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A phenomenon has brought the world on its head; the Constants. People who, somehow, have gained power beyond measure in order to carry out a single task that fills their mind. It is a curse, though, for once you become Constant, that task is all you have. It is absolute.

Absolute. It is a world seldom used in the real world, and for good reason. Should something become truly absolute, then it would have no deviations, no contest. Basic math, for example, is absolute. It has a system that cannot really be denied. Some would say it is an absolute that keeps order in the world by allowing us to define numerical standards and organize our lives. 

However, it is only something thought up, not a physical object or power. 

When I was still in college, I heard the first case that used the word 'Absolute.' Intrigued, I decided to remember it for looking up later. It would be something to do between classes, right? In college, you either study or kill time in you breaks anyway. Why not waste a little on an interesting bit of news, right? 

That was my thought, but I ended up forgetting about the whole thing. My classes went late, my car decided to give me trouble, then I had to run to the store. It was there that I realized what the news had been talking about. 

I was in line, waiting like a regular person does, when I saw the cashier - a nerdy kind of girl - start to pull candy bars and gum and run it through the scanner. Usually, it would be a 'that's weird' moment for anyone, but I felt something scream at me in my mind when I looked into the girl's eyes. They weren't different, of course, but... It was like she wasn't even there. I wasn't sure how I even knew, but I did. Somehow... 

"What the hell are you doing, you bitch!" the man at the cash register yelled, throwing up his arms. "I hope you don't expect you to pay for all that!"

Another employee came up and calmed the man down, telling him he would get an extra discount for his trouble, then started calling out for the cashier. When the girl didn't answer, the employee - who looked like a manager by his outfit - grabbed the girl by her shoulder. 

I am almost positive that no one saw it coming when the manager was sent flying across the floor and into some shelves by some invisible force. In fact, had I not been a little worried in the first place, I would have jumped. Instead, my mouth dropped and I nearly pissed my pants. Embarrassing to admit, honestly, but it was the truth. I was shocked and afraid. 

And so was everyone else. 

The people in line dropped what they had and ran. The other customers were confused, but followed suit after they saw the dead body of the manager laying in his own blood. I wasn't the last one out, but I did manage to catch one last glimpse at the girl before fleeing. She never stopped scanning...

That was one of the first cases of the Absolutes, people who were stuck doing menial tasks with some sort of insane energy protecting them while they did. It was a rare phenomenon when it started, but, ten years after, it was a natural disaster. One that had only one solution.


Extreme? Maybe. But, when people start repeating a task over and over in populated areas and killing anyone they touch with no chance of relocation or restraining, something must be done. The UN decided the best thing to do was protect who they could until a cure could be found for the condition. 

My name is Quinn Winchester Sentinel, and this was the beginning of my career in the Absolute Hunter Corps.

The End

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