The dense sound of water splashing against the wooden dock softly embraced the child's ears. His tender and bare feet dipped in the chilling water as it swiftly rose, then fell once more. Birds greeted each other in cheerful song, oblivious of the young earthbound boy. Colors of enthralling reds mingled with soft yellows in a peaceful harmony, painting the trees above the grass. The boy sat and ignored the beautiful spectacle; he did not listen to the birds singing, nor the crickets softly chirping, nor the charming wind's voice. He gave no acknowledgement of the trees and their majestic colors. The dainty flowers who bowed their heads in prayer did not capture the boy's interest. Instead he sat and listened to the water, peering into the depths with naive hopes that his saddened gaze would capture that which the world had so greedily hidden from him.

A distant voice reached out to the boy in such a way that it broke the unspoken spell about him. the turned to a tall dark haired man, to whom he bore some resemblance. He wore a kind smile, and his voice flowed with love and joy. His bright green eyes were intertwined with an inhuman patience and kindness. The boy stood to meet the man. He came closer. And closer. But something was wrong. The man began to change. His smile became a twisted scowl of anger. His voice became the raspy cry of a drunken rage, piercing the boy's ears with every wrathful shout. His eyes, those once beautiful and comforting eyes, now swelled with fury and hatred.

The boy was stricken with fear. His heart raced and his muscles ached. He felt weak. His mind told him to run, to run from the man, to go anywhere but here. So he turned and ran. He ran towards the dark water. He felt the cold embrace of the water as it enveloped him, and a cloak of darkness began to surround him. Thin tendrils of light reached out to grab the frightened child as he descended into the darkness. He felt a moment of safety as his limp body continued to sink, but it was soon replaced by a newfound sense of danger.

Panic restored its capital position as the boy struggled to move, to return to the surface. His chest began to burn. His head ached. His heart pounded. His arms flailed violently in search of something, of anything. As the air in his lungs left him, he opened his eyes once more to gaze at a sky which was no longer there and screamed.


Jackson's eyes flickered to life, darting about in a frantic daze. A torturous pain took hold of his entire being, as if someone was forcing millions of steel needles into his body. He tried to move, to free himself from the torment, but it was to no avail. Fear gripped his mind as his heart continued to beat faster and faster. He knew what would come next. His arms began to flail uncontrollably , thrashing about without restrain. An unbearable pain seized his mind as fierce convulsions came over him. A loud and piercing noise filled his ears, as if a banshee was screeching its terrible song into his mind. Flashes of light blinded him as he fought to summon a willpower that was all but present. He wanted to scream.

A burning pain shot up his left arm, or what he assumed was his left arm. Amidst the suffering and confusion he sensed something was attempting to restrain him. Someone was holding him down. Someone...

As the pain broke the threshold of his consciousness, his mind darkened and fell back into oblivion.


The End

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