Studying Lies .4

                                                "Come in!", came a familiar, chirpy voice, from behind the oak office door.  Robert stepped into the office and walked over to the desk, he put Eclipses file down in front of Woods,

"Read it all?", he asked, still smiling cheerfully,

"Enough", Robert sat down, without being invited, "I've read enough", he sounded tired and worn out,

"You found it disturbing?", he asked with, leaning forwards to give Robert his undivided attention,

"Yes", Robert's stomach felt as if it were falling through a bottom void, his heart was a bomb, thumping harder and harder until eventually exploding in his chest, and his head ached beyond definition!

"Well, this IS interesting, isn't it?!", the emotionally untouchable Robert Farrell...", and it was the slight giggle between words that really cut threw Robert, "has found pity in the plight of one, small, insignificant girl??!!", Woods through his head back and laughed,  Robert turned his head away from Woods,

'Don't lose it now, not again, don't give him the satisfaction!', his brain was being as cool and logical as always, but trying to fight through these new feelings was harder than he could have ever believed,

'Chemical imbalances, thats all they are!', he kept telling himself, but the more he thought it through logically, the more sick and weak he felt!  Woods finally stopped laughing,

"Oh, you'll have to forgive me!", he turned stone cold and leered at Robert across the desk, "But to see a man, like you, go through something like this, well, I think poetic justice is the term id choose to use!",

"I'm tired", Robert said coldly, "I'm going to lay down", he stood up and slouched to the door,

"Oh, I don't think so!", Woods replied cheerfully, obviously very happy that Robert was feeling so mentally worn out, "I believe I told you, in the library, that you would be responsible for ensuring Eclipse continues her studies and training, did I not?",

Robert did not turn around, he just nodded towards the door,

"Didn't I?", Woods repeated,

"Yes!", Robert snapped back,

"Excellent!, the I believe you will find her in the gym!", he spun his chair left, going back to a paper he'd been reading, "good day, Robert!",  Robert opened the door to leave, then stopped,

"I don't know where the gym is?", he asked Woods back,

"Straight across the main landing and through the door on the right!", Robert stepped through the door,

"Your welcome!", came the cheerful voice as he closed the door.

                                                Robert walked across the landing, towards the two single oak doors he'd not ventured through yet.  Since his cell had started unlocking itself, Woods obviously having decided he was to be trusted to move alone, Robert had considered whether or not he was free to explore the "hospital".  He walked past the first door and on to the second, he turned the nob and stepped into a long thin passage.  Red and grey brick walls lining a bare, unpolished wood floor, the only furnishings of any kind were the mini orbs floating along the walls.

                                                   As he walked down the passage, the floor boards creaking loudly with every step, he began to wonder if this was the right way?  He had the ominous feeling he was walking to the death chamber in a prison, a feeling only magnified by the huge lead door at the passage end.  As he reached it, Robert really did just want to turn back and go to his cell, his hand was trembling as he laid it on the handle,

'Pull yourself together, its just a door!', his head told him, but he couldn't help but wonder, 'What kind of gym has an iron door?!".

                                                 Robert pushed the handle down, then pulled the door towards him, surprised at how light it felt, he noted how thick it was, as it opened, at least nine inches thick, yet he could pull it open with one hand?  He looked into the room, and could not believe the difference in size and contrast, to the door and passage.  The room must have been eighty feet high and over a hundred feet wide.  The walls appeared to be cushioned at first, like the a padded cell of a violent, mentally person, but as Robert moved closer to the closest wall, he noticed something else, behind the padding, silver boxes?  Silver boxes about the size of a book, each one with two lights, red and green, at the moment, all the boxes he could see, were lit red.

                                                 As he took in the room, he noticed beams, poles and small ledges built into the floor walls and even ceiling.  Robert moved to the closest pole, it to was made of thick lead, from he could see, they all were?  Across the room were two doors, they too appeared to be lead.  The room itself was a brightest white he had ever seen,

"SO!", he almost jumped out of his skin!  Robert spun round and saw Eclipse sitting, cross legged, on the floor in the far left hand corner of the room,

"What do you think of our little "hospital" so far?" she was giggling at making him jump.  Robert found her giggle a little settling, easing the sinking in his stomach and thumping in his heart, we wandered towards her,

"I can't decide if its the X-men mansion or Hogwarts!", he joked, it felt good, he felt even more relaxed, Eclipse laughed,

"Yeah, I know what you mean, It is a bit 'out there' isn't it!", Robert sat down on the floor, next to her,

"I grew up here, you know!", Robert was about to reply, 'Yes I know!', when he remembered he wasn't actually meant to know,


"Yeah, I came here when I was eight, I don't remember much about the first few days, just being very scared, and very alone, the only person I ever saw was the professor, and even then, he wouldn't come into the cell, just talk to me, through the flap in the door", she turned her head towards him,

"Thats why I was giggling, that first night? Outside your cell?  Anyway, I wasn't trying to annoy you, I was just remembering how I'd felt!", she smiled at him.  Now, Robert really did feel bad, he'd over reacted, he always over reacted!


The End

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