Studying Lies

                                               Robert closed the file, he felt hollow, like his insides had fallen away and left this empty void inside him, he couldn't stop thinking about the night he'd threatened Eclipse, he had never felt guilty about anything in his life, but now, this child and her story?!  He rested his head against the cool stone of the wall, closing his eyes, then he felt his heart, it was banging in his chest, he felt its beat more clearly than he ever had before, it was the most disgusting feeling he had ever endured, each massive beat actually hurt?!  He couldn't stand it, he still had no clue how Woods was doing this to him, but it had to stop!

                                            He looked out of his window, what he could see of the noon sky was cloudy, grey, the rest of his view was obscured by the ever thickening fog bank.  Robert was hungry, he wondered if lunch was ready yet?  Arriving back in the guest room, Robert found the others tucking into a lunch of sandwiches and freshly fried chips.  He walked to the table, doing his best to avoid meeting Eclipses gaze, although, when his eyes did inevitably stray over to her, she seem to be trying to avoid him too, given away by the fact she didn't seem to know what else too look at!  Finally, she picked up the big red book she'd been reading the previous morning, and got stuck into it, upside down.

                                            Robert filled a plate, picked up a couple of paper napkins, filled a glass with juice and turned to leave,

"Not joining us?!", Wolf, Robert didn't like the tone of his voice, he was sounded happy enough, but it was probably just the build up, he'd heard Connor use the same tone many times, before smashing someones skull in, he was a master of leading people into a false sense of security.  Robert ignored Wolf, he was in no mood for a fight,

"OI!", Wolf stood up on his book shelf perch, "I'M TALKING TO YOU!!",

"Leave it, Wolf!", Eclipse muttered from behind her book, which she had now the right way up,

"Oh, I get it," Wolf continued, jumping down from his shelf, "now the Professors had enough of you, its his turn for all the sucking up and arse kissing huh?!", Eclipse lept out of her chair and stood nose to nose with Wolf, her face the picture of anger fury,

"I kiss NO ONES arse!", she literally spat at him, Wolf was starting to look exrtremely nervouse,

"Eclipse, maybe you should calm down!", he said it before he even realised his mouth was open, the other two stopped fighting to look at Robert.  Eclipse walked over to him slowly, her eyes burying into his,

"Why?!", she asked,

"I just meant you two should...",

"No!", she replied, "no why ME, specifically?!",

Robert was digging himself deeper into a hole, if he wasn't careful, they'd figure out he knew more about Eclipse than she knew, or would have wanted him to know.  He wondered if Wolf knew, judging from his remarks that morning, he must do, was that alowed?

"I asked you a question!", Eclipse continued,

"You got angry yesterday too",

"So? People do get angry!",

"Yes, but then most people don't cry tears of light!",

Eclipse went quiet at that, her lips were trembling, asthough she wanted to carry on fighting, then with one final leer, turned and stormed over to the shelf-door, and left.

"Nice!", Wolf told him, "really, nice!",

"What did I do??!!", Robert really was confused this time,

"She doen't like people talking about her ability!", Wolf turned and walked back to the table, shoveling a hand full of chips into his mouth, Robert watched him and Barricade for a moment, then left with his plate.

The End

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