The first thing he registered, was the slow increase of light from the "moon" orb, its gentle glow gradually becoming more intense.  Then the ceiling, he felt a sudden jolt of vertigo, like laying on your back and watching a plane fly over, that made him feel sick.  Robert rolled onto his stomach and closed his eyes again.  His head was spinning,

"What the hell, are they trying to do to me!", his mind spat, he was still angry, if not more so, then when he'd first entered the room.  His knuckles were white from the tight fists his hands were locked in.  Robert opened his eyes again, and tried to sit up, just to crumple again, he had no stength in his legs, it felt like he'd been sitting in the same place for hours then tried to run, how long had they left him there?

"I swear!", he snarled at the room, "If that books gone, and I've been left laying on the ground again!", he grabbed the seat of the leather arm chair and hurled himself into it, bairly making it into the seat.  He closed his eyes, trying to catch his breath, then looked around.  His coffee was still there, but the milk had curled, the little bell was still sitting on the table, by his cup and saucer, but the book was gone, Robert tried to calm down, to push all the rage to the back of his head, but these were new, powerful emotions, and like a hormonal teen, he snapped.  Robert grabbed the little bold bell, jumped to his feet, ignoring the ache in his muscles and instead of ringing the bell, hurled it at the book shelf, where the door should have been, and screamed at the top of his lungs,



Five Minutes Earlier


                                   She was tossing and turning in her sleep, random dreams, old memories, kept pushing their way into ther mind, her face contorting, eyes screwing up and mouth opening and closing, as if she wanted to scream, Eclipse was having a very bad night.

                        Eclipse was in London, she was strolling down a long street, rows of shops running along her left, and on her right, the massive dome of Saint Paul's Cathedral, consumed the night sky.  This London was wrong, not the city she knew, this place was older, and empty, no people, no cars or busses, no music, not even a pigeon, she began walking towards the steps of St Pauls, she felt tired and drained, as though she'd been walking forever.  She walked up three of the high steps, then sat down, bringing her knees up to her chin, her long blue dress blowing in an unsettling, cold breeze,

                                   "London bridge is falling down,

                                       falling down, falling down.

                                    London Bridge is falling down,

                                                  my fair lady!"

                        Eclipse turned around quickly, the singing was child like, a girls voice.  Sitting all the way across the enormous set of steps, was a little girl, in a dirty brown dress, an old, tatty, white shawl over her shoulders, she had long blonde hair that reached down to the bottom of her back, she was sitting with her back to Eclipse.  Eclipse got up, and started walking towards her, she started singing again,

                                    "London Bridge is falling down,

                                         falling down, falling down,

                                      London Bridge is falling down,

                                                  my fair lady!"

                           Eclipse was sure her flat, slip on shoes were making enough noise to attract the little girls attention, what WAS she doing here, in the middle of the night?  Then again, what was SHE doing there?  Eclipse stopped a couple of feet from the girl, she knelt down a little,

"Are you alright?",  the little girl ignored her.  Eclipse looked over her shoulder to see what she was doing, and shuddered, she was pulling feathers from a dead pigeon!  The girl started singing again, but this time it was a different song, and her voice changed, it was wrong, menacing, to menacing for such a small child,

                                "Its raaaaaaaaaaaaaaing,

                                   Its pouuuuuuuuruuring,

                                the Shaaaaaaaadooooows,

                                         are faaaalliiiiing.

                                    We'll go to beeeeeed,

                                to rest our heeeeeeaaads.....

She span around, her eyes complete black, lifeless empty black holes, her face a contorted mess of tiny red cuts, pale skin and an inhuman, evil smile of hate,


Eclipse woke up, drenched in sweat, her hair tangled and fists clenching her sheets, and right before she could scream out into the dark room,



Five Minutes Earlier


                             Wolf was spread eagled across his bed, not having got undressed, let alone under the covers, he was lost in a deep sleep, making a noise not unlike a very content dog, laying on a carpet at its owners feet, then his breathing changed, his eyes began moving faster and faster as his dream changed.

                             He tried to hold onto her hand, but his fingers were slipping, why did it have to end? They'd been so happy!  Walkking through to trees, laughing, playing, hiding from one another, then she'd taken his hand, finally!  He'd been so happy, so content for one second, and then blinding light, he could still feel her, her fingers in his hand, but she was being pulled away, no, no it was him!  Wolf was being pulled into the epicentre of the light,

"Isabel!!", he called, "don't let go!", but he couldn't maintain the grip, and then he was falling, falling backwards into nothing, a sickening sensation, no idea how far he'd gone or how far there still was to go, and then,


Wolf landed hard on his back, winding him.  He tried to sit up, the was chaos all around him, he could hear it, but not see it, at first, he thought he was going blind!  Then he realised he was surrounded by smoke?  It was everywhere? Or fog? Then he saw a shape in the fog, a mans outline, he was big, not like Barricade, but much larger than Wolf.  Wolf trembled, the man shape came closer, and Wolf could see him in detail now, a huge African, In a blood red robe, his face bore deep scratch marks on each cheek, his arms rippled with muscles, his eyes burned into Wolfs, there was nothing but rage in them, and there was the colour, a light greeny blue, and his pupils, slightly to oval, more like a cat's eye, than a mans.

                      He bounded through the fog, the battle sounds surrounding Wolf getting louder by the second, the cat man stopped a foot from Wolf, he looked down, his face full of anger, and then reached out a massive, long nailed hand, down towards Wolf, who felt utterly powerless, and knew, he was about to die!

Wolf awoke with a start and slipped off the side of his bed, then through himself towards the far wall, staring under his four poster bed, as if he expected the cat man to be there, in the dark, watching him with those eyes. Then Wolf jumped again, as a scream filled the "hospital"


Five Minutes Earlier


                               Five minutes earlier, Barricade was doing the exact same thing he was doing five minutes earlier than that and five minutes after Robert scream, sucking his thumb and snoring between sucks, wrapped up in his enlarge six poster, fast asleep and completely unaware of what was about to happen, downstairs, in the library.

The End

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