

He looked worried, but happy. Perhaps he was just nervous. Probably a virgin, then.

A goatee bristled at his chin, ruining a face that might otherwise have given me the impression he was a twink at heart. His hair was long and straight, tied back in a ponytail that reached his shoulderblades. However, he left two thin strands of his bangs to hang over his face. He was leaning against the wall, one leg crossed over the other and arms folded in an intraverted manner.

I decided to search for more clues, that might give me some insight into whether this was another I could take from her. There were rings on his fingers! A wide silver band with three tiny diamonds, and a gold ring with a crest of some sort on it. And on his other hand, there was a rather non-descript, tarnished ring with an opalescently teal, round gemstone on it. Curious.

He stretched, yawning, and I caught a glimpse of his belt. It was black, with a white and gray pattern of sharp curves. It looked gothic and out of place. An awkward fashion sense, that said no to me. Also, I spotted an inch of plad boxers hanging just above his jeans. Boxers, rather than briefs, lessened the chances even further.

I looked up, and realized he was staring directly at me, quite intensely. His face was stern, but his eyes no longer seemed soft. They had become cold and analytical, examining me like a doctor with bad bedside manner would.

And suddenly, his face softened and he smiled at me as if we were friends, his eyes closing and opening slowly.

I grinned.

"Was it like this with Greg?" he asked, a playful tone in his voice. "He's a good fuck."

I tried not to look stunned, "No, I didn't get his attention this easily." I was angry to learn that this guy had fucked Greg too. I thought Greg had told me everything; that's how I'd learned about his past with Kieth. And I told him of my past as well. But I couldn't get angry, I didn't want to ruin a good thing.

He walked over to me slowly, and then abruptly pushed me against the wall, hands holding my shoulders against the wall. He rubbed his thigh shamelessly against my rising erection. And then his face came to my ear. He whispered, "Top or bottom?"

"Bottom," I told him.

His teeth flashed before me, as he drew back, and then leaned in to whisper in my other ear, "You get quite a kick out of this, don't you?"

"What can I say? She picks some hot ones."

"Good. Then here's your kick!" His face became furious again, and his leg that had once been rubbing against me jerked upwards, kneeing me in the groin. With my dick out of the way, he scored a direct hit to my testicles. I realized in horror that I'd been set up.

The pain was too intense for me to describe. I doubled over, cursing.

"That was for taking Greg," he told me. "And this is for thinking you could take me." His foot kicked me to the ground before I could say anything. "That's about as much pain as you've put her through."

I lay there, groaning in pain.

"Enjoy your night alone," he said politely, as if he hadn't been so violent.

"You can come in now," I heard Crystal say to him, as her door opened.

The bastard left me where I was, wincing in pain. It was a while before I could stand up again, and even longer before I was breathing calmly. I felt dizzy and winded in a way I'd never felt before. I knew now that I was left to my own luxuria for the night, to satisfy my desires. And thanks to him, that was going to require the utmost caution and care.

I walked into my room. Henry was sitting on his bed reading a textbook. He was the closest thing to revenge that I could give that bastard, so I hung the bait. "Greg didn't show, they already split. She's all yours, man."

"Nice!" Henry said, and then realized how insensitive he'd been. He has always been salacious at heart. "Oh, sorry about Greg. I know how much you miss him when he's not around."

I grimaced. "Just go. Please, Henry. I need to be alone."

"Sure thing!" he grinned, eagerly discarding his textbook and libidinously grabbing two condoms from his box.

"Kick his ass," I muttered to myself. I'd seen Henry jealous before, and I was certain things were going to get violent.

The End

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