Chapter 22: Adam's PunishmentMature

Narrator: Kieth Penningway


We were watching him. His slender, brown hand never pulled against his handcuffs. He looked back at us with complete indifference, a blank face and wet loins that never rose.

"You know, Adam," said Leslie, from where she'd perched herself atop my dresser, "Kieth is trying to answer your question -- in a way."

"No," I said as Greg plunged back into me, "that'd involve a love triangle... err... lust triangle. One of the two, whatever."

"And he's clearly not reacting to what he's seeing," observed Greg.

"Oh?" Leslie said, one hand inside her swimsuit doing God knows what. "You're just not watching him from the right angle. Behind his back, his fist is clenched so hard, his knuckles are pure white. And judging by the things he says to CJ, his mind is busy trying to distract him from what he's watching."

"Ah," said Greg. "So that's why you -- ooaoah! -- let her in here."

"Yes," I said, and then bit my lower lip as he went in deeper, "Ahh..."

Then, we all heard Adam let out a muffled yell through the rag we'd gagged him with.

"Oh, he snapped," said Leslie.

"Should we let him go now?" Greg asked, without breaking his rhythm.

"Sure. Leslie, can you do the honours? I'm a little busy."

She smiled obligingly, and stopped masturbating.

"Dang it," swore Greg. "Why did you have to move the bowl downstairs? I need a new one."

"Because I realized some of my brother's friends were definitely sexually active. I figured my Dad wouldn't care for phone calls in four months, from the parents of pregnant daughters, asking about the chaperoning of this party."

"So you'd rather give out free sheepskin condoms, than do routine room checks?" Greg asked, incredulous.

"Well, I did it so I could spend time with you."

Leslie reached into her pocket as she fiddled with the key in the handcuffs, and then pulled out a ribbed condom which she hastily tossed onto my lap.

"Thank you," I said, surprised to see something other than what I'd put out in the bowl.

"Well it's not like I'm getting any more from my boyfriend tonight," said Leslie. "Then again, word has spread around the party of the stains on his shirt, thanks to your black lights. So, most of the girls will probably be staying away from him."

I chuckled, as I watched Greg resheath himself. Then I realized something, "You were in front of me at the pharmacy this afternoon! You told me these were for your art project..."

"Yup," she said, while her fingers fiddled with the knot at the back of Adam's head. "I lied."

"Wow," exclaimed Greg. "We didn't even have to hit him for closing his eyes. Not once!"

Adam gasped as the gag came off his mouth, "Well, I'm glad I wasn't castrated."

"We did throw a beanbag out the window and into the pool, though. People are afraid to swim in that end of the pool. It's leaking red food colouring, too."

Adam began to chuckle.

"Well, I won the bet, Kieth," Greg reminded me. "He didn't get it up, so you better pay up."

Adam grabbed his towel off the floor and left the room, laughing in a way that suggested he was somewhat disturbed.

"Darn," said Leslie, as she grabbed her towel, "Now I'm bored."

"I did a coat check earlier," I told her. "You might not be so bored. Someone brought something special."

Leslie's eyes lit up and she left the room in haste.

"Did you really?" asked Greg.

"No, only Adam's coat. He was suspicious. Now, please, continue..."

"Gladly," he grinned at me, with a twinkle in his eye.

The End

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