The League (part two) .5

                                              The two men moved quickly through the dark streets, only stopping for Timat to sniff the air every few yards, Jimmy tried his best to keep up, if for no other reason than being sick of Tiamats long rain coat flapping water in his face!  Jimmy was starting to wish he'd work his own coat, rather than just his uniform jacket, it had begun to rain and his uniform soaked up water very quickly, making moving it in very difficult.

                                               They reached the out skirts of White Chapel, Jimmy looked back the way they had come, those were his streets, his and every other 'beat bobby', he knew them and the people well, befriending to good, and the bad, in this town it was never a case of what you knew to get by, but who you knew.  Jimmy was a good man and a good policeman, he was respected and often sought by others for council, a part of him really felt as though he was abandoning them to the night, to a loose mad man, but then there was Tiamat, the stranger who's aspect was so odd, who's mannerisms and words were so secretive, still, Jimmy knew that helping him, was the very best use he could be to London that night, he just wished he knew why?!!

                                                Tiamat stopped once again, lifting his pointed nose and sniffing the air,

"It's been here, recently" he said out loud, although Jimmy wasn't at all sure he was talking to him!

"Is there a factory or anything like that near here?", Jimmy thought about it for a minute,

"No, no factories or anything, just the Police station, few shops, oh, and the morgue", he shuddered at that thought, he hated the morgue, the smell alone could knock a full grown man out for the count, the way the assistants treated the cadavers, he'd seen a couple once breaking the cold hard fingers of one dead man, snapping them while pretending to question him, sickening way to treat the departed!

"Morgue?!", Tiamat turned to look at him, his eyes wide and excited,

"Great!", Jimmy thought to himself, then out loud, "Yeah, Its a little way down Trotters lane, over to the left, see, where those lamps are still burnin'!", he pointed down the dark road, where two oil lamps, fixed to the walls on either side of twin double doors, still burned brightly, glowing in the mist.

"Do they cremate?",

"Do they wot?!", ask Jimmy,

"Do they cremate? do they burn bodies there?!", he was starting to sound anxious,

"Yer....yer I think so?", Jimmy really wasn't sure but got the feeling they were heading that way anyway,

"Can you get us in through the front door? There are other ways I could get in, but I would prefer the simplest!", Jimmy wondered what he meant by other ways,

"Shouldn't be a problem, been 'ere enough times!", worst part of the job!

                                                 Tiamat and Jimmy began walking towards the Mogue as swiftly as they could without running, they were about to enter when Jimmy realised he had no idea how to explain Tiamat!,  he turned to his companion, who looked unphased and confident, his mouth in a wide grin.  His teeth came into view, just for a second, Jimmy could have sworn blind, that the very tip of each tooth, was slightly pointed?!  That really was unnerving!!  Tiamat looked down at Jimmy slightly concerned face,

"Is something wrong?", he asked pleasantly,

"No, not a' all, its just.....", he was turning very red, Tiamat stopped, just outside the Morgues entrance and put a hand on Jimmys shoulder,

"Before we do this," he began, "there are things going on, things that happen a lot actually, that I can not explain, officer Jim!  It isn't exactly a question of trust, It's more, a safe gaurd, for you!  I know you find my aspect strange, but please believe me when I say", he leaned right down, so close to Jimmy's face he could have licked his nose, "I am on your side, Jim, and the side of every other living person and creature in your city!", he stood straight back up and spun around quickly, throwing the doors open and giving Jimmy no time to respond.

                                 They moved into the main hallway, a single officer and desk blocking the way, Tiamat let Jimmy lead, he still had no idea what he was going to say about his new, strange friend!

"Evening Jim!", Old Bob, spent half his life behind a desk getting fat, ever since being stabbed in the leg during a fight outside the Lord Mayor's Arms pub, he'd lost it in the end to gang green! Nasty!

"Ello Bob," he looked at Tiamat, "this,",Tiamat stepped forwards before Jimmy could stutter,

"My name is Howard Prescott, how ya doin?!", he leant in to shake bob's hand, "I am here on behalf on the American Goverment, which has taken an interest in your, Jack the Ripper, seems there's rumor he maybe an American!", Tiamat produced a small piece of paper from his pocket and handed it to Bob, whatever it was seemed to do the trick, Bob had turned bright red, the creases in his old skin turned scarlet, which looked very odd against the pure white mop of hair on his head!

                                               Bob gave the two men a nod to pass through, never taking his wide eyed expression off Tiamat!  As they reached the doors to the examination room, Jimmy asked,

" 'oward Prescott??!!", Tiamat smiled,

"Like I said, things you won't understand!", then he lost his smile, stopping in his tracks and focusing on Jimmy hard,

"Listen, If what we are looking for Is in here, there are some things you need to know, one, do not touch it, or, let it touch you! Second, there attracted to two things, blood, and fire, don't ask me why, but they are!", he turned back to face the door, "Here we go, officer Jim!", he pushed the doors and they walked into the dark room.

                                              The smell, was unbelievable!  Tiamat doubled over the minutes he stepped into the room, wretching hard across the floor, his legs turned to jelly and he fell to his knees, Jimmy rushed to his side, trying help him up,

I'!", Tiamat said weakly,

"You smell different to other people don't ya?", Jimmy asked softly, understandingly, Tiamat looked him, a little surprised, then smiled,

"Yes, I do", he pulled himself up to his full height, with Jimmy's help, "now do me a favor!", he pointed to a low burning gas lamp on the wall, "go stand next to that, keep your hand on the flame adjuster and wait, OK?", Jimmy nodded and walked to the wall.

                                                Tiamat walked to the middle of the room, ignoring the trollies of bodies lining the walls, and the tables covered in rusty 'medical' tools! 

"Is this where they burn them?", he called down the room to Jimmy,

"No, theres a door on ya left there, leads down a long corridor to a furnace", Tiamat nodded, then walked to the door, he gripped the handle and pulled it hard, it was heavy, made of thick iron.  When he had pinned it back against the door, Tiamat reached into his long coat and preduced a thick short sword, its steel blade glinting in the moon light, shinning in through windows on the opposite wall, then, stabbed the hard stone floor, in front of the door, holding it open, Jimmy was shocked it hadn't just shattered!

                                            Tiamat swiftly returned to the centre of the room, from down the corridor, beyond the door he'd opened, orange and yellow light flickered across the room, dancing on the walls,

"You ready, officer Jim?!", Tiamat was starting to sound very worried, Jimmy presumed he did actually know what he was doing!

"It'll try and creep in, get behind me!", again, Jimmy wasn't at all convinced this remark was aimed at himself, Tiamat continued,

"Come on...!", he mumbeled, "I know your there, I can smell you!!", he was gritting his teeth too, Jimmy could here them grind. Then something happened very, very quickly.

                                            It happened so fast, Jimmy lost his grip on the adjuster, Tiamat had suddenly ducked and rolled under a trolley with and old dead woman on it, almost knocking her off, as a black, feature less shape flew out from the furnace room and slithered across the floor, if it hadn't been for the fact that, Jimmy could see the curve of its body, a human shaped body, Jimmy would have said it was a shadow?!  A shadow with no body to follow?!

"NOW JIM!", Tiamat yelled out of the darkness, Jimmy tried to find the adjuster, but his fingers kept slipping against the stem of the lamp, they were covered in cold sweat, which was not being helped by the whispering in his head!  He didn't know where it was coming from?!  It was a horrible noise, like a thousand snakes screaming in his head, it was so high pitched, he couldn't even make out what it was trying to say, and it hurt, a lot!",  

"JIMMY HIT THE DAMN LIGHT!", Tiamat sounded distressed, he had to help! Had to get the light on!

"No....oh please no!", Tiamat sounded like a lost child, so scared and alone, if only Jimmy could find the adjusting switch!!


Jimmy's fingers locked around something that felt rather like a key, he twisted it as hard and far asd it would go, light suddenty filling the room, he turned, looking for Tiamat, when two things happened, very quickly.

                                         Tiamat was spread out across the floor, laying on his back, standing in front of him, no, floating!  Was a black mass, no features at all, other than a noticable head shape on its larger mass, thin strands of black keeping the two together, like a neck, and out stretched in front of it were two almost unattached arms, long smoke like fingers reaching out for Tiamat!  Then it turned, looking directly at Jimmy, at least he assumed its eye less face was looking at him!  It was twelve feet away, but covered the distance to him in less than a second, then it dropped from view?  Tiamats face turned even whiter than before, his eyes wide and mouth open, an expression of pure terror and sadness.

                                           Jimmy suddenly felt unbelievably cold, like ice water was pouring into his very body, he started to panic, his head was filling with strange thoughts, things he couldn't know or couldn't have seen, flickerings of people in strange clothes in strange places.  The his eyes fell onto a mirror across the room, and he screamed out in terror, his entire lower body had become a black mass, his clothes, his limbs, but stranger still, was the fact that the cold looking, ebony hair and grey eye'd man still screaming and trying to figure out where his lower body had gone, was not Jimmy?!  A stranger, in a strange suit!

                                         He turned back to Tiamat, who was sitting up now, reaching towards him Jimmy, saying something, but Jimmy couldn't hear anymore, his ears were full of whispers, like commands from beings not with him in that room.  He stared down at Tiamat, he felt the cold spread over his torso, up his neck, and as it covered his face, blocking his nostrils, and beginning to block the vision, he felt his mouth open and one word, screamed in a voice like no other, not his own, but that of the creature slowly consuming him,

"LEAGUE!!!", then the world went black.


The End

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