Studying Lies .6

                                              Upon arriving in the guest room that evening, Robert found only Eclipse at the table, two plates of what looked like steak and kidney pie, thick cut chips and fresh vegetables,

"Oh ABOUT time!", she tried to scowl through a large grin, "I was just going to start without you!",

"Where are the other two?", Robert asked, Eclipse seemed a tad disappointed at the question,

"Well, Wolf, apparently, collected his plate from the kitchen and stormed off to his room, sulking I imagine!",

"And Barricade?",

"Eating with Wolf, not that he's taking sides!, It's just Wolf took his plate, Barri wouldn't take sides, he just loves eating!",

"Tell me about him", Robert requested, placing his napkin in his lap and picking up his knife and fork,

"Who?, Barri?!", Eclipse picked up her own cutlery and began to poke at her pie, "there honestly isn't that much to tell!", she began, "Barri was already here, and pretty much the size he is now, when I arrived, Wolf was already here to, but he told me Barri was first.  I was so scared of him at first!  I mean, I was tiny and he was just this huge thing!", she giggled,

"Where does he come from?", Robert asked,

"Well, no one is completely sure!", she replied, "I know the professor has tried to get through to him, but he won't respond!",

"He can't talk at all?",

"Oh, he can talk, alright, he just can't seem to form sentences, its not like he doesn't know the words, more like he can't find the words?!",

"I think I know what you mean?", he really didn't!

"It's OK, you'll see what I mean, If you stay!", she said knowingly,

"I didn't think I had a choice!", there was a distinct bitterness to his tone,

"Where would you go?", she asked, he could hear Woods, behind her voice, it wasn't so much asked out of interest, more to make him aware of the fact that,

"I have nowhere to go?!", he said, "I don't think going back to", he eyed Eclispe as he said, " 'work', would be a good idea!, Connor's made that perfectly clear!",


"We grew up together, he 'worked' for me", Robert looked at his plate as he finished the sentence, "he's the one who shot me!",

"Oh, I see?!, Eclipse responded, a little taken back, "We knew who, or rather, what you were, Wolf, Barri and I, when the professor sent us to get you, he didn't tell us you'd been attacked by people who worked for you though!",

"How could he have known?!", Robert asked fairly,

"How did he know you would be in that alley, in the first place?!", Eclispe retorted, "thats the thing with the professor, you either except the fact he just seems to know things he couldn't possibily know, or!",


"Or, go mad trying to figure it out...", her words trailed off as she spoke,

"Has that happened?", Robert asked, reservations concerning his own mental state rising again,

"It wasn't so much what he knew", Eclipse began, "its more the way the professor does things, you have to be patient, push him, rush him, then your in trouble!". 

                                           Robert and Eclipse ate together in silencd for a short time, Robert remembering just how much he hated kidney, ignoring the meat and picking at the pastry.  He had been extremely hungry earlier, but now, he found his stomach was clenched, his throat dry, no mater how much water he drank?

"So who was it?", Robert finally asked,

"I'm sorry?!", Eclipse seemed confused,

"Who did Woods drive mad?",

"OH!, Oh he didn't really, I think 'he' was always unstable, the professor was just the catalist, funny thing though", she leant over again, "when 'he' left, the professor wasn't surprised?, He wasn't even angry?!",

"Who  is   'HE'??!!", Robert was getting frustrated by the way no one seemed able to actually just give him a complete piece of information!  Eclipse straightened up again, giving her plate her full attention, Robert dropped his own cutlery on to his plate, a little harder than was needed, rubbing his head with his hand, Eclipse watched him for a moment, then said,

"It's not that I don't want to tell you, the professor said..",

"Don't worry about it!", Robert stood up to leave,

"Your going?", she asked,

"I'm tired, and my head hurts, good night, Eclispe", he turned and walked towards the living area,

"Good night, Mist!", she called softly after him, the quietly, under her breath, "I'm sorry!".

The End

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