The breath seemed to fly from my body, I could see it.  I heard voices, I recognized them, my mom.. sounded like she was worried, Adam.. my sister.. why are they crying.. There were the little rug rats, they were crying.. what was wrong?  I reached out my hand to touch my mother and it went through her shoulder.. Snatching my hand back I sat still for a moment.  Then I tried to touch Adam, again my hand went right through Adam..  I looked down at myself, I was lying on a bed, I was covered by a white sheet,  A hospital?  It was cold, something was hanging off the end of my foot.  I leaned forward to see it...

Silent screams... no one could hear them except me, I watched my mom, Adam, my sister and the rugrats cry.  I tried to tell them I was there but, they couldn't hear, see or feel me.. the note on my foot.. I laughed when I read it, it was a toe tag..

The End

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