Personal Training

                                                On arriving for breakfast that morning, Robert found a note card, in a small white envelope at his place.  On the front of the envelope, in gold print, were the letters, L.O.M.  Robert removed the card,

                         Eclipse will be in the gym for the morning                                                  and the Library for the afternoon,

                                              you will join her,


He placed the card back in it envelope,  wondering where the others were?  The sun was shinning so brightly through the stained glass dome, the "moon" orb appeared to have turned itself off, although as he looked closer, the 'smoke' thing still seemed to be there, only now it was still, a dull grey, just hovering above the base of the orb.

                                               Robert suddenly realised how high the sun was, it must have been nearly eleven am?!  He stood up and turned to leave the guest room, via the shelf door.  As he passed down the passage and neared the pressure pad, Robert was confused, why had he been allowed to sleep so late?  for that matter, how HAD he managed to sleep so late?  Passing through the passage, he waited for the stairs to descend again, then briskly walked up, and across the balcony to the right hand door.

"Well where the hell, have you been?!", Eclipse asked as Robert opened the door,

"Sleeping, apparently?!". he still felt half asleep, coffee deprived and wishing he hadn't slept in his clothes, he cupped his mouth as a massive yawn tried to escape, Eclipse giggled at him,

"Theres a filtre coffee machine in the changing room!", she pointed at the left hand door, of the two across the room, Robert yawned and nodded in response and slouched over.

                                         The door was lead, as he had suspected, as was the one next to it, like the door to the gym, it was very thick, but not heavy, he swung it open easily, a little to easily as it bounced on the cushioned wall and nearly hit him on his way through!  He fumbled blindly for a light switch, the room was pitch black, his hand eventually knocking against a thin rope, which he realised was a light cord, he pulled it, and several long fleuresent tubes illuminated across the ceiling.  This was, as far as he knew, the only room he'd been in without a "moon" orb?

                                         It appeared to be a changing room, as Eclipse had said, there was a small wooden table in the far corner with a coffee machine and a stack of paper cups.  He wondered over, passing several long wooden benches, six changing cubicles and six shower cubicles.  Robert filled the machine with water, via a sink on the wall, emptied a little packet of ground coffee into a paper filtre, set the machine up and turned it on, his eyes kept finding the showers,

"Oh, what the hell!"

                                         He through off his clothes and grabbed a folded, black towel from the bench, turned the water in one of cubicles on and climbed in, feeling instant relief from the hot water cascading down on his body.  Robert washed himself with a bar of soap, sitting on a little wall built shelf by the tap, then closed his eyes and  relaxed into the rhythm of the water, allowing the hot steam to clear his mind.  He wasn't sure how long he had had his eyes closed, but Robert suddenly worried that perhaps it had been longer than he thought, it was so easy to forgot about time when you were SO relaxed, and then, just before he opened, he found himself thinking,

'Your still in the shower, you haven't gone anywhere!', he half smiled at the silly thought!

                                         After getting out, and wrapping the towel around his face, he found the coffee pot full of steaming black coffee.  Robert poured himself a paper sup full, then looked around for a fridge, there wasn't one,

"Great, no milk!", he didn't care, the cafine craving to strong to wait for milk.  He took a mouthful,

"ergh, disgusting!".  He dried and dressed quickly, then picked up his coffee and made his way towards the iron door.  Pulling it open, he stepped out into the room, watching his coffee,

"Eclipse, is there any milk anywh....", his words trailed off as he looked over to the centre back of the room, where she was sitting, his eyes widening in shock and mouth falling open.  Eclipse was burning white!  Her skin, eyes, nostrils, the inside of her mouth, the very folicles of her hair, a brillant, violent, blinding white light!


                                        Robert dropped his coffee, and turned, grabbing the handle of the lead door and jumping back through, just as a massive explosion of white light consumed the room behind him, the sheer power of the blast slamming the door behind Robert.  He lay in a crumpled heap on the changing room door, unable to move due to shock!  He had no idea how long he had been laying there, before Eclipse, returned to her normal state, opened the door and rushed in,

"What, are you, nuts??!!", she sat on the floor next to him, "I could have killed you!!",

"Ex...exactly what....I was going to say!", he tried to respond casually, but the truth was, he had never been so scared!

"Didn't you hear me??!!", she said gently, running a hand through his still damp hair, "I called in to stay there till I came to get you!",

"WHEN??!!", Robert asked loudly

"About five, six minutes ago!!" Eclipse replied,  Robert closed his eyes and groaned,

"I was in the shower!", he admitted, "I must have missed you over the water!"

"You were in the shower??!", she smiled down at him, "that was brave!", Robert smiled, already starting to feel better, he sat up, 

"What were you doing??!", he asked, Eclipse stood up and walked to the back of the room, bringing him a fresh cup of coffee,

"Training!", she responded, as though it was perfectly obvious!,

"You call that training?!", he retorted,

"Course!  I'm trying to control it!", Robert turned to look at her,

"Control, what?, Exactly?".

                                               Eclipse stood up and held out a helping hand, Robert took it and stood up,

"Come on!", she smiled, and they walked back through to the gym, Eclipse still holding his hand, lead him to the back of the room.  As they walked, Robert looked down, he could see the silver, metal boxes through the cushioned floor, there green lights were now lit. 

                                                They reached the back corner of the room, where they had spoken the day before, and sat down.  Eclipse folding her legs, and sitting on her feet, 

"You remember what I told you, yesterday?", she asked,

"Of course I do",

"Well, thats how I killed my father...." she trailed off, waiting for a response, which Robert remembered, only just in time, that he should be making,

"Oh! I see, what is it??", 'that was terrible!', his head told him,

"I don't know what it is, no one does, all we do know is, it first manifested itself when I was really angry, angry and scared", she looked down at her feet, considering what to say next,

"It was late, Dad had been drinking, we were arguing and,", she looked up at him for a moment, "he hit me!", Robert understood her reasons for lying, and accepted it, even though to argue it would have given away how much he really knew,

"It happened instantly?", Robert asked,

"Not exactly, I could feel something building up inside me for a a few minutes before anything happened!",

"But you didn't know was going to happen!", Robert tried to reassure her,

"No...I didn't....", Robert had the distinct impression she wanted to say more, "I remember seeing this brilliant light, reflecting in my Dads eyes, and then the park",

"The park?!", Robert asked, feinting surprise,

"Thats the next thing I remember, laying on my back, looking up at the stars, in the park opposite my house!",

"And you have no idea how you got there?!",

"Oh, I didn't say that!", she smiled back, she looked a little proud of herself, "I think it was the blast, I think it carried me in its shock wave, but because the blast came from me, I was in the epicentre, the eye of the storm!",

Robert chuckled, "Woods work that out?!", Eclipse looked a little put out by the question,

"No?", she said, all trace of humour gone form her voice, "I did!",

"Oh?!", replied Robert, "I would have thought...", Eclipse interrupted,

"The professor said that to make a full recovery, I should explore the 'whys' and 'hows', by myself!",

"What about Woods?, he must have helped too?",

"He's always been there for me, to talk to and share things with, but honestly I've done most of the work myself".

                                                Robert put his back against the soft cushioned wall, he looked up at the ceiling, his brain processing what Eclipse had told him, when he noticed there was no "moon" orb in here either, in fact, he looked around the walls, there didn't appear to be any light source at all, Eclipse seemed to realise what he was looking for,

"It comes from the gel packs", she stated,

"Gel packs?",

"These things!", she said, hitting on of the cushions, "the gym was converted, it used to have a 'smoke ball'. like the other rooms, problem is, I have a tendency to smash them!",

"Smoke balls?!", Robert replied,

"Thats what I always called them, how about you?",

"Moon orbs", Robert answered, slightly embarrassed,

"Moon orbs, I like that!", she smiled, "anyway, gel packs!, like I said, the gym was converted after I arrived, apparently", she poked at the silver box inside, "these collect the energy I release, when the green light is lit, it means there charged, red running low, they can collect energy anytime, which is good for me, means I can come in here to relieve stress!",

"What about that cloak?, the one Wolf through over you that night?!",

"Oh thats basically a smaller version of this room, thousands of tiny packs sown together in a sort of super fire blanket!, it collects the energy, actually pulling it out of me, before my body has a chance to release it!", Eclipse suddenly sat up, "Oh bugger!", she lept to her feet, "I'm supposed to be getting lunch!", she jumped to her feet, and ran to the door.

                                                Robert sat there, looking down at the gel packs, and their little silver boxes, how much money did Woods have??!!  Energy collecting wasn't exactly new science, but this was unbelivable, how did the gel collect the energy?, how did it transfer data to the boxes?, how was it converting the energy into light?

"Well, the energy was already light!", he corrected himself.  He could feel a head ache coming,

"No!, not today!", he got up, refusing to think about the gel packs and Eclipses ability anymore, and headed off to lunch.



The End

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