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Humanity's Epilogue

The world is what we make it.

We so believed the pernicious lies that we were fed that we became gods unto ourselves, creating society in our own image. We set the world to be an unmoving mountain, and we the impenetrable  city atop it. We abandoned the idea of God for the sake of our own pursuit of power. We were fools to believe that we were united, and yet we did. War after war, era after era, we boasted fairness and unison, neither truly existent in our minds. Soon we grew evermore vicious and deceitful and we began to to seek the destruction of our neighbors. When we realized what we had done, we had already corrupted our very existence, and there was nothing left to destroy. We had become our own greatest enemy.

As the world bathed in unholy fire, the weak cried for the strong, the strong cried for the leading, and the leading cried for mercy. But mercy did not come, not from man nor God.

Fallen is Babylon, fallen is man.

The End

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