Studying Lies .7

                                               Robert returned to his cell, not even bothering to get undressed, he simply crawled under the blanket, and closed his eyes tight against moon light pouring through the small window.  His head throbbed, he just wanted to sleep, just a few hours of peaceful rest, but his brain was still to active, shifting and sorting though everything that had happened that day.  The problem was, he didn't have enough information to reach any kind of conclusion on anything!  Except Eclipse, that was perhaps the most straight forward of all the days developments.

                                                  It was his fault she was there, it was his fault four children had died in the explosion that had claimed the children's home, God alone knowing what became of the girl, Victoria.  If he hadn't lied, Eclipse might have actually found a new family, perhaps never hurt anyone again.  Instead, she had grown up in place, kept in a cell for god knows how long, hidden away from the world by Woods.  Woods, what was he up to?  Robert was no fool, he knew Woods was forcing him to spend more time with Eclipse, he just didn't know why?

                                                Then there were the journals, twice now, he could quite clearly remember seeing events through someone else, not just their eyes, he could feel his legs ache as he ran, feel sweat on his brow, but worst of all, much worse than the pain his 'hosts' had put him through, was living their emotions, the fear and dread, loss and anger.  At the same time though, he had felt pleasure, the parts in London, when the two police officers had 'gate crashed' the prostitute working.  He could still remember what it felt like to laugh out loud at making fools out of themselves, and the pleasure of companionship, the time the man he had been inside of, had been so scared, then comforted by strangers presence.

                                              That thought triggered something in his head, but it was all to cluttered, he couldn't lock on to a single thought, couldn't focus on what his brain had discovered.  He stopped trying to pay attention, but something else wanted to be analyzed first, it was pushing itself in front of his minds eye, Wolf.  The youth hated him, that much was obvious, but Robert didn't think it was all to do with Eclipse, she had barely spoken to Robert after he had threatened her, and when she did it was usually something rude or sarcastic.

                                             No, it was something else with Wolf, something directly focused on Roberts drug business.  The reasons for this could be numerous, maybe he'd been a junkie, or a relative had, maybe someone he knew had died on drugs, perhaps the were dealers wherever he had grown up, dominating the area, like they had on Connor's estate.  Robert rolled on to his back, putting his hands behind his head, whatever it was, it was going to come to conflict, if Barricade hadn't stepped in that afternoon, well, Robert didn't want to think about the amount of damage the strong, agile young man could have inflicted, if Robert was going to survive, he was going to have to adapt, to try and blend in more with the others, whether he meant any of what he said, or not.

                                            He groaned, now all he could think about were the random statements, Wolf and Eclipse kept making, how long had he been there? Who the hell was 'he'? What was Eclipse going to say before she had cut herself off,

"Because of your eyes, and......", that thought really was going to plague him, he hated people not finishing sentences, and no one in this place actually seemed capable of it!  And finally, but by no means least, there was Woods, dear 'professor' Woods.  He had to be the single oddest psychiatrist ever!  He didn't seem at all interested in helping Robert, just driving him mad!  Not once had he asked Robert why he did the things he did, was he happy growing up, did he ever fantasize about his mother?, the usual psycho rubbish.  Why was he giving Robert so much information on Eclipse?  If he thought Robert was such a disgusting human being, why hadn't he just turned him over to the authorities, with all the evidence he had, Robert would never see the outside world again!

                                       Robert rolled on his side, pulling the blanket up, over his shoulders, 'just let me sleep!' he begged his head.  He had no idea when he fell asleep, one minute he was trying to ignore the over analyzing in his head, the next asleep, but the one thing he did remember when he woke, only feeling slightly more rested then the night before, was the only conclusion he had come to that night, someone, was lying to him.


The End

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