Eclipse .4

                                              Robert stayed awake all night, he sat on his bed, back against the wall, knees tucked up under his chin, which was resting on them.  His mind was on fire with thought, but he was finding it very hard to focus on any one at a time.  Everything was so chaotic, the events in the journal and library, all adding to the emmence pain in is head.  

                                             He tilted his head, to stare out of his tiny window, hoping the early morning sky might clear his head, or calm him down, although not as furious as earlier, his blood was still boiling, and he was becoming slightly concerned that he would never be able to stop it!  Robert stood up on his bed, walking to the far end, ending about a foot from the window wall.  He leant over, gripping the tiny window liedge in his hands, and peered out, squinting to take in as much as he could.

                                              Outside, the early morning sun was lighting the land, he could see a corner of the "hospital" to his left, and rolling fields and tree's to his right, and across the scene, a low hanging, very thick, fog.  Robert couldn't remember the last time he had seen such a thick dense bank, even during school holidays, staying with grandparents in very remote country houses, he would spend morning, noon and night in the fields, nothing to do but plan things to do, when he got home.  Even in those early mornings, walking through the dew, it was never this thick.

                                             He heard a soft 'click', from his cell door, it had unlocked itself, he returned to the view, he couldn't be bothered to rush anywhere, it was quiet here, and thats what he wanted.  Just a little time to try and organise the mass of information swirling around the inside of his head, imediately after thinking this, Robert pictured the glowing 'smoke' thing in the "moon" orbs, the image was soothing, making his head feel better, it was also getting easier to pick out thoughts to focus on, mainly, his new found guardianship, of Eclipse.

                                           His legs began to ache from standing on the uneven matress, he hopped to the floor, then really wished he hadn't,

"DAMN COLD FLOOR!", he winced, then pulling his clothes out of his wardrobe, he dressed and considered what to do to ease his head, then it ocoured to him, the guest room!  It was still very early, and he could sit under in silence, just watching the 'smoke'.  He left the cell, moving quickly through the tiled corridor and to the guest area, creeping past the others rooms, resisting the erge to stop at look at the paintings again.

                                             He reached the door to the guest room, and pushed it open.  Robert walked in and made straight for one of the leather chairs, under the faint glow the orb.  He reahced the chair Eclipse had designated 'his' the day before.  He pulled it out, quietly rested his feet apon the round table, and stared into the strange 'smoke light'.  His head was just starting to feel a little more organised, when he heard a 'sniff' from the sofa's?

                                            Robert turned around quickly, startled by the sound, and saw the top of a dark haired head, poking over the arm, and two very small feet at the far end, still trying to warm their toes on the smouldering ash from the previous nights fire, Eclipse, sitting in the dark with him,

"I'm didn't realise anyone else was awake?", he asked the sofa,

"Who do you think let you out?!", she was not in a good mood, not that was much of a change!

"Careful!", he warned, a note of sarcasm in his voice, "I am responsible for you now!",

she lifted her head a little to look at him, "And you think I care, because.....??!!",

"Because!", Robert left his chair and walked to the sofa, bending down beside it, to look her in the face, "you don't want your precious 'Professor' angry with you anymore!", he sneered his horrible little smile, he was going to enjoy this,

"So, what did he mean, 'sick of you disobeying me', I thought you were teachers pet round here?!!", his tone was playful but spiteful at the sametime, he had expected her to lose her temper and come back at him,

"I don't know!!", she raised her voice, sat up on he knees and brought her fists down on the sofa, Robert flinched back at her sudden movement.  He watched as her mouth fell into a frown, her eyes sunk, she looked so sad, sad and alone,

'What the hell was that??!!'. Roberts subconsious asked,

"All I've ever done", she began, "Is what he wanted, I've worked SO hard!", she started to gently sob.  Deep under the icy layers, Robert felt the tinest pang at his heart, it was new.  His heart suddenly felt heavier somehow, and beating faster than he'd ever felt it!  He sat down on the sofa next to her, instinct suggesting he rub her back or something, he reached behind her, but the moment he touched her,

"What are you doing??!!", she lepped to her feet,

"I was just.....",

"WELL DON'T!", she stormed across the room, running her fingers wildly threw her hair, then stopping by the table, she turned back,

"Look, Its my turn to get breakfast, aqnd the others will be up soon!", then she turned and left through the hidden door.  Robert continued to stare after her, even after the door had closed, his head hurt again.  He had been determinded to torment the girl, to focus his thoughts on something other than the insane things that had happened since he had woken up in his cell.

"You can't blame her!", a voice spoke to him from the shadows of the room, Wolfs voice, quiet, but very firm, and very cold.  Robert looked around, trying to find him, suddenly the orb's light grew bright, blinding Robert for a second, then he found the youth, sitting on his book shelf, perched on the edge like a gargoyle,

"well, that killed that, didn't it!", he grinned, then sneered at Robert,

"Can't blame her for what?!", Robert asked, trying his best to maintain an air of really not caring,

"Her reaction!", Wolf lepped down from the shelf easily, then strolled over to Robert, pushing his face very close to Roberts, "I mean, there she is, already to start trusting again, having fun with Barri and me, spending alone time with the Prof, without freaking out, even got herself her own room!  Then you show up!", he began circling Robert, who remained still staring at the bookshelf,

"What about me?!", he asked, finding it more and more difficult not to sound interested,

"Well...", Wold walked back into view, grinning wickedly, he looked around, just to make absolutely sure there was no one else listening,

"Well there you are, bleeding, bullet through the beck and out the other side, missed ya heart by inches, and there she sat, night after night, checking your pulse and monitors and stuff, making sure the wound is healing, all that time and care and what do you do? HUH!?", he pushed Robert in the chest, hard, "WHAT DO YOU DO??!!", he stopped himself, taking another quick look towards the doors, in case his shouting had attracted any attention,

"Your first few minutes awake, the moment she'd waited for, to finally talk to you, and you threaten to have her raped!".

                                           Wolf tenced his fists, his arms bulging through his jumpers sleeves, he gritted his teeth, the unusual yellow tint around his iris's growing, make them look even more dog like.  A door opened and closed somewhere in the living area, Barricade was awake, Wolf looked towards the door, then back to Robert, as if trying to make his mind up about something, then he walked off towards the door.  Robert waited till he heard the door close before moving, taking no chance of appearing any more rattled than he was, he hadn't thought about threatening Eclipse for days, now that he did, he found it remarkable she was a 'polite' as she was , to him!

                                         He turned back to the sofa, casually strolling over to sit and wait for Eclipse to return with breakfast, when he saw something laying on the cushion, a tiny piece of paper?  He picked it up, it looked as if it had been torn from a newspaper, he turned it in his hand, and read two words in large black print.  His mouth fell open, his hands began to shake in a way he had never felt before, his palms were becoming sweaty and cold, he stared at the words in complete disbelief, how could it be there?  He read the two words over and over,

Daniel Chapman

The End

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