Chapter 33: DistractionMature

Narrator: Crystal Jennings


"You're so damn beautiful, Crystal. We should have done this years ago."

I thought making out would have been enough of a distraction for Brent, but perhaps I'd been a little too forward. As he pushed me into the guest room, I kicked the door closed behind us. No need for twice as much unearthed infidelity.


I could feel his greasy brown hair on the underside of my jaw, as he left my collarbone wet. Then, as he sucked on my neck, he leaned so far into me so that we both fell onto the queen-sized bed.

"Don't leave a mark, Brent," I told him, even though I wouldn't be seeing my parents anytime soon. If anyone was going to give me a hickey tonight, it was going to be CJ.

He stopped sucking my neck and slid himself up against me so that he could get his tongue in my mouth. His saliva was sticky from drinking punch, and I could swear I could smell the alcohol on his breath.

Brent was shorter than me by half a head. His body looked gangling from far away, but up close, with his height, he simply looked like he suffered from malnutrition. And the shadows beneath his eyes were probably a testament to online gaming into the early morning on a school night.

Then, his hands began to twist beneath my back, towards the clip of my bra. He fumbled with it for only a second, as if he'd done it too many times to too many different bras.

Backing off to give me fresh air, he greedily slid down my top and loose bra to reveal my breasts. And I immediately expected his face to drop immediately towards them, but instead he shuffled forward on his knees that were on either side of my chest.

"Wow, you've got a really nice pair o' tits." I wondered if he lacked the ability to say anything he hadn't picked up in a porn flick.

It dawned on me, then, what he wanted, long before he brought my hands towards his flie. I smiled as I unzipped it, though inside I was shuddering. I was hoping that, at any second, they'd call me off. A tease, he'd call me, and then it would be forgotten.

"Oh, babe, I can see you want it as much as I do."

"Whatever you say, Brent," I answered with false lust. It was so nasty, how he already smelled like spooge.

Honestly, I was quite disgusted at how easy it was to manipulate Brent. He forgot far too easily about his girlfriend who he should be comforting. I hoped that, for Leslie's sake, either Adam or CJ would be there for her.

He pulled it out himself. It seemed fully erect, despite being three fifths the length of Greg's and nearly half as wide. I wasn't sure if size mattered, but I had to try really hard to suppress the laughter that threatened to escape me. It was just so ironic, given the casual insults he tosses at every other guy. In fact, it kind of made sense: he was always compensating. Perhaps that's why he was always acting like a dickhead.

And when I fortunately failed to laugh, I somehow managed to blush instead. And the bastard took it as a sign...

It moved toward my mouth, like a one-fingered hand was hiding between his legs. I knew what he wanted me to do, and I knew it would be no challenge at all compared to what I was used to. The term deepthroat wouldn't even apply.

It was an inch from my face now, with a drop of precum at its tip.

A knock came at the door, and my heart stopped for a minute.

Brent pulled back hesitantly.

"Crystal, are you in there?" It was CJ. "Things are under control now. You can let him out."

I glared up at Brent, "You tell anyone about this, and I'll tell them about your puny little dick, you got it?"

"What!?" Brent was shocked.

"This was a distraction, so you wouldn't have to see something far worse."

"You tease! You slut! Three guys in one night doesn't satisfy you!"

I smiled, "You smell like crotch, your hair hasn't been washed in at least two days, your breath smells like spiked punch, your dick is as thin and as short as your index finger, and you really don't want to know what I just saved you the trouble of seeing in the bathroom! If anything, you should be thanking me."

He got off me and the bed in one swift and furious movement that almost kicked me in the face. Then, he pulled open the door and threw a fist at CJ, who ducked just in time for Brent's fist to hit the door frame.

CJ's sweater was pulled up over his face. He didn't bother retaliating, but he did move back and place his feet in a defensive stance.

"Aww, that the fuck is that smell? Were you guys burning hemp?" Brent seemed sickened by the smell from the bathroom. He didn't quite recognize it, which surprised me. I wasn't even close enough to smell it, but I could guess what it was.

"If you'll excuse me," said CJ, "I have a great big piece of my mind waiting for Adam, and I'd rather deliver it before they leave." And with that, CJ scampered up the carpeted stairs two steps at a time.

I slid onto my feet and walked over to the bathroom, not breathing once I was inside. I looked up to see a towel covering a vent. I pulled it off, and then ran out into the hall to catch a breath of fresh air. Then, I turned on the ventilation system, and closed the bathroom door on it before Brent could get a good look.

Juliet mumbled, "Umm... err... Crystal? Your nipples are showing."

Brent ran up the stairs, tripping at the top, his face red and fuming.

Michelle looked at me too seriously from a corner of the stairwell, "Way to take one for the team."

"Hey, now," I said defensively, as I put my bra back on and slid up my top. "He never touched these and, thankfully, CJ knocked on the door just before I would have had to take something for the team."

"Tee em aye," sang Juliet. "Oh, and we all heard you yelling at Brent. He moves way too fast."

"I think I was too forward, I thought it'd take more than that to fully distract him from what little he knew of Leslie's predicament."

"Yeah, well, there wasn't much to take for the team," said Michelle, "was there?" She handed me a facial tissue from her pocket, and I used it to wipe up the slobber on my collar bone.

We all laughed, and it somehow felt like we'd salvaged this terrible moment. Even if it was at the expense of someone else. Someone it was very hard to find more than a few drips and dribbles of sympathy for.

The End

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