The Fourth Door .2

                                               He snapped up right in bed, his hands gripping the sheet.  Covered from head to toe in cold sweat, his entire body shaking in fear.  He was looking directly a head, at the back wall, unable to make his head or even just his eyes move, terrfied of what might be lurking in the darkness of the cell.

                                                Eventually, Robert felt his nerve returning, the effects of the nightmare wearing off.  He was freezing, and desperate for a shower, he wanted to get out of the wet bed, and go somewhere warm.  The guest room, it was still dark outside his tiny window, nowhere near morning, he would go and take a long, hot shower, then curl up on one of the sofas by the fire, that was, as long as his cell was unlocked.

                                               Robert climbed out of bed and dressed quickly, his new clothes were starting to get dirty, he really had to remember to ask Eclipse about how to go about getting them washed.  After dressing, he walked across the cold stone floor, and pulled the handle of the sturdy iron door, it creaked open.  The corridor outside was bright, the fleurescent tube bulbs hurt his eyes as he moved along its smooth, white tiled floor, towards the door at its end.

                                             As he slipped into the living area, the mini orbs began to glow dully, he silently wished they would stay low, he didn't want to wake anyone.  Robert had no idea if he was allowed to wander the halls at night, and if not, would they lock his cell door again at night?  He crept along the corridor, wincing as the floor creaked with every step, as he passed by the door he was sure belonged to Eclipse, he paused, and put his ear to the door, but there was nothing to hear, a tiny part of him wanted to open the door, just to take a look and see if she was awake, then he caught a whiff off himself and the need for a shower took over again.

                                              Robert was about to continue round the corner of the corridor, when he heard a shuffling behind the next door, behind Wolfs door.  The last thing he needed now was another confrontation with Wolf, he barely escaped the last in one piece and if the snoring coming from the last door was anything to go by, Barricade would not be helping out this time!  Robert looked from left to right, trying to figure out which door to run for, the cell area or guest room?, the noise was coming closer, Wolf would be in the corridor with him at any moment, Robert stepped back, into the wooden wall, and felt a click run through the panel.  He stepped away and watched what had looked like solid oak wall, telescope sideways into the wall, revealing another door, identical to the other three?

                                            Robert grasped the handle and pulled it down, the door clicked open and he stepped through, as he went, he pushed the tiny edge of panel still visible and watched the wooden panel slip over the door again, he listened, waiting to for Wolf to come out of his room.  When he finally did hear the opening and closing of the door opposite him, Robert held his breath instinctively.  Wolf was in the corridor, Robert could hear him yawning, but what was he doing?

                                         Wolf stood in the corridor, stretching, he felt restless, and wanted to go take it out on something large and heavy in the gym, he was about to head towards the guest room, when he stopped, taking a deep breath, and holding it in, there was an odd scent in the air, sweaty, musky, but it wasn't one he knew.  Wolf was very familiar with Eclipse, Barri and the professors scents, this one was different, which could only mean one thing,

"Oh, so he just goes wandering around whenever he wants now, huh, tut, must have missed the memo!".

                                         Robert stood away from the door,

'No way!', he thought to himself, 'no way he can smell me!'

He waited, and waited, Wolf was probably trying to work out how long ago he had been there.  finally, Wolf walked off, making his way towards the guest room, exactly the way Robert wanted to go.  He decided that it would be more sensible to wait a while, before continuing with his venture to the bathroom.  Robert turned to look at the room he was in, as usual, a large floating "moon" orb, lit the room, its light quite dull and easy on the eyes.

                                                    The room was fairly well furnished, poilshed wood like the other rooms, a single book shelf, with only half a dozen books on it.  A large, well crafted oak wardrobe stood in the far corner of the room, beside a magnificent, silver, four poster bed, with jet black silk sheets and about six, massive, matching pillows.  Directly beside him was a chest of draws, he pulled one of the golden handles and the top draw slid out.  There were clothes in it, a couple of sweaters, a sort of muddy, greeny brown in colour, he was sorely tempted to put one on, find a change for his increasingly smelly clothes, but decided it probably wasn't the best idea!

                                            What he did do, however, was to use the en suite bathroom he found through a second door, missed before because it was hidden in the overcast of the wardrobe.  He found it very different from the bedroom, white and black tiled floor, a perfectly round and very deep black marble bath and a ,matching shower cubicle to its left, even the towels, hanging over a heated rail, were black, Robert rather liked this room!  He showered quickly, still a little weary of what may happen!

                                  When he was done, Robert walked back into the bed room with his clothes and sat on the edge of the bed, in sank under his slight weight, feeling soft and welcoming.  He opened his mouth to let out an enormous yawn, leaning back, putting his hand behind his head and staring up at the orb and its 'smoke' thing, feeling very, very relaxed.

The End

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