Chapter 41: Slumber PartyMature

Narrator: Juliet Flanagan


"Sure, she can join the two of you. Just as long as she calls her parents," Mom told us.

I turned to look at Penny, but she was already at the phone, dialing.

Michelle laughed at me as I spun around in confusion.

"Hey, Dad... -- ... I know, Dad, should've could've would've... -- ... I have all weekend to work on that, Dad... -- ... Of course I've met them before, do you think I'm daft?" Penny seemed undaunted by all the arguments her father was throwing at her.

Michelle and I shared a disconcerting look.

"Fine then, if you say so, depression means I'm daft... -- ...No, they don't go to my school, but... -- ...Dad, be reasonable! Three teenage girls, with parental supervision. We probably won't even stay up past two... -- ... no, I haven't been drinking, Dad. I'm yelling because I'm angry. Geez... -- ...No, don't wake up Mom. Listen to me!"

My Mom, now in another room, could be heard yelling, "Mr. Lee, give your daughter a break! From what I've heard, Penelope's done everything in her power to help the Penningways clean up after the party... -- ...No, you listen to me, mister... -- ...I'll have you know, I've raised three children of my own, sir, the eldest is studying medicine with honours at -- ... Fine! Then it's settled. I'll drive her home in the morning. Goodnight, Mr. Lee."

Penny was gaping in silence with the phone pressed against one ear. After a long, heavy moment, she hung up.

Michelle was already walking over to where my Mom was at the phone in the living room, "That was fantastic, Mrs. Flanagan!"

"Wow," said Penny, stunned. "That'll keep him off my back for a few days. She knew just what to say."

Then, the front door opened and my other Mom walked in.

"Hey, Mom!" I shouted, as I run towards her with open arms. Hugged. "Woah, you didn't have to buy that much! We had plenty to eat at the Penningways."

She grinned, "Well, I know how much Michelle eats, despite her size. I mean, no offense," she glanced over my shoulder at Michelle, "you're just such an energetic girl."

"That I am," said Michelle, nodding.

"And modest, too!" I pointed out sarcastically.

Penny, on the other hand, was still looking back and forth from one mother to my other. Then it dawned on her, and she continued to smile politely, putting the phone back in its cradle. I bet she was glad my Mom hadn't disclosed anything about her sexual orientation and partner.

"You girls up for a movie?" my other Mom asked from the front hall.

"Someone spiked the punch," I admitted. "But we can manage. What'd you rent?"

"Hmm... I've got a few things here. I'll let you girls take a look once you get set up in the basement."

I went downstairs, with Michelle on my tail, leaving Penny in the kitchen to help with the snacks and make small-talk with my mothers.

"Should I?" Michelle asked, in a tone she reserved for our most private discussions.

I shrugged, "Don't try too hard, I don't want to be a third wheel."

Michelle smiled, "Gotcha."

"You're actually... willing to..." I was surprised, as I tried to focus on pulling the folding bed out of the couch.

"Not every Baptist is as conservative with such things as you might imagine," she reminded me, glancing at the TV table where I'd set out a dozen shades of nail polish.

"Yeah, I saw CJ's sociology project. Frighteningly hypocritical statistics, on both sides of the spectrum. The magazines and journals he quoted made it seem as if a majority in each denomination was against their typical values, such as anti-abortion or pro-choice, gay marriage and other less significant issues."

Her smile spread into a grin, "Besides, I get enough men from my yaoi mangas."

I laughed, glad that she could poke fun at her bisexuality.

"What'cha talkin' about?" Penny asked as she came down the stairs.

"Nothing, really," I told her. "Did you bring the movies?"

"Yeah. Umm... your Moms want to know if they're welcome to pick through the DVDs we're not watching tonight."

"Of course," I said, knowing they wouldn't give us a choice in the end.


The End

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