Eclipse .2

                                          Eclipse and Wolf, arrived at the door leading to the library at together, both still very white and shakey, not helped by the scream they were now investigating,

"He's been in there over twelve hours!", Eclipse said,

"So what?!", snapped Wolf, "he's evil El!",

"I know...I know, it's just, I don't get it, Why would the Professor want him here if there was no hope for him?!",

"Oh theres a hope!", Wolf bit back, "the hope that when he DOES NOT change, the Professor will let me get Barri to rip his arms and legs off!".

                                              Eclipse stepped in front of a painting, hanging by the Library door, and lifted it off its hook, sitting behind it was a closed circuit television monitor, showing the inside of the library, the camera hidden just above the hidden door in the room itself,

"Damn!", she sighed, "he's looking, and I don't think he's gonna play along!", she watched him suddenly topple, reaching out for the chair as he went,


"But the prof said...", Wolf tried to argue,

"I DON'T CARE!", Eclipse yelled, "HE'S NOT WELL!",

"and??!!", Wolf played confusion.

                                             Eclipse literally threw the picture back on its hanging, and rushed for the door, Wolf stepping forward to block her,

"NO El!", he said calmly, but firmly, "We have to do it the Professors way, you said it yourself, we could risk everything we've worked for all this time!",

"Get...Out...Of...My...Way!", she spat through gritted teeth, Wolf was making eye contact, when he saw a faint outline of white light appear around the Iris or each eye,

"OH RIGHT THEN!",  he shouted at her, "LIKE THAT IS IT NOW! HIM OVER YOUR FRIENDS! HIM OVER THE PEOPLE WHO CARE ABOUT YOU, WHO...ah whats the POINT!", Wolf turned, and marched away, back up the stairs,

"GO SAVE YOUR HERO EL! HAVE FUN!", and she heard him stomp away and slam the door.

                                           She blinked, and a tiny, bright white tear slipped from both eyes, when she opened them, her eyes were normal again, but her head hurt!  Eclipse had spent so long trying to control the terrible power that came with her very short temper, her nerves had been shattered when she'd first come to the "hospital", Woods had been left with no choice but to lock her in lead lined old X-ray department, with in her first two nights, through dreaming alone, Eclipse had obliterated everything in the room!

                                          Time and patience on Dr. Woods side, had led to a margin of control, whenever her temper wavered, as it just had, she could 'cry' away the energy, but when she lost control, when she just couldn't hold it back anymore.....well, Woods had always told her, she was lucky to have come to him so young, if she had ever lost full control as an adult, well, as a very small child had been destructive enough!

                                      Eclipse shook her head clear and reached for the door, she grabbed the knob and closed her eyes, if she did this, she would be going against every instruction the Professor has given her, the night he had first arrived, the night they had found him in the alley, so close to death, all those months ago.  She had no choice, she had to make sure he was OK, if anything had gone wrong, if the bullet wound had reformed somehow?, she twisted the knob, and stepped through the door.


Five Minutes Earlier


                                    Robert was pacing, he was furious at having been left on the floor again!  His brain had begun ticking over what he could do to them all, when he was free, what punishments he could think up!  He could find this place again in no time, come down with the boys, maybe hang the Idiot boy up by his precious hair until his scalp ripped off!!  Take the hulk to the river, weight his giant arse then chuck him over!  Woods he though he might bury alive with some very nasty bed fellows, nothing poisonous! No, that would be far to nice, perhaps a nest of African Army ants, or a couple of rats!  Oh and Eclipse, dear sweet Eclipse, oh the boys WOULD love her! Take some of the shine out of those eyes!!

                                   His mind began picturing what it might look like, he sneered a nasty grin, then faulted, he saw Eclipses face in his head, her smile, her eyes, her hair, skin, everything and his stomach bounced up and down hard!

"DAMMIT!!!!!", he was insane with rage, "WHAT ARE THEY DOING TO ME!!!  I DON'T WANT THESE FEELINGS!! I DON'T NEED THEM!", he felt his strength go again, his legs buckled and Robert fell, only just catching the chair to break his fall.  Robert lay his head on the seat of the chair and closed his eyes, the moments shock of falling numbing the rage, his head hurt so much, everything in the place was so screwed up, and these damn journals on top, strange people long ago he didn't know, the shadows things, but they couldn't be shadows?, They had form, shape, they were three dimensional?  Just thinking about it made his head hurt worse!

                                   Then he thought he heard something, outside the room, something like voices, raised voices?  He tried to stand, to get closer to the door-less book shelf.  Then as he approached, the entire shelf telescoped into the one next to it, and the door opened silently, Eclipse stepping in and the shelf slipped back into place,

"Well, ABOUT time!", he tried to sound confident and strong, but energy was leaving him quickly, he wanted to sleep, very badly,

"I didn't have to open the door while you were looking!", she snapped,

"Oh well, thank you EVER so much!  But' will you precious Professor say when he finds out his little star has broken the rules!", Eclipse was getting angry, why had she even cared?!

"Sod you!", she turned to leave,

"Yeah, go back to your dog boy boy friend, I'm sure he's loyal!"

                                  That was it, she'd had enough of men altogether, Wolf and this guy! God! She didn't even know his name?!

"Look" she said through gritted teeth, "I just wanted to help, OK, I though you were hurt!"

"How did you know!", he questioned her quickly,


"How did you know I was hurt?!!",


Robert smiled at her

"You've been watching me haven't you!",

"Not the whole time!", she tried to argue,

"LIAR!", he shouted, his grey eyes were almost smoking with fury, "YOU WATCHED ME PASS OUT! THEN TOOK YOUR PRECIOUS JOURNAL AWAY! LEAVING ME, ON THE FLOOR, AGAIN!",

"Don't you EVER, call me a LIAR, AGAIN!", she lashed back, "YOU SELF OBSESSED, PETTY LITTLE DRUG DEALER!", once again, Eclipse felt her temper shake, her eyes heating around the centre, Robert could see the light rings around the iris and was instantly edging back, he was sure this was not going to be good,

"Excuse me?", said a calm, voice from the door, Eclipse shut her eyes and concentrated on 'crying' off the energy, Robert looked over her shoulder, Eclipse let a couple of 'light' tears roll down her cheek, wiped her face and turned around,

"May I ask?", said Woods, wrapped up in a red dressing down, wearing blue and white striped pajamas and blue slippers, "What, exactly, is going on here?!", he did not look at all amused, or happy.


The End

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