Eclipse .3

Five Minutes Earlier




                                              His eyes snapped open, squinting against the glow of the "moon" orb floating above his head, he reached for his glasses off the bedside table, stretched, then threw the duvet off his legs and swung himself out of bed,

"He's awake then", Woods stood up and crossed the room, the solid oak walls shone a deep blood red, from the orbs light hiting the red curtains of his four poster bed.  Woods went through to his own bathroom, relieved himself, then put on his deep red dressing gown and blue slippers, he looked at himself in the mirror, he barly recognised the man looking back at him anymore, where was the thirsty scientist, eager to make a name for himself?

                                             Woods fastened his gown and opened his bedroom door, which led into his office throught a book shelf.  He passed his desk, and opened the door, walking through to the door leading to the stairs, he opened it, only to close it to a crack, as he heard someone climb the stairs, he waited, watching Wolf pass, then head off to the right hand balcony, probably going to the gym, they'd need neew equipment in the morning, if his apparent mood was anything to go by.

                                               As Woods waited, the dream he'd been having came back to him. 

                                                He was in the guests bathroom, which was emmidiately strange as he had his own en suite bathroom.  Still he lay back in the warm water of the bath, the mini "moon" orbs glowing gently round the room, the only sound, the ocassional swish of ripples from his own breathing.  Woods lay his head back against the cool marble and closed his eyes, completely relaxed, until his face fell into shadow, the light from the orbs disappeared, he opened his eyes and sat up.

                                             Five figures stood before the bath, they stood in a close group of four, the fifth standing just in front of the rest, their faces in the shadows, hidden from view.  The four figures standing together, all appeared to be male, of various heights and builds, the fifth, was most definately, a woman.  She was tall, pushing six foot, her posture tall and straight, a thin curved body giving away her sex, she stood with her hands behind her back.

"Why are you here?!", Woods asked the group, they did not answer,

"What do you want? I've done everything you have instructed!", still they did not respond, but the woman figure, took a step forwards, towards the bath, into the light.  If her hair hadn't been so tightly pulled back into a bun, and her face was not the picture of seriousness, she'd would have been quite attractive.  The woman just stood there, staring,

"Look I've done everything, OK!  I rescued the children and kept them safe, lied to them for you, tried to train them!  And this new one, this man so evil I question my own ability to help him find what he needs!  What more do you want!!??".

                                  The woman watched him a minute longer, then turned and began to cross the room, the "moon" orbs glow decresing as she walked.  She stopped by the door, and opened it slightly, turning and walking back to the group very quickly.  The orbs went out, the only light being cast came from the hallway outside the room.  Woods watched as a black shape floated into the room, it hissed and glided back and forth across the floor, edging its way closer to the bath with each move, Woods stared on in horror, not comprehending what he was seeing!

                                  The Shadow stopped in front of the group, they did not move, or flinch or even tremble, instead, they just pointed, at Woods, the shadow floated over to the bath,sliding righ up, on to the baths edge, looking down at the doctor, then slowly, slipped into the water, turning it black like oil, Woods wanted to scream, but in the second it took him to draw breath, he was pulled under the water.


                                      His eyes snapped open.


                                  Woods waited till he was sure that Wolf had gone, then slipped out onto the balcony, he peered over the edge of the railing, running the length of the balcony, below, he could see Eclipse watching the closed circuit television screen, then she went to open the door, disobeying his ruling, she slipped into the Library, then he heard voices,

"Well, ABOUT time!", Robert voice, he sounded angry, furious, that was good, but Eclipse sounded angry too, that most certainly was not good!  He began making is way down the stairs, trying ti be as quiet as possible,

"Oh well thank you EVER so much! But what will your precious Professor say when he finds out his little star has broken the rules??!!",

So, Robert was jealous of their relationship, even if he didn't know it yet, this was gong to be easier than Woods had originally estimated!


That was it, Eclipse was loosing control, time to move. Woods silently finishing descending the stairs, and quietly slipped into the library,

"Excuse me?", they both turned to look at him, Eclipse was releasing tear energy, it crushed Woods heart everytime he saw it! But he had to continue,

"May I ask? What, exactly, Is going on here?!".

                                             Eclipse wiped her face, she looked straight at Woods,

"Professor, I'm sorry, I saw him collapse on the monitor and thought he needed help! Wolf and i screaming, I wanted to make sure he was ok!",

"I am aware of the screaming", Woods replied coollie, "I head it too, and as you can see, I came to investigate, so far, Eclipse, nothing I have heard so far, excuses you disobeying my rules?!",

"Professor!", Eclipsed appealed, but Woods cut across her,

"Eclipse I'm tired of you ignoring my wishes!",

"Tired of what??!!", Eclipse almost yelled back, "Professor, I've done eveything you ever asked!",

"Did you leave him in here as I asked? Did you open the doorshelf with him looking, even though I told you catagorically not to!",

"but Profess......!!",

"QUIET!", Woods yelled at her, even Roebrt jumped at the sound of his anger filled, booming voice,

"ECLIPSE!", he closed his eyes, calming himself, then continued, "I have had enough of you ignoring me and disrespecting me, you wish to spend time with our new guest? So be it!", he turned to Robert,

"I wash my hands over her to you! Your new resonsibilty will be Eclipse, you will ensure she continues her studies and help her development and temper control techniques, she is ENTIRLY your problem now!", Woods turned to leave,

"And what makes you think I want her?!!", Robert exclaimed, if nothing else, adding to the stream of actual tears flowing down Eclipses face,

"I don't remember giving you a choice, now go to bed, BOTH OF YOU!", and he stormed back up the stairs, with his back to them, he smiled, everything was going exactly to plan!

The End

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