Personal Training .2

   Robert arrived in the guest room, expecting to find at least Eclipse, but the room was empty?, he imagined Wolf was probably still in his room, sulking, probably holding Barricades lunch hostage!  Robert helped himself to a bowl of steaming chicken soup and a large slice of fresh, crusty white bread.  He sat down and ate, trying his best not to think about the events of the day so far, his head hadn't felt this clear in so long.  Although the sun was still high in the sky, the 'smoke' thing in the orb, seemed to have awakened, if it had ever really been asleep?  It was, very slowly, floating from the base of the orb, to the top, it reminded Robert of someone sleeping in a cartoon, with a feather just above their mouth, watching it bob up and down in the sleepers breath!

                                              He finished his soup and got up to leave, Woods note said Eclipse would be in the library for the afternoon and that he was to join her, hopefully, this session would be a little less life threatening!  He made for the shelf-door and pulled the book, the doors swinging open, revealing the dark passage to the greeting area.  Once through, Robert approached the library door, stopping for a moment and spinning on his heels, looking up at the balcony above him, the side leading to Woods office, he felt sure someone had been watching him?, but the landing was empty.

                                     Spending most of the time on edge, waiting for something unusual to happen, Robert was not surprised his brain was now playing tricks on him.  He turned back to the door, twisted the knob, and stepped through.  He found Eclipse, sitting in the chair he normally occupied, another having been set up opposite it.  Robert walked over,

"You eat in here?", without looking up from the large red book her nose was buried in, Eclipse jerked her head towards the small table beside the chair, which had an empty soup bowl on it.

                                    Robert sat down opposite her,

"So!, what are you reading?!", although he had already read the books cover three days ago, The Mind Over Comes The Mind,

"Shush!", she hissed back at him from behind the book,

'Oh, this is going to be fun!', he thought sarcastically to himself.  It was several minutes before Eclipse book mark her page, and placed the book on the floor, curling into the chair not that she no longer had to balance the book on her knees,

"Sorry, I just really wanted to finish that chapter!", she grinned at him, "You should read it!", she suggested,

"I don't think so", Robert trying to sound as non-patronizing a tone as he could,

"Why not?", she had that air of superiority again, the same way she sounded when she had told him about figuring out the facts surrounding the night her father had died,

"I just don't think theres anything in that book for me",

"How do you know that?, you haven't even looked!", she was sounding a tad defensive now,


The End

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