Eclipse .5

                                              Robert stormed from the library, via the secret door in the book shelf, which had just swung open, nearly knocking Eclipse and the breakfast platter, she was carrying, flying!

"Oh I'm sorry!" she started sarcastically, "was I in your WAY!??!!", calling down the passage after him.  Robert ignored her, almost running down the the passage, literally jumping on the pressure pad on the floor, in front of the end wall.

                                               The wall flew out of his way, he rushed through before the stairs had even finished rising, then cursed the slow moving mechanism as he waited for the passage to close.  FInally, the stairs 'clicked' back to place, the mechanism relocking, and Robert flew up the steps, taking to at a time.  He arrived at the door to Woods office and slammed on it with his fist,

BAM! BAM! BAM!.........silence for a moment, then,

"Yes?!", came a soft, puzzled voice.  Robert pulled the door open and stormed into the room, stopping right in front Woods desk, where he was enjoying a plate of kippers,

"Robert?!", Woods seemed almost pleasantly surprised, "I was going to call you for a meeting after breakfast!", he continued, "But, as your here, and if you don't mind me finishing my kippers?!"

                                                 Robert ignored the playful banter, slamming her closed fist down on the blotter, inches from Woods plate, his grey eyes buried into Woods, his blood was boiling,

"What, the hell, is THIS, doing here??!!", he demanded of Woods, his head reeling and throbbing with theories over this new development,

"I'm sorry?!", Woods actually looked genuinely surprised.  Robert opened his tense hand, dropping the tiny piece of ripped newspaper onto the desk.  Woods looked down at it, his eyes were hidden behind the light, shinning off his glasses, but Robert was fairly sure, they were confused?

                                                       Woods finally picked up the piece of paper and opened it, the change in his demeanor was as unexpected as it was quick,

"WHERE DID YOU GET THIS??!!", Robert actually thought Woods was going to jump the desk for him, "TELL ME!!",

"The girl had it", Robert knew if he could keep cool, he would have the upper hand here, Woods was raging, this could be his chance, IF he was careful.  Woods pushed his chair across the room, on its wheels, out of his way, he strode to the door of his office, gripped the door knob, then stopped, Robert watched him curiously, he knew what was going on.  Woods wanted to go to Eclipse, but he couldn't, not after the events in the library, had the cool, calm, calculating 'Professor' out plotted himself, Robert wondered.

                                                   Woods leaned his head against the wood of the door, just for a moment, lifting it back almost instantly, obviously not wanting to look any more emotional, in front of Robert, than he already had.  Robert was just starting to realise how much, he and the doctor, actually had in common.  Woods slowly, almost carefully, moved back to his desk, retrieving his chair as he went.  He sat down, crossed his hands in front of his face, as if praying,

"Sit down", cold, emotionless, commanding, Robert played along,

"Robert", he began, "how did Eclipse get this?", Robert very almost let his jaw drop in surprise, holding his shock back just in time,

"That is exactly, what I would like to know", he replied, Woods watched him over the top of his glasses, "Don't even think about blaming ME for this!", Robert continued, "like you said, 'Professor', I have no power, no employees, nothing!", Woods frowned, then took off his glasses, dropped them to the desk and rubbed his eyes, Robert suddenly noticed how weary he looked,

"Oh, I know you didn't!", he admitted, "why would you, you couldn't know?!", Robert was confused now,

"Know what??!", he asked,  Woods looked at his for a moment, then bent down to open a draw on the left hand side of his desk.  He pulled out another file, like Roberts, but nowhere near as thick,

"Do not read it now, and do not tell Eclipse you have it, however", and Robert could tell it cost Woods a lot to sat this, "if you are going to be her guardian, you need all the facts!", Robert stared down at the file in his hands, her whole life, to date, would be in here.  He shook his head, getting frustrated with himself, this was not what he had come for!

"I still want to know, why you gave this to her!", he demanded,

"I?!", Woods excliamed, "Robert, does it look like I had anything to do with this? I understand, better than you, then cataclismic results that might have ensued, from Eclipse having this!",

"What does this have to do with her??!!", Roberts voice was rising, and he knew it, still he found in near impossible to calm down, "I thought this was about me?!",

"Of course you did!", replied Woods, a little humour returning to his voice, "thats because everything has to be about you, doesn't it, Robert!",

"I didn't say that!", he gritted his teeth, as he spoke, "you have that file on me, you know who Daneil Chapman....",

"I know exactly what your 'relationship' to mister Chapman, was.  A paedophile teacher, you....", Robert cut him off,

"I remember what I did, thank you, I don't need reminding!",

"Whats this??!!", Woods eyes had lit up again, Robert was losing his lead again, and Woods knew it, "could it be, that the cold, cruel, emotionless, Robert Farrel, actually regrets something??!!",

"I may have done a lot of things you deem terrible" he began,

"I DEEM TERRIBLE??!!", Woods laughed out loud,

"BUT!", Robert shouted to get his attention back, then, "It does not mean I have ever, or will ever approve of harming children!",

"Yet you sat in the witness dock and cleared him!  You stood there, and swore, on oath, that you had been outside his classroom, the day he raped a twleve year old girl, and said you heard the girl, what was her name..?", Robert was sure he knew, he justed wanted to hear Robert say it,

"Nina, Nina Mallone", he almost whispered the name,

"Ah yes, little Nina, you called her a liar, didn't you?!  You convinced everyone you had to, that she was infatuated with Chapman, that she had threatened to accuse him of raping her that day!" Woods leaned across the desk slightly, his blue eyes locked with Roberts grey, "It wasn't hard, was it?  After all, she had no bruises to speak of, she had been to scared to put up a fight!",

Robert stood up, gripping the file tightly in his hands, he stared at Woods for a moment, sitting there, half grinning in his chair, then he turned and stormed from the office, leaving Woods alone.  Woods sat back and smiled,

"Finally",  then he picked up the piece of paper again, and his hand began to tremble,

"Its you, isn't it?!"


                                            Robert took the long way back to the cell, not wanting to pass through the guest room, they would probably still be eating.  He hurried down the stairs, passing through the greeting area, then stopped, he turned to look at the huge oak doors that stood opposite the stairs,

'Theres no one here, just try them!', his brain told him,

Robert walked to the doors carefully, he stopped just shy of them, turning his head from left to right, looking and listening for anyone else, nothing.  He reached out ande took hold of the huge gold door handle, and pulled...locked.

                                         Robert sighed and turned to walk away, had been worth a try, not that he had any idea where he'd go even if he could get out.  From the window in his cell, all he could see was fields and trees, which meant he was a long way from the city!  He finally arrived back at his cell, dropping the file onto his bed, he sat down and opened it.

The End

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