Personal Training .3

"Do you think I need it?", Robert asked her,

"We all need a little healing", she replied,"especially someone who's lived in lies as long as you have!", she sounded so wise, way beyond her years, the benefit of growing up in a building full of books he though,

"What makes you think I've lived in lies?", he aske, she laughed,

"Oh, so you the worlds first honest drug dealer?!!",

"Point made", he admitted, "but, you'd be surprised how often the truth is the best policy!", she did not looked convinced.  Robert wanted to steer the conversation away from drugs, he found talking about it with Eclipse difficult, in fact he was certain, at that moment, that for the first time in his life he was ashamed. 

                                                Eclipse seemed to register his discomfort, and whether or not he deserved to feel this way, it wasn't what she wanted,

"Look, I just mean you might find something you didn't know you wanted, or looking for!", her voice was soft, soothing.  Something in those words rang a bell in his head, something Woods had said before, about him needing something he didn't know he needed.  Robert wasn't sure how to take this, was it just coincedence, or was it more?

"Just have a look, for me?!", she smiled sweetly, he hated it when women did that, using 'puppy dog' eyes to get what they wanted, normally, it would have had no effect on him at all, however, the more he looked into her brilliant blue eyes, the more he felt the need to make them smile more,

"Oh give me the bloody book!", he huffed, trying to sound put out,

"Thank you!", she picked up the heavy book from the floor in both hands, literally throwing it  across the small space between their chairs, Robert caught the book, almost falling out of his own chair from the weight of it, he began flicking through the pages, stopping every now and then to stare at one, hoping Eclipse wouldn't notice he wasn't actually reading it!

"So what do you do in here?", he asked without looking up,

"Study!", she replied, swinging her legs off the chair, getting up and walking across the room to one of the vast book shelves, skimming the spines as she went, checking the titles,

"Study what?!", he asked, looking up from the book and and watching her curiously,

"Well, originally I was trying to unlock the parts of my memory surrounding the death of my father, since then, well, other things", by the time she'd finished the sentence, she sounded quite down,

"Suxh as?!", Robert persisted,

"Look, it doesn't matter, there are just things in my life I would like to understand more fully!".

                                               Robert was thinking back to the reports surrounding the incident at the children's home, something suddenly ocoured to him.  If everyone but Eclipse had been were all the details in the file?, who had made them?  He looked at the beautiful dark haired girl, choosing her next book, had she broken the mental lock?, was there ever a mental lock to break?, or did she truly remember everything that had happened, preferring to keep accounts of that night to herself?

                                                 Eclipse picked a book, then returned to her chair, she slipped of her flat soled shoes and curled up, sitting on her feet, Robert looked across to see what she picked,

                              Secrets Of The Human Body



                                      Dr. J. Woods, Phd, Md

"How many subjects does Woods cover??!!", he looked over her shoulder, trying to examine the other books on the shelf she's retrieved the book from,

"Actually there all inter linked", she began, "Woods theorises that the mind and body work in tune with each other, rather than the regarded theory that the mind controls the body!", she looked very pleased with herself for uderstanding it all, Robert, on the other hand, looked very confused, she smiled at him, then continued,

"Basically, for years we've believed that the brain controls the body, right?, well, the professor's theory suggests that the body is as capable of controling the mind, as the mind is the body.  Think about falling in love, we all know its a chemical imbalance right?, so why does your chest heave, and your heart sink?", Robert interrupted her,

"I wouldn't know!", she said coldly,

"What?, you've never been in love??!!", she giggled, Robert just frowned,

"OH!", she said, very surprised, "What??, never?",

"I don't think I can!", he replied honestly, "I've never felt anything for anyone, let alone love!", he spat the word at her.  Eclipse got up, put her book under her arm and walked across the room towards where the door should have been, he watched as she pushed three different books further on their shelf, then the entire shelf telescoped right, revealing the door,

"Have I said something wrong?!", he asked her, getting up and following her to the door, not wanting to get locked in the library again,

"No, I have a meeting with the professor in a minute".

                                                They left the library, Eclipse began walking up the stairs, Robert stood at the foot, watching her, he turned to leave when she called back,

"See you at supper, Mist!", he did not turn round, just smiled to himself, and made his way towards the cell area.

The End

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