Chapter 43: Not On My Watch!Mature

Narrator: Ashley Foreman


I looked down at the doorknob, glad to see that there wasn't a tie wrapped around it. Then again, Cameron hadn't been wearing a tie, and not every freshman knew the signals. I only knew them because my roommate is a tramp, God bless her. I wish I had a heart of gold.

But I'm just not that lonely. Not as lonely as Crystal, at least.

I knocked a second time. The crack under the door wasn't high enough to let me know if there was a light on or not. But given what they might be doing, the light might not be on.

Then, I heard footsteps and turned down the hall to look at them. Unfortunately, I recognized him. Even more unfortunately, it wasn't CJ.

Jason exuded confidence as he stared me down, and I hated him all the more because of it. He thought he knew exactly why I was here. But he was wrong, and going to be very sorely disappointed. His t-shirt was a self-indulgent billboard:


It flaunted his homosexuality, but his mild fairy-lisp and flamboyant word choice tended to do that anyways. I read it as a message intended for Greg.

"Doesn't that shirt make your intentions a little too obvious?" I sneered.

"Doesn't tonight make his intentions a little too obvious?" he retorted.

I scoffed, "Your cozening of her ends tonight."

"She won't believe you," Jason teased. "He's made sure of that."

I narrowed my eyes, "You've made a cuckold of her, but no more!"

"What are you going to do about it? It'll happen soon, and I'll be right across the hall to pick up the pieces. And so will Henry. Henry knows what she wants, and he can give it to her."

"Shut your trap if you're gonna talk about her like that!" I struggled to keep my voice quiet enough for the hallway.

"Oh, so you're allowed to imply she's a whore, but I'm not?" he chuckled. "You're fabulous, darling. Fabulously bitchy."

I glared at him in hatred that made me tremble, despite the fact that I knew I had the trump card left to play.

He stared back at me, running one hand through his spiky black hair and then inconspicuously scratching just above his groin. He was high on crack, I could see it in his eyes.

A grin spread across my face.

"She'll be here any moment," he said, as if I didn't know.

"It's not what you think!" I said, now smiling in a way that utterly confused him.

"Eh? What did you do? Lock a chastity belt around him?"

"Jason, darling," I made sure to be condescending, "your toy isn't coming here tonight. In fact, as we speak, he's in the tender embrace of --"

"Kieth!" Jason snarled the name like a swear. "You did this!"

"Maybe," I said, taunting him. I was sure he wouldn't get violent. He was angry and high, but I knew he had self-restraint. I savored the irony. "Infidelity's a bitch, ain't it?"

"Well, you can't stop Henry."

I laughed. "Jason, my dear, I'm here to stop someone else entirely."

He was seething now, as I leaned back against Crystal's door.

All his plotting, seduction and scheming had been for naught. Now, all that remained was for CJ to ward off Henry's one-night-stand, and then for me to ward off CJ well-intentioned mistake.

The plan congealed in my mind. Then, as I heard the door of the side-entrance at the end of the hall open, I darted into the nearest bathroom. My heart was pounding in panic, and I hoped that, if that was them, neither one had recognized me.

The End

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