Chapter 42: InevitabilityMature

Narrator: Crystal Jennings


"I was-n't looking for it," they had sung. "I was-n't ready for the rii-iide..."

And CJ continued to sing along with the CD, struggling to stay in tune as I kissed my way across his neck.

"I was stum-bl-ing,
But you were knockin' on my doo-or.
I tried but I could not igno-ore,
Your soft ey-y-y-es."

As he sung those words, he nudged me face away with his head so that he could look into my eyes. But I was looking down at the smile he was taking a breath through.

"You-ou had me wrapped around this feeling
That just felt so ri-ight!"

He winked. I blushed.

"You're such a wonderful surprise,
I couldn't plan it if I tri-ied.
You turn the darkest days to light.
Like a morning sun, you're such a won-der-ful surpriiise!"

I could tell that he was trying his best to blend his voice in with the artist's, so it seemed like only one person. He just kept grinning between the chorus and verse, so I moved in to kiss his chest as my fingers worked away at his neck.

"I don't think you can do any wrong.
You're like the hook in my favorite song.
I wanna sing you..."

Could I have chosen a better song from the random selection on his disc? I wondered. Hmm... well, I'll have more than enough time to borrow it.

"You're in my hea-eart, you're on my mind.
You pick me up at the lowest tii-i-imes... in my liiife...
Ev-ery-thing hap-pens for a reason, and now I see why-y-y!"

I was pretty damn confident that CJ wasn't the kind of guy that'd pull a one night stand on me, and I that was the last thing I needed, the worst that could happen, after things fell apart with Greg. But I afforded no time to think about Greg at a time like this.

"You're such a wonderful surprise,
I couldn't plan it if I tri-ied.
You turn the darkest days to light.
Like a morning sun, you're such a won-der-ful surpriiise!

CJ wasn't a perfect singer, but it was a lot better than what I was used to. I'd never shared a moment like this with someone before.

"You make me everything rii-iight.
You took me by surpri-ii-ise... at the perfect tiime...."

"The rest is just the chorus repeating," he whispered. "Have you caught the words by now?"

I nodded, but I didn't join in immediately. I was overwhelmed, and the moment was too intense.

"You're such a wonderful surprise,
I couldn't plan it if I tri-ied.
You turn the darkest days to light.
Like a morning sun, you're such a won-der-ful surprii-ii-iiise!

I couldn't plan it if I tried.
You turn the darkest days to light.
Like a morning sun, you're such a won-der-ful surprii-ii-iiise!

I couldn't plan it if I tri-ied.
You turn the darkest days to light...
Like a morning sun, you're such a wonderful surprise..."

Just before the last phrase, I assumed it was over and so I locked lips with him as the CD sang it again with less enthusiam but a definite tone of finality in the artist's voice.

"Like a morning sun, you're such a won-der-ful surpriisse."

It was a long kiss. With one hand, I turned down the volume on the stereo without looking, then returned it to the side of his head. His mouth was wetter than mine, as if he had delicious food in front of him that he couldn't eat. And again, I got a good smell of him. His scent. His sweat. His skin. It was flinty, almost like Greg smelled, but somehow more exotic as if his diet had saturated him with more spices than the average male Caucasian. It was enticing in a new and exciting way.

For a moment, I was remembering a time when I saw CJ almost daily, and he sat in the cafeteria of our middle-of-nowhere school and ate takeout from an Ethiopian restaurant. It was the most interesting stuff, and the smell of the red lentils wrapped in the spongy flatbread was overwhelming after he'd microwaved it. He offered to share, and only Ashley and Greg were brave enough. Greg couldn't finish chewing, too spicy, and I had to give him my milk to clear the oils from his mouth. Ashley had remained unfazed.

I came out of my reverie when a hand that wasn't mine pushed my face off his.

He grinned crookedly, "Got one loose."

Then he grabbed me firmly by the neck with his left hand and pushed my face into his. This time, he kissed me far more aggressively, trying to explore and invade every corner of my mouth with a quick passion that was in direct contrast to the gentle osculating we'd shared just seconds earlier.

Then, he was twisting his one cuffed arm uncomfortably so that he could push against me. He managed to get enough distance from the chair to push me against the dashboard. Curse his lanky frame!

Through his jeans and my dress, I could feel his erect penis rub once against my inner thigh. I had the urge to move my leg back and forth against it, but I knew that wasn't what he wanted. At least, not yet.

I struggled to push my tongue past his and not laugh at how the tables had turned. I couldn't tell which had thrilled me more. Perhaps the transition. Wet and fighting back, I felt naughty in an empowering way.

On the other side of my leg, I felt his hand groping my leg. I hiked it up over his back, and then realized I could have used it to kick him off me so that I could regain my dominance over him. However, his apparent groping proved to actually be a pocket check. His hand moved across my chest and into the pocket of my dress that he hadn't checked.

Damn it!

He pulled the key out, to my chagrin. I bit angrily at his left bicep as he struggled to pull away from me and undo the other cuff. However, I now had him clamped against me with both legs. The roof was too low, and he was too tall, for him to maneuver out of my grasp, especially since he was restrained.

Now, we were both laughing. We couldn't help it. The situation was just too absurd. And so, when I calmed myself and he gave up trying to reach the lock, I said, "I think we should go inside now."

"Yeah," Cameron said. "I'd rather not attempt to act out my thoughts." But I could tell from his tone and his expression that part of him was lying. Then, he bore a look of apprehension as I let go.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Nothing," he told me. "It's just inevitable, I guess."

"What's inevitable?"

He laughed, "Regardless of whether we go inside or stay here."

I realized then that he was talking about the dirty thoughts that had crossed his mind. He seemed both eager and regretful at once, and it confused me. What's more, I was torn between letting him off the hook or not. But I knew it was something I needed. I was tired of living in the dark.

It was... just... inevitable. I guess.

The End

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