Dr. J. Woods

                                  Robert left his cell, and after an approving nod, from Wolf, who was walking away, completely blanking Robert and looking quite like a Zombie, Robert headed out of the corridor the cell area, through the living, where Wolf stopped by the second door along the corridor and went into his room, and guest room, down to the bathroom.  He walked in swiftly, burning with confidence and feeling very empowered by his dream, he stormed straight for the shower, grabbed a large, white and amazingly soft towel from a rail by the shower cubicle and stepped in, just to step back out a second later.

                                 The events of his last shower still fresh in his mind, Robert was dubious about another, just yet.  Instead he turned and looked at the huge bath, he didn't like baths, they take to long to fill and then you just sit there, eventually stewing in your own filth.  Finally deciding to just use a hand basin to save time, Robert washed quickly and left the bathroom.  He wandered back into the guest room, its "moon" orb was dull, barely lit, the only real light came from the smoldering fire across the room.

                                 Robert looked up at the orb, we wondered how you controlled its glow?  In the library, he remembered just thinking how bright it was, when the orb had dulled.  A split second after he'd finished thinking about it, the orb began to glow brighter, it was a gradual increase, and as Robert watched, he found his attention was focused on it, he was actually finding it near impossible to look away, something was in the orb, moving like smoke around inside it, and it was the smoke thing, that was becoming brighter.
                                  Robert watched until the light was to bright, then, forced to look away, regained some of his focus, as one of the bookshelves across the room began to rattle and shake.  Robert moved round the table and its tall leather chairs and stopped a few feet from the shelves, just two of them, standing next to each other, the shaking increased, even the floor began to tremble, and the split second Robert figured what he was looking at, Barricade came stomping through a set of hidden double doors, carrying a huge platter that smelt very much, like breakfast.

                                  As the doors began to shut themselves slowly, Robert attempted to see what lay beyond, but between their shutting and Barricades sheer size, he couldn't make out much more than a dark corridor.  Barricade walked past him, putting the tray down, on the round table, with great care.  He began unloading it, setting the plates around four places, four cups and saucers and four glasses.  He picked up the knives and forks, then seemed to struggle with which way round to put them, deciding just to leave them next to each other on the left of the empty plates, and finally, a huge plate of bacon and serving pan of scrambled eggs, plus a generously full toast rack
 and two steaming pots which Robert decided was probably tea and coffee, Robert made straight for the coffee.

                               Reaching the table, he stood next to the massive figure now looking up and down the table, looking very confused, he turned as Robert finished pouring his coffee and stared into Roberts eyes, Robert returned the look, even the mountain in front of him wasn't going to unnerve him, not today, he was backing down to no one, they stared at each other for about a minute before Robert said,

"You forgot the Orange juice!", Barricade put his hand to his head, gesturing frustration at his own memory, turned and marched out of the room via the secret doors,

"What the hell was THAT?!", Robert's head asked itself, "Did he really just ask me what he had forgotten inside my head?",

"YES!!", Eclipse entered the room from the living area, "Barri's turn to fetch and carry, I love it, he can always carry everything at once!", she rushed straight past Robert and jumped into the chair she'd occupied the night before, Robert went for the chair opposite,

"uh uh!", she was shaking her head, "That's Wolf''s chair, then Barri's next to me, and the Professor sits there, next to you", she began buttering a slice of toast, then looked around the table,

"He forgot the OJ again didn't he?!", Robert nodded in response,

"It was odd", he stated, "It was like he was asking me what he'd forgotten, inside my mind?", he was asking, but Eclipse just put the corner of the toast in her mouth, grinned behind it and sat back on her chair, bring her legs up to her stomach. Robert was starting to realise that asking ANYTHING, was going to be met with this attitude.

                                           The living area's door burst open again and Wolf lumbered in, looking even less alive than last time Robert had seen him,

"You went back to sleep?!", Eclipse asked, narrowing her eyes at the youth,

"Gimme a break El, you try getting up for this looser at seven am everyday!",

"One, it hasn't been everyday, its been today, and Second! I DID DO IT EVERYDAY, YOU LAZY, MESSY, LONG HAIRED....!!", Wolf walked over, took the toast from her plate and shoved it in her mouth,

"Shush!", he turned back to the table, filled a plate with scrambled eggs, bacon and toast, poured a cup of tea, then, in one easy, effortless motion, scaled the towering bookshelf behind him, he didn't even use his hands, the reaching the top, sat down and began cramming as much food into his mouth as possible,

"Your a pig!", she returned to her toast, looking away from Wolf, just as Barricade came bounding back into the room carrying two large pitchers of orange juice.

                                             The four of them ate in silence, the only sound, the scrape of knife against plate as Barricade shoveled scrambled eggs into his enormous mouth, and the occasional whip of a book page being turned by Eclipse, obviously still annoyed with Wolf.  Wolf was sitting on his shelf, watching Robert, no longer paying attention to his plate, Robert raised his eyes, looking back at the hansom young man above him, he knew the look well, he had seen it on so many faces, a look to kill, like arrows being readied to fire, it was the look of hate.

                                             Robert turned his attention towards Eclipse, she was heavily involved in a very big, green leather bound book, with the title and author printed in gold italic on the front and spine,

                                The Mind Overcomes The Mind


                                Dr. Jonathon Woods MD, Phd,


                                                Robert considered the title, The Mind Overcomes The Mind? Psychobabble, shrink stuff to make sane people think their crazy in order to make money from convincing them their making themselves 'better'.  He regarded her, Eclipse seemed so engrossed in the book, he wondered what it was that she felt needed making 'better', a quick, fleeting memory, the night in his cell, the first night, when he had first met the girl, the blazing light behind her eyes, the aura surrounding her, growing more intense every moment, the effect his threat had had on her.

"You finished, or what?!", Wold lept down from the shelf, landing effortlessly,

"What? Oh, yes!", Roberts mind snapped back into the room,

"Then you better go see the Professor!", Robert stared at Wolf, sizing him up, Wolf, just turned to look at Eclipse, she had looked up from her book, but turned her head back the second Wolf looked her way.

                                             Robert drained his coffee, stood up and began walking back towards the living area,

"Where are you going?!", asked Eclipse, without looking up, "take the book door, takes you right into the greeting room!".

                                            Robert turned to face the book shelf that Barricade had entered through, strolling over, he began to examine the rows of books and binding wood, looking for any sign of a knob, handle or other, he could feel the others watching him, waiting for him to look really stupid.  Focusing all his attention on the area a 'trip' or hidden switch maybe tucked away, most likely, in the same area you would expect to find an opening mechanism. 

The End

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