What a bore Alex had been.  All he talked about was him, "yea how great thou art"  I was actually looking forward to seeing Adam. 

The plane took off, the nose pointed up at the clouds.  The trip had been pointless and I was beginning to think my mother was right, maybe Adam was the only one for me, the one thing I missed, Adam always made me sigh after loving me and I could use that right now.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw a puff of smoke, I sat up and craned my neck around to see towards the back of the silver bird.  I was horrified to see flames trailing us.  I loosened my belt and was about to stand up when there was a deafening sound, my ears popped and I was thrown back down into my seat.  The flight attendants' voice crackled over the speaker.. "Please be calm, stay in your seats and fasten your seatbelts!"  The plane gave another jolt and, I knew.. 

I always sat my purse in the seat with me, I don't know why but, this time I was glad I did, I pulled out my cell, it was funny, I was so calm, in fact, it was as if everyone on the plane within a matter of seconds had come to grips with our situation, we were going to die.  

"Hi mom, I was hoping to catch you there but well, this will have to do.  Mom I know I haven't always been the ideal daughter, I have been selfish, cold and sometimes just downright mean.  But mom, I love you so much, you , Adam,  sister and the rug-rats, you all mean the world to me, I won't be around any more but, my heart and spirit will always be with all of you, I love you.. See you all in the sweet by and by mom.."

The plane skimmed over the tops of the trees and slammed into the side of the mountain, all 230 people died...The NTSB said it would probably be months before they would find out what happened.


The End

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