Personal Training .4

                                                       Eclipse entered the office and sat down opposite Woods, he was leaning back in his chair, a somber look on his face.  She said nothing, just watched him, watching her,

"Well?", he asked,

"I think it's working?", she began,

"You think its working?!", Woods exclaimed, wide eyed, "I'm afraid I'm going to need a little more than think, my dear!",

"Look, I'm doing my best, I'm not exactly happy about this, you know!",

"I don't honestly care how happy you are, Eclipse, you know why we are doing this, or atleast, you know as much as I do!", he leant in over the desk, pushing his face as close to hers as he could, "Unless, you want to die?",

"Of course I don't!", she snapped back, "but I don't see why we have to do it this  way!  He's never even been in love, do you think he's just going to wake up one morning and decide, 'oh, I love Eclipse!', then coming running to my aid??!!",

"Actually", Woods replied, "thats exactly what I expect!".

                                              Eclipse let her head fall, clamping a hand to her forehead,

"I don't want to do this!", she told him, "Its ruining everything, Wolf won't talk to me, Barricade won't leave Wolf, they don't understand!  Even if I could tell them whats going to happen, they still wouldn't understand!",

"Do you love Wolf?", Woods asked her, Eclipse was a little surprised by the question,

"Yes, I love both of them, but I'm not in love with him!",

"Does he know that?", Woods continued,

"Yes, he has since we were sixteen!", Eclipse was becoming defensive,

"Things change, Eclipse, that was eight years ago, you have changed, dramatically, there was a time that the sheer thought of being trapped alone with a man would have sent you over the edge!",

"Whats that supposed to mean?!",

"I'm merely suggesting that perhaps, feelings change?, people begin looking at each other differently?!",

"Whatever your hinting at, no, my feelings for Wolf haven't changed, you don't have to worry!", she snapped back,

"Oh, I'm not worried, in fact, I think this would be a lot easier if you did feel the same way!",

"Well then I'm sorry to disappoint you!,

"You may get as angry with me as you like, well, as long as you don't go blowing the building up!, but it will not change your destiny, Eclipse!",

"I don't believe in destiny, professor!", she replied defiantly, Woods smiled back, a proud smile,

"I'm glad you still have so much fight, your going to need it!, Eclipse, please don't think I actually want anyone to die, but, if its a choice between you and that piece of absolute filth, well, there are things even the hypocratic oath will turn a blind eye too!",

"Well, good for the hyprocratic oath!, Unfortunatly I have feelings, and no matter who he is, or what he's done, this isn't right!",

"No matter what?!", Woods asked curiously, "do you really mean that, nothing?!",

"Whats that supposed to mean?, I said so didn't I?!",

Woods smile grew broader, "This must work, Eclipse, and it can not without your help!",

"Drugs and lies, isn't that the world you sucked him out of?!",

"I did nothing!, he was released by his own kind, and my drugs are slightly different to the ones he was peddling!",

"Still, your force feeding him mind altering substances and you haven't even told him!, I'm just amazed he isn't going completely mad!",  she got up to leave, "I'm hungry!" she snapped, turning to face the door, and hoping he could not see the faint trickles of light running down her face,

"Very well, and don't forget, we've been arguing, I am very disappointed in you, and you can not understand why!", he sounded like a teacher getting a very small child ready to recite lines on stage,

"I know!", she hissed back, still facing the door, "and don't worry, I'm sure I can manage upset!", and with that, Eclipse opened the door and slammed it closed behind her.  Woods waited till he could make out her footsteps on the stairs, then picked up the phone receiver from its base on his desk, he did not dial, just waited, listening to the dial tone click over, again and again, until finally, it stopped,

"It's me, everything is going exactly to plan, I can assure you, he will be ready when the time comes.......what?, no contact from Sniper, although I'm sure he has returned to the "hospital" at least once.......of course.....I'll keep you all informed!", he hung up the phone and leaned back in his chair, contemplating where to go from here.



The End

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