Chapter 19: Saying It and Doing ItMature

Narrator: Faruq Kadir-Nayak (Adam)


My black hair stuck to my face, my vision was clouded by the sprays of water exchanged between us; only short flashes of her pink hair. I was completely unaware of the people that surrounded us. These people who had no common courtesy, no morals, no dignity – they were brash. Leslie was… peculiar.

God, if my dad found me with a girl in a bikini, his accent giving emphasis on the first syllable and his so-called “ethics” adding that overtone of deprecation, I would be in deep shit. And then if he heard about Joshua’s brother and that bisexual guy dry-humping on the couch – that would make his face go red with anger. And finally, if he knew I spiked the punch; that would make him have a heart attack.

My father, a computer programmer, who is supposed to keep up with the “modern times” can’t even tolerate the words “suck” or “crap.” Sometimes I just want to flip him off.

At least I’m away from the house for a while. I appreciate the time to be myself, and have my fair share of time with the opposite sex. But right now, the only girl I have my eye on, is Leslie.

“Okay, okay! You win, Adam. You win.” Leslie said through her laughter, holding her arms up in surrender of our water fight.

“Thank you. I was wondering when you’d give in.”

I finally got to get a good look at her. She looked hot, wet and dripping—

“You look hot, wet and dripping.”

Shit. Fuck. Why the fuck did I say that? My father once told me, “When you meet a nice Indian girl, you tell her she is beautiful; none of this white people’s ‘hot’ or ‘smoking’, you hear me, boy?” His words of a thick Indian accent resonated in my head.

She looked at me, taken aback, but she didn’t seem to be offended. Man, those girls at the Catholic school would go right ahead and tell their Bible-obsessed parents, who don’t even let their kids read ‘Harry Potter’ for goodness sake. Then, I’d be forced to confession, a beating from my dear-oh-dear father and possibly, expulsion.

Leslie burst out laughing after a moment of silence, “Well, thank you Adam. You look rather hot yourself.”

She smiled at me sexily and as I came back to my senses, I returned it with a look of relief. I wanted to bring her back home with me. Not for sex, mind you, but to see the look on my ancient dad’s face. Hell, wouldn’t that be a sight.

He would cringe at her pink hair, and his eyes would burn at the sight of her skin and he would look at me with every desire to pummel me down. That man is a coward. He’s oblivious to the change around him, or more accurately, he denies it and slams the door in its face.

Leslie reminded me of one of those girls at the school behind us, where I pick up most of my flings. It’s a public school and the stuck-up uniform clad kids in mine are at a constant feud with them. It took me ages to be allowed in their “territory”.

Marissa was finishing 12th grade when I met her, I, new and innocent at the Catholic school, and very much into ‘older girls’. She smoked pot, went to sleazy nightclubs and swore in every sentence – definitely not a virgin. I suppose you could say that’s when my rebellion began, and so by keeping me in the Catholic school won’t do any good, dad.

When I say Leslie reminds me of her, I don’t mean to suggest that Marissa and her do the same things or are the same people. No, and when I say she is peculiar, all I mean is – she’s enchanting. I want to know how she ended up here with these gay-asses and a cunt-obsessed (I would only call myself, as cunt-liking) bastard of a boyfriend.

I threw the beach ball back in her face, something she used to “wake me up”, but she caught it and flipped me off playfully.

“Hey Leslie?” Her eyes widened, as a symbol of attentiveness. I continued, “You wanna… Get out of here? As in, out of the pool?” I didn’t know how arts school girls played the game, so I was hoping I didn’t say the wrong thing. I might’ve given a confident impression, but I truly had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t even know why I wanted to leave the pool with her, but the water started to feel heavy on my skin.

“Hell yeah!” Obviously I said the right thing – now, I had to do the right thing. 

The End

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