The Fourth Door .3

                                              The wardrobe began to lean to one side, it was being slowly and carefully pushed aside from behind, to reveal a large, bricked up, window frame.  One of the bricks was missing, a hand was with drawing back out, through the hole, having just pushed the wardrobe away from the window, then the the bricks around the gap began to shake, as unseen hands pulled them from the wall, increasing the empty space between them.  Once the hole was large enough, a man, dressed from head to toe in the same muddy, green brown as the sweaters in the nearby chest of draws.

                                               He stood up, infront of the window, inspecting the room, he wore a long, leather over coat, tight cut trousers and an open collar shirt, all the same colour, his hair was a light,  mousey brown.  The stranger walked around the room, opening the wardrobe, then closing the doors again, as if investigating a crime scene.  He walked towards the bathroom, then looked over at the bed, and saw Robert laying there, fast asleep.

                                                 The stranger walked to the bed, then quickly over to the door, pressing his ear against it, checking the coast was clear, checking he would not be disturbed, the corridor sounded empty, he checked his wrist watch, quarter to four, no one would be about for at least another hour, he had plenty of time!  He walked back to Robert and stared down at him, considering him for a moment, before reaching over and lifting his eye lids, Roberts eyes were almost completely rolled over, dead to the world,

"What the hell is he pumping into you?!", the stranger asked, he allowed Roberts eye lids to close again, reassured that he would not wake and disturb him,

"You know", he continued, "this is my room!", and very slowly, drew the hem of his coat around his right leg, to expose a shinny, silver barrelled revolver, in a light brown, leather holster.  He drew the gun and pointed it at Roberts head,

"It would be so easy", he grinned,

"NOOOOOOO", hissed a voice from with in the room, "NOT NOOOOOOW", the voice was distorted and wrong, not the voice of a man, it was an echo, carried on the wind,

"Yeah.....", the stranger replied to the unseen being with him, "I know", and he reholstered his gun. 

                                                 Suddently, the corridor outside was filled with noise, someone had left their bedroom and was heading away from the room, back towards the cell area,

"Damn", said the stranger, and he ran back for the window,

"NOOOOOO!!", came the voice again, this time louder, and angry, "FINIIIIIIIISH!",

"Their coming!", replied the stranger, "they'll know he's not in his room soon, we have to leave!", and with that, he walked behind the wardrobe and began pulling it back towards himself, then climbed back through the hole in the bricked up window, and started to replace the bricks.  Before the last brick went in, the stranger called back into the room,

"One day, you'll stop cocking everything up!", then replaced the final brick.

 "What the hell are you doing here??!!", her voice was high pitched and shrill, she sounded alarmed and angry, "open your eyes!", she snapped,  Robert opened his eyes and looked up an Eclipse, he felt groggy, not himself,

"I?", he looked around himself, sitting up and quite forgetting he was only wearing a towel, which he pulled back over his lap as he felt it slip off,

"You have to get out of here!", she snapped again, "just get back to the cell, quickly!",

                                               Robert sat up, and sleepily reached for his clothes, which were laying next to him on the bed,

"Where am I?!", he asked, still very confused,

"Your in the spare room!", she told him, "I have no idea how you found it, but if Wolf or the professor catches you in here....just hurry up!", and she turned her back so he could put his jeans on.  Eclipse waited till he was dressed and standing and then shoved him towards the now open, bedroom door,

"You need to get back to the cell!", she ordered as they left the room, Eclipse closing the door, and pushing the sliding panel back into place, then they heard the sound of the cell area door closing, and footsteps coming towards them, Wolf,

"The guest room!", Eclipses eyes were wide and fretful, "just get to the guest room, if he asked, tell Wolf you were looking for me in the library, no way he'd have been in the library!", then she shoved him again, this time towards the guest room door,

"I'll head him off...GO!", she quietly snapped, and Robert headed off towards the room, moving as quickly as his overly exausted body would carry him, as he was about to step through the door, he heard Eclipse talking to Wolf,

"He probably went exporing!", she told him, "He isnt under cell arrest anymore!", he did not wait for Wolf's answer, but stepped into the room and closed the door behind him.

                                                  The guest room was empty, just a platter holding dirty breakfast dishes on the round table, he had no idea what time it was, he tried looking up through the stain glass dome, trying to work out where the sun was, but the sky outside was to overcast to see anything.  Robert walked to the table and saw the coffee pot was still steaming, it couldn't be that late then, he poured himself a coffee, sat down, and tried to remember what had happened the night before, he remembered having a nightmare, a dream of something he had actually lived, but it had been wrong, if only he could remember the details?!

The End

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