It scrambled up the side of the pavement and rushed through the forest of legs and feet towards the nearest empty shop doorway.  The rain was falling harder by the minute, the wind distorting its keen sense of smell, but the scent it had picked up could be mistaken for nothing else, blood.

                                   The Rat hid itself in the litter piled high in the closed shop doorway, shadows keeping it hidden while it regained its sense of smell and direction, there it was again, being carried on the wind.  It was so close now!  Hurrying forwards to the edge of its hiding place in the bin bags and loose rubbish, its wet snout poked out and sniffed once more before the Rat launched itself forwards.

                                            Passed the shop and the Rat found itself at the opening to a large alley way, the back doors of shops on either side, huge red bins stood in rows, there contents spilling out onto the street.  The Rat moved again, its was so close now, but where??  There, next to that bin, at the end!

                                      The Rat ran forwards, straight into something hard, wet and warm, there was blood all around it, but it wasn't dead, it was still moving.  The Rat moved around the body spread on the ground before it, running up the arm to its shoulder, sniffing at its hair, perfumed shampoo confusing the Rat momentarily, then ran down its back, towards the legs....and stopped halfway down its back.

                          A hole?  There was a small hole in its back?  The Rat stuck its snout into the hole gushing blood out onto the street and licked, warm.   The Rat bit at the ragged flesh showing through the torn cloth covering the body and tore a piece of meat from it, held it tight in its front claws and nibbled, but the body shifted from the bite and the Rat jumped away to the safe steady ground.

             It stopped moving, the Rat sniffed the hand outstretched in front of it, it didn't move  The Rat moved its head closer to the hand and opened its mouth to nibble, then stopped, there was something else, something it hadn't sensed before, something close by, something big.  The Rat sat up on its hind legs and raised its snout into the air....just one second to late.

                                             The enormous foot came crashing down on top of the Rat, killing it instantly.  The foot remained in the sticky mess that was once a Rat, the huge hulking figure stood directly over the body, staring down at it,

"Pick him up" said a voice in the dark,

the hulk picked the body up in one massive hand and held it close to his chest,

"HIM?" asked the hulk in a emotionless voice to his companion hidden in the darkness,

"yeah man, it's him, gotta get him back before anyone comes, the prof wants him bad",

"HIM?" asked the hulk in a slightly different deep voice which obviously had more meaning to his companion than anyone else who cared to listen,

"i dunno man, he just said make sure you get him back before it happens again and if it did we'd know it when we saw it?!"

The hulk just stared at the body,

"come on man, lets get him back to the hospital"

The hulk turned slowly and started heading back down the alley, above his head, his companion was moving fast and aware, moving across the roves high above, checking the way as he went.  The hulk stopped at edge of the alley, and waited, seconds later a large black van pulled up right at the foot of the alley, blocking the view in and out. 

                                                   The hulk pulled open the side door of the van and dropped the body into the back,

"He's dead!?!" asked a female voice from inside the dark van,

"nah" replied a voice from behind the hulk, the companion had arrived at the van, silently dropping from the roof above and sitting perched on his knees on top of a near by bin,

"he'll live, unfortunately. Spose we better get him back then, you wanna move Eclipse?"

The girl shifted in her seat and became visible in the street light flooding the vans windscreen,

"move him into the back, we need to get that bullet out of his back before it gets infected, and give him a shot, Rat was eating him!" he laughed,

"Thats not funny Wolf!!" snapped the girl, she was small, thin with long dark hair, pale skin and the look of someone forced to grow up a lot faster than anyone should have too, yet she had a beautiful face, set off by unusually dazzling blue eyes,

"I'll get us back to the hospital, try and make him comfortable", she rose and claimed into the drivers seat, turned the key and pushed a small switch hidden below the steering wheel, the engine came to life so quietly that it was only the sudden flash of its head lights that signaled its start.

                                      The van pulled away from the curb onto the busy city street, cars and taxis honking and squeezing their way through the traffic, people on either side of the road huddling together as they marched to avoid the cascading rain beating down on them, just people, people with little lives and little worlds they live in, all under the same impression that their own little world is so much more important than anyone else's, all ignoring a pitch black van, with blacked out windows, moving through the traffic, without making a sound.

The End

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