The Fourth Door .4

                                             The door behind him crashed open, heavy footsteps marched towards him,

"So, if it isn't our little night time wanderer!", Wolf sneered as he approached, Robert did not respond, or even look round.  Wolf reached the table, and sat down on its edge, as close to Robert as he could get,

"So, you wanna tell me where you wandered off to?", he was leaning in very close, testing Roberts patience.  Robert just continued to stare at the book shelf across the table,

"I asked you a question!", Wolf spat through gritted teeth, Robert put his cup down on its saucer carefully, crossed the fingers of his hands in front of his face, as if in prayer, then tilted his face towards Wolf, and asked calmly, and softly,

"Was I not supposed to?",

Wolf just sat on the edge of the table, staring at him menacingly,

"My cell door wasn't locked, and I couldn't sleep", Robert continued, "so, I decided to take a walk, see if I could ware myself out!",

"I'll ware you out!", Wolf hissed into Roberts left ear, spitting as he spoke, Robert shifted his head a little, wincing at the saliva in his ear.  He reached across the table for a napkin on the breakfast platter and rubbed his ear dry,

"If I've broken some rule", he started, in a slightly firmer tone, "would you please tell me which one?!".

                                           Wolf leaned in even closer, lifting a hand from the table and balling it into a fist, he was about to say something when the living area door opened again,

"Leave him alone, Wolf!", Eclipse snapped, Wolf looked up at her, shifting away from Robert and hopping down to the floor from the table edge,

"What is it with you and this guy?!", Wolf asked, walking towards her, "a week ago you wanted to kill him, now you wanna kiss him??!!",

"I never wanted to kill anyone!", Eclipse snapped back, "I just got angry, thats all!",

"ANGRY!!", Wolf blurted out, "I've seen you angry, El, hasn't involved flash frying someone in a concrete room before!",  Eclipse marched right up to him, forcing him to stop dead in his tracks,

"Don't push me, Wolf!", Eclipse hissed at him, her nose a hair away from his.  Wolf looked as though he'd like nothing more than to except the challenge, and continue pushing, but his eyes told a different story, they were shaky, uneasy and a light sweat had broken over his brow,

"So is that the way its gonna be now, El, him over us?!", Wolf walked past her,

"I'm not picking sides!", Eclipse turned and called back after him.  Wolf muttered something back at her, which sounded alot like,

"You could have fooled me!".

                                       Eclipse finished crossing the room and sat down opposite Robert,

"So, you want to tell me how you ended up in the spare room?", she questioned him,

"I...", he was about to tell her about his nightmare, but changed his mind, "woke up, feeling very out of place and cold so I decided to go for a shower,  I was walking past your bedrooms when I heard Wolf moving about, I wasn't sure if I was allowed to be wandering, I mean my doors never locked anymore, but still, you seem to get into trouble round here without doing anything!", he stared at her, he was reffering to her own run in with Woods, hopping she might shed more light on the matter,

"Wolf??!!", she asked in utter surprise, "awake??!",

"Yeah, must have been about half four I think, was still very dark outside",

"hmmmm...", Eclipse pondered, "I wonder what he was doing?",

Robert picked his coffee back up and continued drinking, Eclipse staring into thin air, then her head snapped up and a look of worry took her,

"Damn it!", she cried, "the professor, he wants to see you!, I completely forgot!!",

"When?", Robert asked,

"Um....NOW!?!?" she stated sarcastically, Robert sighed, drained his coffee and stood up,

"OK, lets go see Woods!", and he strolled off towards the shelf-door.

The End

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