Studying Lies .5

"Wait a minutes?!", the reality of what she had just old him sinking in, "he kept you in a cell, you were eight??!!", Robert sounded shocked at this new insight into Woods cruelty,

"There were good reasons..", her words trailing off as she spoke, she closed her eyes for a moment, from the expression on her pale face, Robert had the impression, she was trying to argue something out with herself!  When she opened them, she swallowed had, turned to look Robert full in the face and said,

"I killed my father", the words were spoken coldly, Robert heard something of himself in her, he didn't like it, it didn't suit her.  Being careful how he put things, Robert replied,

"On purpose?",


"Then it was an accident?", Eclipse turned to look down the white wall of the gym,

"Yes, but I can't help wonder if I could have stopped it?",

"Did you want to stop?", Robert continued watching her,

"My father", she started, her eyes becoming so sad as she spoke, again, Robert felt that odd urge urge to reach out and touch her again, "he was sick, I think he had been ever since my mum died", for a split second, Roberts brain instructed him to say,

'You didn't kil her too, did you?', but something pushed it back, instead, he asked,

"What happened? If you don't mind talking about it?!",

She sighed, "He just became......abusive, he started to drinking to much, one night we, err, had an argument, and something happened, I just remember being hot, really, really hot, and my body started convulsing, I thought I was going to be sick!  Then....then..",

'You blew up three houses!', Robert closed his eyes, trying so suppress his natural instincts,

"You don't have to tell me, Eclipse!", he stated, in as friendly a tone as he had ever managed before, Eclipse through her head back and laughed, sniffing back real tears at the same time,

"I don't know why I'm telling you any of this!", she stated, "I don't even know your name??!!", she turned to look at him, beaming behind wet, dazzling, eyes,

"I'm sorry, Doctors orders and all that!", he said mocking the rule, expecting Eclipse to laugh to, but she didn't.  Her face fell and her eyes sank, even her hands began to tremble a little, the urge to reach out and take one of her trembling hands over coming Robert.  He reached towards, then remembered the reaction he had received in the guest room, he didn't want to make her any more uncomfortable, he tried to withdraw his hand moments before it had reached hers, but to his surprise, she reached out and took it!  Robert felt it becoming sweaty as he started to feel very nervous,

"I'm sure he'll forgive you!", he said quietly,

"Who?, The Professor?,  I don't even know what It was I did to make him so angry??!!, I mean I know I shouldn't have shown you how the library door worked, but the way he reacted?, I've never broken so much as the swearing rule!", she shook her head, obviously having had enough of that conversation.  Eclipse then bounced around on her knees and feet to face Robert completely, she took his other hand, holding both in her lap, he could feel her warmth through the dress, combined with the scent of her subtle, natural perfume and those amazing eyes, Robert was finding it all very intoxicating, but not in a sexual way, in a nice, comfortable way, as though relaxation was something tangible, like a huge comfy cushion!

"We have to name you!", now he just felt like a puppy!

"Name me??!!", he smiled, still finding the whole experience overwhelming, he had never enjoyed someone else's company so much!  Eclipse pouted her lips and twisted her nose comically, looking him up and down, she stopped on at his grey eyes, her stare taking all his attention, so much so, he almost missed what she said next, then realised, that is exactly what she said,

"Mist!", she beamed at him,

"Mist??!!", he questioned,

"Because of your eyes, and....well, you have grey eyes!",

                                          Robert considered her for a moment, she had been going to say something else, but had stopped herself, she wasn't very food at lying, but he found he was OK with that, he lived in lies for so long, he'd almost forgotten that there were people who not only couldn't, but didn't?!

"Mist, huh!", he said, feinting disapproval,

"Mist it is!", she gleamed, they looked it each others eyes for a moment, Robert attempting to look deeply disapproving, Eclipse beaming and grinning from ear to ear, then together, they both began laughing hysterically, then Robert decided he had wanted to ask her something,

"Wolf said something this morning, something I didn't really understand?",

"Urgh!", she sighed, rolling her eyes, "Why, why, why, can't the boy wire his mouth to his brain!!", she sounded exasperated, "What did he say?!",

"He said something about you looking after me?",

"You were unconcious when we brought you in, I did sit with you, make sure you were healing OK!",

"I've been here longer than I think I have, haven't I?", he asked softly, Eclipse looked at him, she seemed to be struggling with herself again, then, her eye's flickering to the door for a split second, just to make sure they were alone, then nodded, looking as if she wished she hadn't a moment later,

"It's OK", Robert cooed, "I won't tell anyone!", she looked up at him, her tiny, thin fingers working there way around his.  Roberts heart began smashing into chest again, he was shaking, he felt nervous and anxious, which all got worse the second she leaned in towards him,

"Training hard??!!", asked an angry voice from the doorway.  Robert and Eclipse turned at the same time, Wolf was standing there, he looked livid, his eyes burning, his fists were clenched so tightly, his finger nails had cut his palms, dripping tinny droplets of blood on to the pure white, cushioned floor.  He looked as if he'd like nothing more, than to rip Robert limb from limb!

Eclipse stood up, straightening her blue dress as she rose, she walked past Wolf to the door, turning back and blowing Robert a kiss,

"Bye, Mist!", and she left.

                                            Wolf and Robert just stared at each other for what felt to Robert, like an eternity!  Wolf was well built, and obviously very angry, Robert was fairly sure why, he'd seen that look in so many eyes, it was a weakness he knew he would never have to suffer, Wolf, was in love with Eclipse.  Every ounce of him wanted to torment Wolf, to tease and play with his head, but again, something was pushing the feeling away, it was like having want, without desire, urge without energy,

"Mist?!", Wolf was trying to smile with his mock, but the blood boiling in his veins just would not allow it,

"Kinda girlie?", Robert tried playing along, Wolf didn't look amused!

"Sounds like a gay name to me!", he moved closer to Robert, "Is that it?, you just a big old gay boy??!!",

"WOW, this is mature!", Robert told the room, "Is that all you wanted to say?  Or do you have more childish insults to try and taunt me with?", the logical part of Roberts brain had taken over, even though the new creature, in his chest, wanted to grab the boys face and squeeze it till his head popped, to hurt him beyond compare!  Wolf moved closer, so near to Roberts face, he could smell the youths breath as he spoke,

"Make a move!", he reached out and pushed Roberts chest, forcing Robert to take a step back,

"COME ON!", Wolf shouted, completely losing his cool, "MAKE A MOVE YOU COWARD!!", Robert averted his eyes, not wanting to meet Wolf's, challenging him, now, would be a huge mistake!  Wolf carried on pushing Robert, until his back was completely up against the back wall of the gym,

"TELL YA WHAT!", Wolf continued to yell, "WHY DON'T I GET THINGS STARTED!!", he raised a fist and drew his arm back, Robert getting ready for the impact.  Wolf though his fist forwards, Robert closing his eyes in instinct and waiting for the pain....but nothing happened, he opened his eyes....and saw Wolfs fist, stopped, right in front of his nose?

                                          Wolf too seemed confused for a moment, then Robert realised what was going on, standing behind Wolf, somehow having managed to enter the gym without either of them noticing him, Barricade had snuck up behind Wolf, and caught his arm in mid punch!  Barricade, picked Wolf up, by the scruff of his jumper, turned around on the spot, then pushed Wolf towards the door,

"BARRI!!", Wolf complained, "JUST GIMME FIVE MINUTES WITH HIM!!", Robert could hear Wold continue to plead with Barricade, as they made their way down the brick passage, and back to the main house,


"El?!", Robert pondered the name again, then got up himself, he really hoped it was supper time soon, he was very hungry.

The End

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