First, everything was black.

Then, as his eyes slowly became accustomed to the light, he realized  he was laying in a small bed, an a stone brick room.  Somewhere above his head was a window, he could feel the draft breezing in through the cracks between the frame and the wall, no moon light, but there was light, coming from somewhere.  He sat up, he was dressed in a long gray night shirt, like you might find in a hospital.

              Turning his head slowly to keep his eyes in focus, he took in the room in as much as he could.  There was a door built into the wall behind his bed, looked heavy and sturdy, like a prison door, with one small window, a barred window.  He looked back up to the window, it was small, about the size of a large envelope.  No way anyone could fit through that.

                         He turned his attention back to the door, the rest of the room seemed empty, what looked like bare stone walls, gray and dismal.  As he straightened up something clicked in his head, he reached back to the middle of spine and rubbed, he lifted his night shirt and tried again, nothing.....no holes, no tissue damage, nothing?  He dropped the back of the gown again and stared into the dark,

"i know it happened?" he pondered, "i felt the bullet hit me, in know it did? But then what?, What happened next? I think i fell?",

there was a sharp wrap at the door, he pushed himself off the bed, expecting his legs to give in and the pain from the gun shot taking over the pain killers he'd obviously been doped up with, but his legs were strong, no pain, no dizziness, nothing.  He moved forwards across the cold stone floor, it hadn't registered he had nothing on his feet.

                                  He moved closer to the door and put his ear to it, hard, cold metal.  It came again, a sharp quick rap on a door, but it wasn't his.  He waited, listening intently, there was a voice, a girls voice but to quiet to hear properly, he stood back, raised his hands and banged them down hard on the door,

"DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHO I AM!?!?!", he yelled at whoever was on the other side,

"OPEN    THIS    DOOR!", he waited, there was a sound like a latch being opened and the small barred window of the door opened,

"yes", came the nonplussed voice of a very young woman, he had to admit he was taken aback by this very calm statement, obviously she had no clue who he was,

"then," he said calmly, dangerously calmly, "you had better be a good girl and open the door, hadn't you",

"no", she replied.

He was just about to retort when her gaze caught his, her eyes, her dazzling eyes!

"he'll let you out when he's ready for you" she said

"HE?" he snapped back, regaining focus, "And exactly WHO may HE be?!", the girls eyes smiled at him, he knew she was amused

"Oh you think thats funny?!" he was loosing patience, this was dangerous, "How funny is it gonna be when your tied to a bed being raped by six of the biggest, ugliest and most foul men you can possibly imagine?", his face never lost its calm, even shouting he never broke his emotional cool, however....

                                                 The lights in the corridor outside began to flicker, there was an odd smell in the air, like a static discharge, he shifted his head from side to side taking in as much of the corridor beyond the door as he could, using his nose as his eyes to locate the source of the smell, the lights snapped out and then, he saw her eyes.

                               They burnt white in there sockets, the black of the pupil gone, replaced by the brightest of lights, it burnt into the back of his head to even look at them.  Her body lost all detailed form, the shape was still there but blacked out against the light form her eyes, all but her outline, it glowed ominously, like an eclipsed sun or moon.

               The outline light was pulsing, like the flame of a candle growing larger and smaller with every little blow and with each pulse it became brighter and brighter.  As her "aura" became more intense the light in her eyes grew dimmer, it reminded him of something, a count down.

"WHAT THE DID YOU SAY TO HER!" came a mans voice from the dark corridor, he couldn't see him, but knew he was close to the girl, "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU SAY YOU IDIOT!!", he was voiceless, he didn't understand any of this, what the hell was going on?

"BARRICADE!! THE CLOAK!!", he was shouting ton someone else, someone silent.  Suddenly the "aura" vanished, the eyes obscured by something he couldn't make out. "Ok I got her man", said the male voice, and in an instant, the lights in the corridor snapped back on, the smell gone, so was the girl.

                                                       Standing in her place was a young man, mid twenties he guessed, not bad looking, thin but strong looking features, deep brown eyes he swore could have been a tiny yellow outline the brown?  His hair was long, down past his shoulders if it hadn't been tied back into a tail, his clothes however, "well style isn't for everyone is it?!", he thought, the young man was dressed in ripped blue denim jeans, a deep navy blue t-shirt finished off with a black waist coat, pvc, not leather.

"So", he asked at the man, who was staring at him like he'd like nothing more but to rip his throat out, "Are you him?", the young man paced back and forth in front of the door twice, never breaking eye contact, before stopping, obviously trying to make a difficult choice inside his own head, then smiled, it did not inspire confidence,

"Our guest", said with such malice he could almost taste it, "is kickin off Barri mate, why don't you put him back to bed?! ",

"why don't you?", he asked, he would charge through when the door opened, by the shape of the walls he could see in the corridor he knew there was a branching off corridor just to the left of his door, it maybe a hopeless attempt, he had no idea what was waiting for him, but making any stand was better then sitting here waiting for the mysterious "HIM"

The door swung open, narrowly missing his face, he charged forward, planning on hitting the man outside with everything he had but there was another door?! No, not a door, a wall? It was blocking every inch of the open doorway and light, it was warm?  He stood back and stared up, at the biggest man he had ever seen in his life!

                           The hulking figure stood 7feet tall, from gigantic foot and massive head, he was over sized in every way, legs like tree trunks, a torso the size of a wardrobe.  His shoulders were so wide, he wasn't sure the giant would even be able to get into the room.  He seemed to have a shaved head and after getting a bit more used to the lack of light, he could make out scars on his face, some deep, one in particular ran the length of his face, from the right side of his forehead to the bottom left of his chin.

                                                  He appeared to be wearing a huge shirt and jeans seemed to have been stitched together from at least three different pairs of each, none matching, two different shades of blue jean and black, and a deep green, blue and orange shirt.  The hulk stepped forward, into the room, he really could see why his companion had called him "Barricade"!

Barricade stepped closer, he turned to move to the back wall of the cell but he was already there!  In two steps this man mountain had covered the distance of the whole room and was now leaning in towards him, everything went black.


The End

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