Chapter 18: The Art of SeductionMature

Narrator: Leslie Defiere


We stood there, silently for a moment, looking at our glasses aimlessly. We were both trying to think of something to say, and I wasn’t even sure if I should be saying anything to this guy. I was taken! And here I am, flirting with a guy who calls himself Adam, whom I barely know.

“Why’d you do it?” He looked at me curiously and I looked back at him, confused and raised my eyebrows.

“I mean, why’d you dye your hair pink?” He pointed at my hair.

“Oh that. I dunno; I just got bored of the usual thing, you know?”

I wasn’t bored of it, to say the truth – I was angry at it. That brown hair of mine was a beauty. At first look, it seemed to be the ordinary brunette, but if you looked at it really closely, in the light – you’d notice the twinge of a deep red. The vermilion streaks were in all the right places… I got it from my mom.

Not that she was much of a mother anyway, but I used to thank her for my hair; hell, I think the only reason why I loved her was because of it. She adored her hair; she never missed a Sunday at the salon – even in the worst of states – she bought all the ‘new and improved!’ hair loss control products and dried it for half an hour after every wash. It was perfect and ravishing as ever, up until she decided to take those pills.

“I get what you mean.” Adam looked about and all of a sudden he seemed petrified. There was something in the distance behind me; I began to turn around—“No! Don’t, Leslie.” I already saw. Brent was kissing another girl, taking no notice of his girlfriend. Typical.

“Adam, it’s fine.” I knew I was going to have to explain why it was ‘fine’, “It’s Brent,” I chuckled lightly, “That’s what he does.”

“You put up with that manwhore?”

I got the feeling Adam was just trying to be sympathetic and morally upholding to get a taste of what I was like in bed. He was ladies’ man; I could tell. They always start off slow. That’s key – and then when they’ve made the girl laugh a couple of times, treated them as though they were only looking for friendship and had deep conversations on past relationships (they especially go for the shitty ones), making the seductee understand how much of a better man he is – supposedly. That’s what Brent does to girls, but he didn’t do that to me. And that’s why I stick with him, because to him, somewhere deep down, I was special.

“Yeah, well – he cares about me the most. And from what I can tell, you’ve done the same thing before.” There was look of guilt on his face, and that confirmed my reckoning.

“Fine. Guilty as charged. But I had my reasons, Leslie… And I don’t see what reason Brent could possibly have – you’re lovely…” I was confused; manwhores don’t say ‘lovely’. They don’t have the courage to say something like that; they’re cowards after all, not being able to commit.

I remained silent and his lips curved into a big smile, “You wanna swim?” He asked enthusiastically.

I thought about this for a second. He wasn’t trying to sleep with me; he wouldn’t do that in front of all the people in the pool (although, Kieth and Greg had no reservations about their public display of… sexual longing of the same sex) and I guess I owe it to him – he did call me lovely.

“Sure thing. Let’s change.” I got my new black and silver bikini out and went into the living room bathroom whilst he ran off to another. I was suddenly buzzing with excitement, unsure of whether this was due to Adam or the idea of jumping in Josh’s lovely pool.

I checked that the lower piece was knotted tightly on the sides, and fumbled with the knot at the back of the neck with my top. Clumsy fingers aren’t ideal for this situation. Shit. Someone knocked at my door, “Leslie, you okay in there?” It was Adam, he was checking on me.

I thought for a moment or two, my fingers still clasping the two untied strings. What the hell! I made sure my dress covered my purple underwear and matching bra, and opened the door cautiously. He didn’t react to the insecure bikini top.

Chuckling embarrassedly, I asked him to tie it up for me. I hoped he hadn’t thought this was some kind of seductive trick; I wasn’t ready to let him in my pants – yet.

“Sure, turn around.”

I did as I was told and his hands held on to the strings as I let go. My fingers were red from having held it so tightly, and my arms then moved instinctively into a criss-cross position, veiling my chest. I would have held the pads of the bikini in place by placing my hands over each breast, but it seemed like another flirtatious move.

The hairs of my neck stood up as his knuckles touched my skin, his fingers moving to shape it into a ribbon. He had done this before, I was sure of it.

“Done. Wait for me at the pool, I should probably check my phone.”

“Righty-o sir.”

I grabbed my clothes and quickly shoved it into my bag and walked to the pool. There were a number of people inside and I heard a loud groan from somewhere. I surveyed the swimmers, and noticed it was coming from the overlooking window of Kieth’s bedroom. I chuckled and shook my head.

The water splashed over the sides and out of the water came CJ and Crystal. Of course; everyone looks for solace in Cameron Archvale Jr. They looked at each other animatedly and Crystal reached for his hand, which, if I’m not mistaken, CJ hesitantly took. And the two jumped in together, Crystal with a high-pitched yelp.

Out of the blue, two dry hands pushed me forward and I gave the same shriek as Crystal did, only louder. I floated back to the surface, my head bobbing. I had choked on the water and coughed furiously, amidst the laughing. Habitually, my fingers were at the knot he had tied to make sure it was secure – I tightened them, just in case. Then my laughing stopped and I rubbed my eyes of the slight pain from chlorine; Adam wasn’t in sight.

“BOO!” A shout went through my ear and I found myself facing Adam. I smiled in relief.

“Jesus Adam! That push was enough!” He smiled at me cunningly.

“Couldn’t help it. And don’t worry about the knot – I have experience.”

“I’m sure you do!” I splashed water into his smug face and the both of us were swearing and laughing at each other playfully. It felt good to get wet. 

The End

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